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Some of the Common Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Is Shaking -

Some of the Common Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Is Shaking

While it's not difficult to locate a bumpy road that causes your steering wheel to tremble while you're driving, you can usually tell when you're on a wash pan road or another rough surface. But why would your steering wheel be trembling if you're driving down a good, smooth paved road? Since automobiles are intricate technical feats, there are a variety of causes for a shaky steering wheel. We examine some of the potential causes of this in the section below.

1. The Wheels Are Out Of Balance

Have you ever experienced an unbalanced ceiling fan that becomes unsteady when activated? Or maybe you've had to deal with one of those top-loading washers that would freak out if all the jeans wound up on one side. The wheels on your car operate under the same principle. As the wheel spins, they could start to wobble and bounce if they are not precisely balanced.

Unbalanced wheels can occasionally only be seen at motorway speeds, and even then, they may disappear if you travel a little faster or slower. It makes no difference what speed the car is moving at. It is important to have your car checked out by professionals as soon as you feel any vibrations, like a shaky steering wheel.

2. You Have Warped Rotors

Driving a car requires routine brake maintenance, but even a brake system that has been adequately taken care of might have warped rotors. When you look through the slots in your front wheels, you can undoubtedly see the brake rotors—those bright, rounded discs. At each wheel, the brake pads are hydraulically fastened onto the rotors to stop the car.

The brake rotors might occasionally develop high and low patches as a result of emergency stops and other demands placed on them by our congested roadways. As a result, when the brake pads press on it, the brake pedal and frequently the steering wheel may tremble. We might be able to resurface the rotors if the problem is treated immediately.

3. There Is a Problem with Your Suspension

What are the more typical issues if the bottom half of our list just includes the unusual items we found online and not the regular causes of a shaky steering wheel? The suspension is really a more frequent cause of a shaky steering wheel. This is especially true for vehicles that have not had routine maintenance performed at an authorized dealership service facility. Since suspension issues develop gradually over time, you probably won't notice them until they are severe enough to cause the steering wheel to shake. When traveling over bumps, objects like loose tie rod ends, and ball joints will first make strange, undetectable noises.

4. Your Tires Are Flat Spotted

Anti-lock brakes have long been a mandated feature on cars; thus, this is another uncommon reason why the steering wheel shakes. So when antilock brakes are functioning properly, your tires won't lock up and develop a flat spot. However, the tires may have flat spots if a brake caliper is stuck and a wheel stops moving while you are driving or if you have an older car and an emergency stop locks the wheels. The steering wheel and the rest of the automobile will vibrate as a result of a flat spot on one or more of your tires, as you might expect.

5. You Have Bad Wheel Bearings

There's a good chance that you'll come across this explanation online. The failure of a vehicle's wheel bearings is simply uncommon. There are, of course, exceptions. That wheel bearing is considerably more likely to fail if you simply bounce the right front tire of a pickup truck over the curb each time you make a U-turn. If this is the problem, the steering wheel may shake, and the shaking may spread to other parts of the car.


Indeed, there are many reasons why your steering wheel may be shaking. It could be a problem with the tires, the suspension, or the steering system. That said, it's important to have it checked out by a mechanic to ensure that there isn't a bigger problem.

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