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2021 Subaru STI

Ron V. and his 2021 STI!

Written by: The Modfather



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The Art of Modding

Creativity can be expressed in many forms while also being inspired by many sources. The individuals who exercise these inspirations and passions do not need to be tied to a brush, a musical instrument, or a lens to physically manifest their vision. Many forget that true art, no matter what the outlet, is a soulful expression of life and experience. Since the birth of the automobile, the spirit of innovation along with the passion to change, modify, and stylize has been woven into every person who chooses it as their canvas. A car owner and a true car enthusiast live in different worlds. The Subaru enthusiast exercises their creative spirit like no other human being. Inside this ever growing community of creatives lives another unique story to be told to the world.

Waking Passion

Ron V. started his journey like many other car enthusiasts. He felt a rhythm and beat that inspired his soul more than a familiar song. His heart was moved by the overall concept of life, brilliant composition of ideas, and the tight community behind the world of automotive performance, speed, and style. The overall energy of the people, the fascinating technologies, the vivid colors, and the amazing sounds were a valuable gift and comforting lifestyle in which he could easily identify. Earlier in life, Ron’s growing love for cars and the community was amplified by the Fast and Furious movie franchise and his close relationship with his brother. They would spend hours playing video games while sharing their individual dreams of bringing the game to life for themselves. “A big influence for me was my brother Jesus” Ron said. “Growing up he and I would play “Need for Speed” and talk about how - when we were able to afford it  - we would create those types of cars in real life.” He will later realize how important dreams can be.


"My favorite part of modifying my car has to be giving it character. Having a blank canvas, creating a car with my style and personality." - Ron V.

Living Dreams

Walking through this exciting world of automotive innovation and progression of technology we hear plenty of stories about Subaru modifications that are truly unattainable and unrelatable for the average person working for a living in today’s economy. Sometimes looking at the cost and time investment can be discouraging and uninspiring to say the least. These truths were not a stranger to Ron as he followed his dreams of creating his vision. Traveling from a young man’s fantasy of video gaming, movie watching, and daydreaming on the road of reality requires hard work, patience, and pure determination. While working hard each day as a driver for one of the major express courier services, Ron’s time arrived. He was able to invest in his dream, begin to experience his vision with the vehicle of his choice - the 2021 Subaru WRX STI - and finally bring that dream into reality. “I’ve always loved the VA”, Ron said reflecting on the beginning of his modification. “With the STIs no longer being produced, I decided to go with the last year.” As we clearly see the results, we should be able to agree that he made the right choice.

Embracing The Power

Ron’s 2021 STI modification includes a significant list of parts and accessories that not only make this car an aggressive performer on the street and track, but also make it an impressive piece of technology and eye candy to any true Subaru enthusiast.

Ron’s engine modifications include a Cobb Nexgen Stage 2 + Flex Fuel Package, Cobb EBCS, Cobb Bypass Valve, Cobb AOS, Cobb Turbo Blanket, Cobb Front Mount, Cobb 20g Turbo, Cobb TI Catback, Cobb Fuse Box Cover, and a Cobb Alternator Cover for some additional style and character. The drivetrain was also modified with Group N Motor and Transmission Mounts, a Cobb Shifter Kit, a Cobb Pitch Stop, a set of Rear Diff Bushings, and a Crossmember Bushing Kit. The STi is also being tuned via a Cobb Accessport with their OTS Mapping!

Building Character Through Appearance

Ron had a clear vision in his mind from those early days of inspiration which should prove to be a great lesson for anyone who wants to pursue the modification of a Subaru. He had a specific set of goals to achieve, but most importantly, he determined what resources were available to help him move forward smartly on this journey. Large modification projects obviously involve a lot of moving parts which include serious commitments of time, money and resources. Whether organized or prepared with professional precision, they can also come with unexpected issues, obstacles, and extreme disappointments along the way. Fortunately, because of some important factors which include leveraging the knowledge of a large community of Subaru modifiers, Ron experienced a positive build. “I didn’t run into any issues thankfully”, Ron said, “But that’s due to researching the big titans in the modifying industry and networking with other car enthusiasts.” He would not have reached this point without always keeping what was important first allowing him to inject something positive and meaningful into this build. “My favorite part of modifying my car has to be giving it character”, he said. “Having a blank canvas. Creating a car with my style and personality.

The exterior modification of Ron’s car includes the installation of an APR Aero Kit, APR Brake Ducts, Molded Innovations rear brake light, Molded Innovations Tail Lights, Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers, OEM Vortex Generator, and an APR License Plate Backing to round out what is seen on the outside. Jumping inside the vehicle to view the interior modifications, we immediately see a Molded Innovations Steering Wheel, and a Cobb Shift Knob.

Staying Grounded

We can now see what his dream combined with passion, determination and hard work can bring to an inspired member of the Subaru enthusiast community. It is obvious that this car has an impressive list of modifications representing a premiere array of manufacturers including Cobb, Rotora, Hawk, and HKS. When asked what his favorite modification was on the car, Ron confirms, “The suspension”, which was manufactured by HKS. “The overall suspension on the car is amazing! From handling to the way the car sits with the wheels.” There are some plans to exercise the car's capabilities in the future after experiencing the car’s performance on the track during the Staggered 2023 event at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut. “Putting the build together and seeing it perform, was pretty amazing!”, Ron said. “I am very interested in continuing my track driving so I will be doing some more suspension and drivetrain upgrades. Things like Cusco Bracing, weight saving modifications and maybe some seats and harnesses.”, he added. From concept to semi-completion, Ron’s modification of his 2021 Subaru WRX STI is an inspiring example of what is happening in the world of Subaru modification.

The suspension got a full overhaul including HKS Hipermax S Coilovers, VOODOO 13 Rear Control Arms, and a plethora of Cobb Suspension Components, these include a 26MM Front Sway Bar, 24mm Rear Sway Bar along with Upgraded Endlinks and Rear Sway Bar Brackets. Ron also opted to do the Cobb Front Lower Control Arm Kit with their upgraded Tie Rod / Ball Joint Kit! Ron also improved the car’s traction and roll by mounting Advan RG4 in 18x9.5 +35 fitment with Yokohama V601 255/35/18 tires - which also included Project Kics Lug Nuts

Finally to round out the modifications to Ron's STI, a performance braking system was added. This system includes Hawk Ceramic Front and Rear  Brake Pads, DBA XD Drilled Rotors,  Rotora Front and Rear Brake Lines, Radium Master Cylinder Brace, and Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid.

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