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COBB 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid 2008-2014 WRX / 2008-2021 STI / 2005-2009 LGT

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CUSTOM TUNING REQUIRED!! Contact your Protuner in order to safely utilize this part!

The COBB 3-Port Boost Solenoid (BCS) is an excellent upgrade for modern turbocharged vehicles, enabling precise boost control in a tidy package that is easy to install and tune. Our BCS will eliminate boost fluctuations inherent in the OEM boost control system, providing stable and repeatable boost control to base the vehicle's tune on. It is equally capable of providing this stable boost control at stock boost levels as well as extremely high boost levels associated with big-power builds.

The COBB Tuning 3-Port BCS features 1/8" low-profile barb fittings to keep the unit compact and are nickel coated for corrosion resistance. Optional 1/4" nickel plated fittings are also available separately. Viton spools and seals are used throughout for long life and lubricated with Dow Corning silicone grease. The manual override is sealed with an O-ring, the wiring harness is sealed to the casing using a waterproof grommet and the solenoid wires are ultrasonically welded to the coil, making the device waterproof and safe to wash. The BCS is rated to operate up to 120psi.

COBB Tuning has made the COBB 3-Port BCS installation as simple as possible. It mounts in the stock location and plugs directly into the stock wiring harness, making the physical install and electrical connection as simple as possible. The BCS comes with a custom aluminum mounting bracket, stainless steel hardware, boost-line to complete all connections and zip-ties to route the boost-line neatly through the engine bay. Installation Instructions are provided, are easy to understand, and provide routing instructions for both internal and external wastegate configurations.

The COBB Tuning 3-Port BCS is engineered to be the ultimate electronic boost control device for modern turbocharged applications, designed with outstanding boost control, engineered for consistent performance and extended service life and configured for easy installation. Get your boost under control and Access the Potential of your turbocharged Subaru today!


  • Accurate and Consistent Boost Control
  • Plug and Play
  • 18-Gauge Wiring Harness
  • 1/8" Nickel Plated Barbed Fittings
  • Rated up to 120psi
  • Custom Aluminum BCS Mount

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Dagostino
Reliable control

I needed a controller that would be more consistent. This one did not disappoint. Looks great as well!


The COBB 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid is a fantastic upgrade for anyone looking to achieve more precise and reliable boost control in their turbocharged Subaru. It is known for providing consistent and efficient boost management, which can enhance overall performance and responsiveness. We are glad to hear that the solenoid met your expectations for consistency and reliability. Additionally, having a component that looks great under the hood is always a nice bonus, adding to the overall aesthetic of your engine bay.This upgrade can make a noticeable difference in your vehicle's performance, particularly in maintaining stable boost levels and improving throttle response. We appreciate your 5 Star Review!



Subimods is the best vendor to order from in my opinion. Subimods packages their items very well for the rough road ahead.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the COBB 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid! It is great to hear that the Subimods Team provided excellent service, with careful packaging ensuring the product arrives safely despite potential shipping challenges. Your positive experience with both the product and the team will undoubtedly help others looking for reliable performance upgrades and trustworthy sellers. We appreciate your 5 Star Review!


More Boost!

better then the crappy boost controller from subaru and easier for tuners!


Thank you for your 5 Star Review and feedback! We are thrilled to hear that the COBB 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid has improved your boost performance and made tuning easier. We strive to provide high-quality products that exceed expectations. Happy boosting!


Sammie Soca

Installed this baby a day before my tune; and I'm very happy with how smooth my car is with the management of extra power. This was a nice addition to help all the other upgrades flow together perfectly.


A 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid is a must-have on your WRX/STI! The COBB EBCS helps maintain smooth boost input no matter what you kind of power you are achieving! It is super easy to install and with the mandatory custom tune you truly can't go wrong! Thank you for your 5 Star Review!


3 port boost controller

Bought this for me 2017 sti and love it, it’s super easy to install and comes with everything you need with super fast shipping.


A 3-Port Boost Controller is one of the most important mods you can install in your WRX/STI/LGT! COBB is one of the leaders in the industry and with tune their boost control solenoid is a substantial improvement over stock! It is a simple plug and play installation that can provide some of the most potential to your vehicle! Thank you for your 5 Star Review!


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