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Top 5 Most Wanted Products for the 2022+ BRZ - March -

Top 5 Most Wanted Products for the 2022+ BRZ - March

Written by: The Modfather



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With another month turned over on the calendar, the Subimods crew presents another episode from our continuing “Top Five” series - this time concentrating on the popular Subaru BRZ platform while diving into the most frequently purchased aftermarket products bought by BRZ drivers from our wide range of offerings on . As you can imagine, we speak to a lot of BRZ enthusiasts each month so we are very excited about the growing popularity of this platform and anxious to educate this specific customer about the latest offerings that have been making the most impact in the marketplace. The Subaru tribe is a dedicated, creative group of enthusiasts that we strive to serve and support. This popular video series is our favorite way to highlight products and give potential buyers a closer look while an experienced expert shares some personal insight about the item.

The list we have generated for the month of March illuminates products from HKS , Titan 7 , Pedal Commander , Blitz, and Compressive Tuning and draws a great outline of our customer’s purchasing behavior and the information shared in their communication with our support staff. Our latest presentation, “ March’s Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 BRZ ”, is hosted by Nick Nazzaro, Subimods CEO and Founder. He quickly spends a few minutes providing critical insight based on years of experience with the Subaru brand and as an enthusiast and driver. We hope it proves to be helpful in making a future purchasing decision towards their next modification project - which can be an intimidating and stressful experience without proper and thoughtful consultation to guide all steps in the right direction. Let’s review the Top Five List for March 2024.

NUMBER 5: HKS Hi-Power SPEC-L II Catback Cup Series Single Exit Exhaust

Developing the perfect voice and audible persona for their vehicle is one of the highest priority for any enthusiast. An amazing tone and stylish look mixed with premiere craftsmanship and the ultimate result of superb added performance is just one on a list of important goals set by the creative modifier. The Subimods team is not surprised when they see the popularity of some brands - especially the offerings from HKS . Whether we are talking about upgrades for the engine, suspension, the powertrain, or exhaust, we can speak with confidence confirming the quality behind the HKS product line. Our customers never hesitate to respond to quality and to confirm their victories when our discussions are directed by details regarding exhaust modifications. HKS is often the dominating force behind the best stories and most rewarding experiences. 

Out of the gate, HKS slips into the number five spot with their popular Hi-Power SPEC-L II Catback Cup Series Single Exit Exhaust System - combining intelligently engineered lightweight design, quality manufacturing, and efficient “straight through structure” - obviously delivering a product that continues to polish their reputation to a brilliant shine in the eyes of our customers. “HKS really looked at how they can decrease the weight and how they can make the systems perform as good as possible”, Nazzaro confirms. “And then, also, give you a little bit of a style upgrade. HKS systems are of the highest quality. All made in Japan. Hand welded. We had the pleasure of touring their factory (in Japan), he said. “The amount of pride they put into these products is very evident. The amount of engineering they put in gives you the best performing and best sounding system on the market”, he explained. The lightest stainless steel exhaust HKS has produced - coming in at just over 17 lbs."

NUMBER 4: Titan 7 T-R10 Wheel for 2022 BRZ

There are many options when considering a change of your vehicle’s wheels, but not all rims are created equal. Most importantly, this realm of the modification world is one to be taken very seriously since your car’s wellness and agility depends on careful engineering, design, and quality of construction which defines that wheel as a true provider of top performance, safety, and stability, or, an undependable and dangerous addition to a life-long investment. Any enthusiast who has been around the block has seriously investigated or purchased wheels for a modification project. Many will confirm that outside the engine, drive train, or suspension, this purchase can be the largest, single, most important investment a modifier will make - if they are focused on quality, performance, and safety. Some cut corners with unproven brands and, unfortunately, may pay a serious price later, but others do their research and embrace the value of a long-lasting, premiere manufacturer like California’s Titan 7

Subimods has featured Titan products in the past and, again, is not surprised when our customers respond to their amazing offerings and clearly notice the amount of thought, research, and careful development goes into every product they move off their production line. The Titan 7 TR-10 Wheel takes the number four slot on our list for March and really confirms its appeal to the driver who needs accuracy of fitment while seeking style and a robust structure. Titan 7’s performance proven wheels lead the industry with their manufacturing process as they are fully forged at 10,000 Tons of pressure to ensure maximum stability, safety, and performance under assorted demands and conditions. "Titan 7 is a motorsport brand”, Nazzaro explains, “designed with the mind that customers are going to be...putting them through their paces. It's a forged wheel that has all of the styling you could want. Being a bespoke brand, they're able to cater their fitments to what works for the vehicle - especially on the new GR platform."

NUMBER 3: Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller

Often we see products that are on the fringes of popularity quickly gain traction when more enthusiasts in the Subaru community embrace a specific platform and start investigating ways to improve performance, the overall driving experience, or just the response between the foot and the road. Conversations with our customers who cherish their BRZ platform can expose some obvious limitations when it comes to tuning solutions. Many of our customers and those we engage within the community are looking for solutions to increase throttle response that are simple and affordable but also provide them with improved feel and a satisfactory boost to their driving experience. The Subimods team is always happy to share solutions with our customers that have been personally proven and tested in one or more of our cars. One of these examples, the latest offering from Pedal Commander , has been climbing the hill over the past months - now, popping into our list at number three.

The Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller is a good solution for the BRZ driver who is looking for a solution to address their limitations and provide a simple installation without entering a territory too complex to navigate or understand. Seeing the admiration of the BRZ platform bloom within the community and hearing more customer questions concerning this area of performance, we were happy to discover the numbers and watch this product reach our customers' interest reflected in their purchasing choices. "Some customers want to have just a simple way to increase throttle response and that's going to be done with Pedal Commander, confirms Nazzaro. “This is a simple installation that intercepts the connection between the throttle pedal and the ECU - right at the base of the throttle pedal. It gives you the ability to switch between a couple different mapping modes depending on how you want it to perform”, he said. “We've seen really good success - especially out of the GR platform."

NUMBER 2: Blitz Carbon Fiber Intake System

An impressive engine bay will bring a smile to any enthusiast who responds to a modifier’s level of creativity, eye on quality, and focus on individuality. We all know how many options one has when choosing stylish components to upgrade the cosmetic profile under the hood, but how many truly contribute to quality performance while also reflecting the careful design considerations of the manufacturer and level of interest they have to support the enthusiasts creative mind. Our team at Subimods will always navigate the customer to the best solution while considering ability, budget, and overall performance - but, we will focus on what is the best investment in quality and ultimately supporting the longevity of the vehicle. We know that a significant investment is always required if you want both substance and style. Bringing in a product from Blitz has checked all the right boxes as it appears at number two.

Blitz is a brand that provides a wide range of products from all areas within the aftermarket world, but the Blitz Carbon Fiber Intake System is a standout item that is worth the investment if you wish to deliver an outstanding visual view in the engine bay while also providing your vehicle with a quality intake system that is the most appropriate compliment to the BRZ platform. It makes us happy to have witnessed a noticeable uptick in popularity over the past months and watch it take a prominent position at number two in the March Top Five list. In our video overview, Nick gives quick but poignant insight about this quality offering from Blitz: "Their carbon racing intake…is the pinnacle of the Blitz Intake line, he confirms. “It offers the entire intake box and this beautiful carbon fiber weave. The engineering, the R&D, and the quality that goes into it is top level from Blitz…, he adds. “If you're looking for an intake solution and you want the best for your BRZ or GR86, this is the one to go with..." 

NUMBER 1: Compressive Tuning Forged Shift Knob

Sometimes the smallest, most overlooked components within your vehicle's structure prove to be the most sought after and desired items during an enthusiast's journey through the world of modification. Logically, if a new owner of a BRZ or any other model Subaru - possibly on a tight and limited budget - is looking through the vast inventory at, they may gravitate towards items, accessories, and components that are not only attainable, but also clearly show that the creativity bug has taken a bite, and bigger things are on the way. Items that connect the driver to the car at first contact are very important, especially those who have a feeling of substance, weight, and quality that is tangible and memorable through touch and sight. The wide selection of products from Compressive Tuning have obviously reached the eyes of our customers, peaking their curiosity, while turning enough heads to launch one of their best into the top position within the Top Five list.

As seen in our presentation, the Compressive Tuning Forged Shift Knob has proven that the most understated item in your view may prove to be the most impressive and elegant accent a vehicle’s modification can exhibit. A tool is only as effective as its comfort allows. If a driver cannot feel stability and comfort through the controls of their vehicle they will be led to distraction, fatigue, and ultimately a bad driving experience. This is where some may take the importance of a shift knob for granted. “Obviously, you're interacting with the shift knob every day, or you should be, right?”, Nazzaro exclaims. In the grand picture, Compressive Tuning provides a high quality, affordable option that serves the driver effectively while bringing stunning style to a component that may not be looked at as the jewel of a modification."Compressive Tuning has done a beautiful job with this, Nick continues to add. “The forged pattern that they have is really unlike anything else. It's very clean and has a ton of depth. You can get it either in the Red Ring...or, they offer a Black. You want to have something that, number one, looks good, has a good feel to it, and a little bit of weight." 

Learn more details regarding the products featured on March’s Top Five Most Wanted Products For BRZ by watching the video (above), where you can see an informative overview commentary provided by Subimods CEO and founder Nick Nazzaro. 

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