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Boost your 2022 WRX  Styling features  with aero upgrades! -

Boost your 2022 WRX Styling features with aero upgrades!

Written by: The Modfather



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The Aerodynamic Focus of the 2022 WRX

There are multiple categories to consider when deciding to invest in the modification of your vehicle to build more muscle and to transform its overall personality. The specific purpose of the modification is the primary factor which determines what steps should be taken first, what segment of the vehicle should be in focus, and how much of a financial investment is required to reach the goal and level that encompasses the entire plan. Amplifying the performance of a 2022 Subaru WRX requires the driver to ask important questions and examine the details carefully. Many new enthusiasts may choose to focus on the least costly components first to get their feet wet while achieving some bragging rights and unique visual effects to start their prideful journey. Others may decide to pursue changes under the hood or under the chassis focusing on enhancements that inject change through the balance of horsepower, torque, and combustion to hype a mechanical instead of a cosmetic impression.

Over a few decades, the complex science behind automotive performance engineering has taken huge leaps beyond the advancement of physical mechanics and the development and improvement of fuel to lift the potential of motorsports to new levels. Amongst all these exciting considerations, many enthusiasts overlook an understated but important science - that when combined with an innovative upgrade, can significantly boost the performance of your ride without touching the engine, the exhaust, or enhancing the fuel source. A science that is extremely critical whether you are traveling down the road or flying through the sky. Investing in the enhancement of your vehicle’s Aerodynamic Profile will not only improve your vehicle's overall performance but will also contribute to fuel efficiency, handling, and safety which will extend the car's life and endurance during any challenge. Thankfully modern engineering, design, and a few innovative manufacturers make it possible for today's Subaru enthusiast to improve performance through some amazing aftermarket products readily available at Subimods. 

What Aerodynamic Upgrades are Available?

A number of companies in today's marketplace offer innovative, well engineered solutions to improve upon the original aerodynamic design of the 2022 Subaru WRX and assist the driver in reaching their goals while taking a specific step towards improving the performance of their coveted ride. There are several products and components which have been developed to confront challenges that may directly affect how efficiently the vehicle moves through the air and over a surface while maintaining proper performance under extreme conditions. After some consultation with an experienced enthusiast or modification expert, a suggested list of components should be compiled to accurately design an aerodynamic upgrade for the WRX. This list should consist of Front Splitters , Rear Diffusers , Spoilers , and possibly include Side Skirts , Canards , and assorted Vents to complete the overall profile of the vehicle. It is important to understand how each of these components affects the physical footprint of the vehicle, what part each item plays when the vehicle moves through time and space, and what specific improvements they make in relation to overall efficiency and stability. Each component, whether used individually or in concert with the entire profile, will elevate your WRX performance and show a positive return of your investment through an overall change in the vehicle's personality.

Adding Front Splitters to the WRX platform will not only improve upon the vehicle's consumption of fuel under both normal and high performance conditions, but they will also improve and balance front and rear distribution of downforce which will stabilize handling while cornering and turning at increased speeds and constant acceleration. High speeds increase turbulence and extreme drag which can be addressed with the addition of Rear Diffusers to redirect air underneath the vehicle and further improve the aerodynamic efficiency of your WRX. A quality Rear Diffuser will efficiently redirect airflow both upward and outward while minimizing lift to stabilize the vehicle at higher speeds and create confidence under stressful driving scenarios. Investing in an appropriate Spoiler for your car, like a diffuser, will also reduce drag and amplify downforce when your WRX requires maximum performance under demanding and possibly competitive high speed driving conditions. Including Side Skirts and Canards in your upgrade will also assist in airflow management along the vehicle's sides and front bumper assembly to create additional downforce and grip while maneuvering at increased speeds. Vents that are strategically installed on the vehicle's hood or fenders also serve this upgrade to ensure proper cooling and additional brake system ventilation.

The Breakdown: Solutions, Brands, and Cost

Subimods is proud to work with several manufacturers of components created specifically to provide needed aerodynamic upgrades for the 2022 Subaru WRX. We currently work with a long list of companies that have had a major impact in the market through their innovative designs, creative engineering, and detailed understanding of aerodynamics and its importance in the motorsports industry. In this upgrade overview, we are featuring the products of Verus Engineering , Varis , Seibon , APR Performance , Molded Innovations , R.M.K Design , and Billetworkz to assist the interested WRX enthusiast in making informed choices based on their individual need, purpose, and specific performance profile built from their driving practices, experiences, and expectations. Ultimately, an organized enthusiast will want to do the appropriate research, understand the components and their manufacturers, and count the cost before moving forward with what could be a significant investment of time and finances. Not all the manufacturers mentioned above are providers of each component included in a full aerodynamic profile upgrade, but there is a wide range of choices, styles, and price ranges to make creative, informed decisions when establishing a final configuration for your WRX. The Subimods team has broken down the upgrade into segments which cover each component, their associated manufacturer, and the estimated cost per item or kit to help the enthusiast piece together what they may need, and/or have some information at hand to move forward, ask additional questions, and do further research.

Front Splitters

The Indiana-based company Verus Engineering is populated by engineers and designers who are also enthusiasts. Their products are manufactured to align with the needs of the driver who desires quality, style and performance. They currently offer a collection of aerodynamic upgrade solutions including front splitter offerings for the 2022 Subaru WRX that are available through the Subimods catalog. The Two Piece Front Splitter, priced at $449.95 , and their Splitter Air Dam at $129.95 , are two options to consider when populating your upgrade wish list. Another option is from California's own APR Performance , a leader in the aerodynamic parts market for 25 years in addition to being a respected developer and producer of carbon fiber solutions for the motorsports enthusiast. Their Carbon Fiber Front Wind Splitter with Rods is available from our online catalog for under $600.00 and would be a great addition to your Subaru modification. Seibon Carbon , an internationally known manufacturer who has been supplying the motorsports world with quality parts for over two decades, specializes in the design and creation of carbon fiber components that are perfect for the driver investigating an aerodynamic enhancement for their vehicle's exterior. The Seibon MB-Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip designed for the WRX platform can be purchased through Subimods for $1,150.00 . Lastly, another company that has made a noticeable impact on the industry is the Japanese manufacturer Varis , an organization who is focused on innovation and takes pride in their practice of handmade manufacturing and craftsmanship. The Varis Arising I Carbon Fiber Front Lip for the 2022 WRX is available for $2,294.25 . A good selection of quality aftermarket options to begin your aerodynamic upgrade. Look at the Subimods Online Catalog to see more details regarding front splitter and front lip upgrades for your WRX.

Rear Diffusers

Selecting a Rear Diffuser for the WRX platform is an exciting task but can also be difficult when you realize how many choices there may be online or through questionable suppliers. The Subimods team has your best interest as our top priority when we partner with quality manufacturers around the globe who specialize in this category. Another featured source for aerodynamic design enhancement is Molded Innovations who joins the ranks with a perfect application for the WRX platform - the OE Style Rear Bumper Spat Pair priced affordably under $130.00. Again, additional options for the rear section of your 2022 WRX are available from Verus Engineering , Varis of Japan , and Seibon Carbon to possibly match previous choices made for the front portion of the vehicle. First, Verus offers two products to enhance the stabilization of your Subaru - their high quality Rear Diffuser priced under $700.00 and the Rear Spat Kit which comes out of the box for $114.95 . Secondly, we currently list three products under this category from Varis that would bring their level of design, engineering, and style quickly to your WRX and have the community drooling. Investing in the Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Splitter Fin for $626.75 , and the Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser at under $2,200 for half carbon , or the full carbon design at under $2,600 is a great decision for the serious Subaru enthusiast who wants an instant mark of quality and prestige on their modification. Lastly, Seibon Carbon enters the ring again with an offering for this category to broaden the bandwidth of choice for the enthusiast who needs to mix up their possibilities while keeping their eye on the highest level of design and aerodynamic innovation. Subimods is currently offering the Seibon MB-Style Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for the 2022 WRX for under $1,300.00 . We are confident in bringing these options to your mind so your aerodynamic upgrade can move forward. The Subimods website can give additional details about rear diffusers to set you up with an appropriate product for your modification.


Looking carefully at the current market, you will quickly notice that it is saturated with automotive Spoilers and other products related to motorsport aerodynamics. Choosing the appropriate model, design, and configuration is daunting enough, but, without previous knowledge or experience, making this choice with little or no assistance can be stressful. Our staff of experts works hard to guide these customers through the obstacles and make sure they are connected with the appropriate solutions and satisfy their needs for an optimum upgrade. Several of the companies we have mentioned are also quality providers and manufacturers of Spoilers designed for the 2022 WRX. The creative engineers at r.m.k Design in Irvine, California are not only experts at competition sports performance, but they are also skilled designers, creators, and visionaries who understand what the Subaru enthusiast needs out of their performance vehicle. Their sleek, high quality carbon fiber product line is seen throughout the motorsports world and their attention to aerodynamics has left a real impression with drivers everywhere. Their Carbon Fiber Adjustable GT Wing is available at Subimods for under $1,500.00. APR Performance offers two of their solutions, the GTC-200 and the GTC-300 Carbon Fiber Wings within the $1,200 to $2,100 price range. Varis returns to the mix with an alternative option, joining the Subimods list with their Carbon Fiber Rear GT Wing Street II for around $3,300 and change, while Verus Engineering provides some innovative aerodynamic design with the UCW Rear Wing Kit priced right under $2,800. If trunk and roof spoilers are on your radar, Molded Innovations has a number of options in the Subimods catalog ranging from $250 to around $900. These include the D Style FRP Trunk Spoiler, the V2 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler, and the Type 1 Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler, just to name a few. Finally, not forgetting the amazing contributions from Seibon Carbon, their STI-Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler for the 2022 WRX is available on our site for around $1,200. Many options for the WRX driver, but all manufactured by the best in the industry. As always, additional details regarding Spoilers we have available for the 2022 WRX can be found in our online catalog .

Side Skirts, Canards, and Vents

Finally, it is important to know that there are plenty of add-on products that can give the aerodynamic upgrade on your 2022 Subaru WRX that extra push of volume and fine tuning to ensure all bases are covered for any level of performance you wish to achieve. Most likely, as you expected, a few major contributors we have featured in other categories, namely Verus Engineering , Molded Innovations , APR Performance, Varis , and Seibon Carbon offer products to serve those needing Side Skirts , Canards , and assorted Venting solutions. Verus provides a Side Splitter Kit solution for the WRX for under $200 , and their Dive Plane Canard Kit for about $10 more. Molded Innovations joins the crowd with two more Canard options, the Type 1 or the Type 2 Front Bumper Canard Pairs for around $165 , while APR Performance comes in next with their Carbon Fiber WRX Front Bumper Canards with a reasonable price tag of $275 . Providing enthusiasts with assorted venting solutions is also a valuable proposition. APR Performance throws one more product to the front as they offer up their stylish Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop Vent for around $500 , but Verus Engineering gives the enthusiast another option to consider with their WRX Hood Louver Kit for only a couple of hundred dollars. Another company who has been making positive waves since 2014 is Billetworkz of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Serving motorsports enthusiasts with everything from shift knobs to lug nuts, Billetworkz brings a stylish and unique response to the table by delivering a window venting solution - a beautiful Rear Window Vents for under $200 . Lastly, for those seeking the brilliant element within carbon fiber to enhance their performance through better aerodynamics, Seibon Carbon includes MB-Style Carbon Fiber Side Skirts to the table for under $1,200 , and Varis joins the conversation with a Carbon Fiber Side Under Skirt intelligently designed for the WRX platform coming in for less than $2,500 . These add-on components, including Side Skirts , Canards , and Venting , can be found easily on the Subimods website, but please remember, before choosing any components related to your interest in upgrading the aerodynamic profile on a 2022 Subaru WRX it is wise to consult with an experienced expert who can help you make the right decision which will save you time and money. Reach out to a Subimods representative with all your aerodynamic upgrade questions. We are happy to assist you.

For more information regarding aftermarket parts for your 2022 Subaru WRX , please visit our website and explore the section dedicated to your platform .

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