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Order Processing FAQ

We have built this page to answer the most common questions regarding the order processing and questions surrounding orders that have been placed! These answers are based on our core policies available here: 

I placed an order, when should I expect to see updates? 

Here at Subimods, we expect that every order is of a time-sensitive nature and as a result we use a combination of automated and manual workflows to process most orders within minutes of your order being placed. Although it is important to note that our formal processing time for in-stock orders is 1-2 business days. 

When do you process orders? 

It is important to note that while our automations run 24/7 our human counter parts work Monday through Friday and have all major holidays off. Most times your order will process outside of our normal business hours and any cancelations are subject to the policies outlined here: (

I want to cancel my order, can I do that? If so.. how? 

At Subimods we do our best to accommodate cancelations, although we cannot accommodate every request. Should you place an order and for whatever reason need to cancel that order it is imperative that you reach out to us via email at as soon as possible. As we noted above our system does have automations that run every hour to aid our order processing team by fulfilling qualifying orders automatically so in some cases by the time we are able to review your email the order is already being picked by our warehouse staff. In most cases though we are able to catch the order before it releases to the warehouse and cancel it out. This is not guaranteed though and it is important to note that as a company when an order is accepted into our system we assume that order to be correct in the capacity it was submitted and will process it in the most expeditious manner possible. 

I said I wanted to cancel my order but it was already processed, what now? 

This is always a possibility, as we noted there are many moving parts in a company that deals with order fulfillment like we do. If our processing team was unable to cancel your order because it was in stock and released to our warehouse you will be required to accept delivery and return that item to us in good condition (See Returns and Exchange FAQ) for details on how to proceed. 

But there wasn't even tracking yet? Why could you not cancel my order. 

This is a very common question and we want to offer an explanation for customers so let's dive in! We utilize a network of internal warehouses (Subimods owned and operated), third party logistics (not owned or operated by Subimods) and manufacturer warehouses to fulfill orders. This allows us to have a variety of inventory sources to pull from to ensure that we have the widest selection available. Once an in stock order has been released to the warehouse (internal, third party or manufacturer) we are unable to cancel it because there are varying system limitations, the order could have already been picked, packages and is sitting in a truck or the order in question may be in the process of getting fulfilled. 

My order was out of stock, I am ok with waiting but how will I receive updates? 

Once our order processing team has reached out to you with the expected shipping date for the item(s) that are unable to be fulfilled immediately and you confirm you are willing to wait we lock in your order and put the most recent expected arrival date on your order so we can monitor the delivery.  If your expected ship date arrives and your order has not processed we ask that you wait 24-48 hours before reaching out to our support team. This allows our warehouses to check in the inventory. We always recommend that customers monitor their expected ship dates closely, of late more manufacturers have been experiencing slight delays and fail to provide us with new information prior to the expected ship date arriving.

My order was out of stock but I want to cancel the order now.

No worries at all, if the order was not labeled as special order we can usually accommodate a cancelation as long as the order has not gone into processing. 

We ask that customers who wish to cancel out of stock orders reach out to us 3-5 business days before the expected ship date of your order. This will allow us ample time to complete the necessary paperwork and ensure that your order is canceled before the inventory arrives. Failure to reach out within this timeline may result in our team being able to complete your cancelation request.

My order was labeled as special order but I want to cancel the order now.

Items labeled as special order are in most cases not able to be canceled and in the cases we are able to cancel special orders you can expect cancelation fee's to be greater or equal to 50% of the product cost. This is because the manufacturer and distribution network took this order following your confirmation to proceed and began work to fulfill this order exclusively to complete your order. 

I selected FedEx but my order was shipped with UPS, what gives? 

Utilizing many warehouses has it's pros and cons, one of the cons is some warehouses we utilize have standard shipping methods that they use and in some cases they do not correlate to what we offer on the retail end of our website. Have no fear though, our team has worked to ensure that if a customer orders FedEx - Next Day Air if that order is set to release from a third party warehouse which does not use FedEx that the order be dispatched with the same level of service (Next Day Air) with an equal carrier, UPS in this example. Overall our order processing team is able to fulfill 90% of orders with the desired method but in the other 10% of cases we prioritize getting your order out the door and moving to you! 

I selected overnight shipping but I didn't get it the next day :(

There are a lot of levels to unpack this question fairly so we will touch a few high level points to begin. Firstly it is important to note that our processing time applies to all orders regardless of shipping method (1-2 Business Days) business days are defined as Monday - Friday. While our processing team does their very best to ensure orders with express shipping methods are given the utmost consideration during processing it should not be expected that a priority shipping method provides priority processing. We do not offer any expedited processing of orders. 

The next point of this question is the shipping carrier in question. For example unless expressly selected on checkout none of our Express shipping methods include delivery on the weekends. If you order FedEx Next Day Air shipping on Friday but fail to select the "Saturday Delivery" the best case would be you receive that order the following Monday as FedEx defines their express services as "business day transit times". 

In the rare case that we dispatch your order with a qualifying Express service that has a delivery guarantee and the carrier misses a set delivery date, we are usually able to work with the carrier to obtain a refund for the shipping or offer a partial credit for the missed service. Please note that most shipping carriers do not refund transit fee's for shipments affected by natural disasters, weather related delays or other delays defined as "acts of god". If you feel your shipment has missed its delivery service guarantee please reach out to us via email at Please take note, there are no delivery guarantees for orders which were fulfilled with Ground or Home delivery services, any delivery dates provided by shipping carriers in regards to these shipments should be considered estimates of the delivery time.

My order had multiple items on it but I only got one tracking number? 

Another great question we get all the time! In many cases with order that contain multiple items from different brands there may be multiple tracking numbers assigned as the order begins to fulfill. This may be because one item is leaving from our Connecticut warehouse and a second from a third party warehouse in Pennsylvania. Or it could be that all the items are leaving from our Texas warehouse but there are multiple boxes. It is key that you review your tracking emails carefully to confirm what tracking number is related to what item. We recommend downloading the Shop Pay App as it does help you keep a good eye on what is shipping and when it is arriving! This is a free app provided from our hosting company Shopify, it is not required but we do recommend it for ease of use if you order a lot of items. 

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