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Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022+ VB WRX - January

Written by: The Modfather



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Many people in the automotive community realize that it is important to be aligned with accurate, knowledge-based product information when embarking on a new investment, primarily the modification of a vehicle. Subimods has always been known as the company uniquely connected to the Subaru community. This is a relationship built on mutual respect, consistent communication, and earned trust. Truly, a bond that has grown beyond the scope of other organizations of its kind within the marketplace. 

With all humor aside, Subimods truly functions as a “Special Products Unit” by digging into the details and investigating what customers really want, need, and think is important to them and their modification projects instead of pushing them towards something they might not really need. Our team is also a part of this vast, unique community of creatives, so it is natural for us to be passionate about serving with pride and delivering the best. We are not afraid to invest extra time to bring a greater reward to the growing tribe of Subaru enthusiasts.

Entering 2024 has prompted these Subimods investigators to assist the enthusiast community with more effort than ever before. It is important to help them make purchasing decisions based on data consistent with the interests of their peers in the enthusiast population. Many companies and retailers spend a lot of time creating “top product lists” based on specific branded merchandise they would like to quickly move through the market and push out of their warehouses to meet a commitment or satisfy a spreadsheet with no thought of the customer’s actual experience, needs, or requirements. As tradition would dictate, Subimods has decided to do things a bit differently by releasing a monthly “Most Wanted List” based on the purchasing trends we see generated by our own customers – a dedicated, passionate group. The first list we have decided to release in 2024 covers “The Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 WRX” which will illuminate some great products while helping our community make some informed purchasing decisions. 

NUMBER 1: Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Type-D (Dual Exit) Catback Exhaust for the 2022+ WRX

First, we’ll start at the top for the 2022 Subaru WRX, the Tomei Expreme, Type-D, Dual Exit Exhaust System . Many in our community know that this system was installed on the Subimods 2022 WRX car equipped specially for exhibit at SEMA. As seen in the video above, Mr. Nick confirms, “Tomei was nice enough to send us a pre-production unit that we definitely put through its paces.”

When this product was officially released to the marketplace by Tomei and made available to all those anxious WRX owners, the immediate and rabid interest was quickly reflected in the product’s movement through the supply change and popularity through reviews and customer feedback. The Tomei Expreme TI Catback quickly positioned itself to be the logical choice for the WRX – both in motorsports world and for the daily driver - with smartly executed, incredibly thoughtful engineering, lightweight but robust construction, obviously enhanced by a clever performance personality which includes a superior tone and roar that will give its car a unique and powerful voice. Tomei designed a smart titanium over steel construction while keeping the exhaust as straight as and streamlined as their design would allow. Coming in at approximately $1800.00 for this system, their intelligent design and legendary quality confirmed their consistent goal for excellence which successfully established their crowning position on our top, most wanted list for January 2024.

NUMBER 2: AMS Performance Cold Air Intake Kit Wrinkle Black 2022-2023 WRX

It’s important to note that a product featured on this list is not only one that is in extreme demand in the marketplace, but also is seen as an excellent performer by the consumer and proven to show real results. The next addition to the list came easy as the team pulled product data regarding AMS Performance. The AMS Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for the 2022-2023 Subaru WRX has proven to be an extremely popular platform for intake modifications.

The Subimods team has seen some measurable gains come from this product. AMS has designed, engineered, and manufactured this air intake to a high performing, easily installed, and obvious choice for owners of a turbocharged Subaru WRX. This product provides a significant improvement in air flow which leads to extreme performance with 25 WHP gains above the stock configuration.

AMS designed this product with extreme airflow and temperature management in mind by providing enlarged duct and airbox which stops an inflow of heat to ensure consistent performance under hot environmental conditions. Smooth air delivery, a minimizing of turbulence, and air flow interference are just a few of the benefits a WRX driver will see when including this product in their modification. The AMS Air Intake comes in as the number two Most Wanted not only as a product that is in demand and moves off the shelves when available, but also as a source of customer satisfaction, performance and quality.

NUMBER 3: Perrin Super Shift Stop

Sometimes the lowest profile and/or somewhat insignificant addition to a car modification can prove to be the most noticeable at the end of the day. The next item on our Most Wanted list could be looked as the most attainable with a $45.00 price tag, but that amount will soon be worth every penny as it saves many a driver from frustration while also adding enjoyment to both their performance and daily driving experience. We have included a product that will improve the 2022 WRX factory shifter action and add significant comfort to your driving experience and make sure your ride is fun and feels positive.

Perrin Super Shifter Stop is specifically designed to decrease shifter throws on the original Subaru WRX mechanism which has a significant amount of inherent horizontal play in the 1st and 2nd gear shift gates, and 1-inch of play in the factory transmission. The Perrin Super Shifter Stop reduces both the horizontal and vertical shifter play which results in a more positive performance and an engaging, solid shifter feel. Perrin has designed this product to easily attach to the shifter for a simple installation proving to be a popular first purchase for a WRX modification, a favorite upgrade to improve stock mechanical performance, and well-received for an overall driving enhancement. Again, for a small investment, the driver becomes more accurately aligned with the car’s transmission then experiencing a more fulfilling experience during motorsport performance or navigating a challenging commute to work. We were thrilled to include the Perrin Super Shifter Stop to the third Most Wanted position.

NUMBER 4: Molded Innovations LED Pro Steering Wheel

Subimods decided to inject a relatively new product into the Most Wanted list that has gained some obvious popularity. The Molded Innovations LED Pro Steering Wheel was not a product offered on the market as a upgrade option for the 2022 Subaru WRX until recently. Now that their team has worked out the details, we find this as a unique sense of style that seems to have become a favorite in the modification world making it stand out in popularity this month. The LED gives the driver the beautiful cosmetic aesthetic with its 3K Carbon, Leather Hand Grips, and Red Stitching along with impressive tech that includes a digital display with shift lights, an RPM indicator and other features to assist with your performance driving while keeping your eyes on the road. Complex features in a very stylish package. 

The team realizes that products like this are specialized wants in the enthusiast world but can’t deny that this product has become a popular item illuminated by its impressive specifications and functionality. Subimods strives to both inform and educate, while directing our customers towards specific safety considerations when adding any product to a modification list. A modification project Including the LED Pro requires advances knowledge of your factory airbag system, expert understanding and a professional level of comfort servicing an automotive electrical system. 

This product upgrade is definitely for the experienced enthusiast who is looking for that next level of style on their upgrade. Examining the features, design, and functionality out of the box, the LED Pro is worth the investigation and the investment of around $800.00 for the driver who wants to make a big splash. The obvious sex appeal that Molded Innovations brings to the community has spiked its demand helping the team to place it on the list in the number four slot. We can’t argue with the numbers or the throngs of admirers an upgrade like this could bring to you and your deserving vehicle.

NUMBER 5: Billetworkz Hybrid Shift Knob

Finally, a product from the Pennsylvania company Billetworkz will enter our Most Wanted list at number five. The Billetworkz Hybrid Shift Knob brings a unique style and custom feel to any enthusiast who wants to stand apart while embracing great looks, comfort, and quality. Billetworkz realizes that we are a community of creative visionaries who want to express ourselves through our vehicles without making any compromises or adjustments to conform to anything but the car’s heart and soul. This company offers a line of products allowing that creative spirit to shine and, most importantly, feel what it needs in the palm of their hand.

The Billetworkx designers created the hybrid shift knob to combine multiple elements to offer a special solution satisfying the comfort needs of the attentive driver. The weighted, hybrid shift knob comes in black, white, and special “Cosmic colors”, which depending on the driver’s choice, can cost $99.00 for the black and white versions and between $140.00 and $150.00 for the colored options. Brilliantly elegant and stylish, there is no doubt why this item stepped into our list of five Most Wanted products of January. We are excited to see what jumps into the spotlight next month.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Subimods “Special Products Unit” in February. 

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