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Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 • Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan -

Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 • Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan

Written by: The Modfather



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The Subimods team was very fortunate to attend the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon in Makuhari Messe in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan during our recent adventure overseas in January. As you can imagine, our team was witness to a whirlwind of activity and an overwhelming population of amazing vehicles from iconic automakers throughout Japan. The event crowd was buzzing with anticipation as they looked over classic profiles, custom concepts, futuristic engineering, and some new releases that have hit the streets in Japan and for some, all over the world. Knowing our team, it is obvious for you to expect that our main focus of interest was on our friends at Subaru.

There were many amazing examples of automotive engineering and innovation at this event. Fortunately, our media team was geared up to document this historic event with photography and video to capture the experience of TAS and share it with our customers and the Subaru enthusiast’s community we are proud to support. As we began to walk the TAS floor, every view, car, concept and innovation on display brought our mind back to those customers and enthusiasts we engage with each day. Naturally the prospect of future conversations and the opportunity for us to share what we have learned during this short experience is exciting and inspiring. Truly, as we reflect, this would prove to be an overwhelming experience for any serious car enthusiast.

Excitement & Anticipation for Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon has been one of the automotive industry’s largest and most coveted events since its birth in 1985. Nick Nazzaro and the Subimods team were excited to attend this year at the same venue where the first event took place all those years ago when the automotive world had no idea of what was to come and how much this industry would impact and change the face of manufacturing, engineering, and innovation. The historically pioneering automakers of Japan were definitely present and armed with their best weapons including incredible new concepts and daily drivers that have been reinvented and reimagined. It was easy for our team to notice quickly that the 42nd TAS was busy, charged, and filled with non-stop action stacked with crowds that proved it might have reached record attendance after a slow-paced return following the global pandemic.

All in attendance, including the Subimods crew were anxious to see what Subaru and the other carmakers were unleashing this year. The floor was a deluge of new and established companies and other organizations exhibiting their latest products, lines of tuning shop demo cars, and waves of stunning colors and graphic designs making one car more attractive than the next. The explosion of the retro-style tuning trend aesthetic has definitely sustained strength while exhibiting its influence throughout this event as many exhibitors profiled exciting new ideas applied to long-surviving, well-loved models and styles – especially coveted by dedicated Subaru enthusiasts

Pride & Performance

Subaru Tecnica International (STI) proudly exhibited the newest WRX flavor along with an impressive collection of vehicles, racecars, and stunningly modified versions of the BRZ and Levorg. The first head-turner to mention was the special edition prototype WRX S4 STI Sport Sharp which is based on the Japanese version of the WRX S4 STI Sport R EX. The anxious crowd also viewed a beautifully customized version of the Subaru BRZ STI and Levorg Layback STI, fully equipped with a long list of STI performance components, parts, and enhancements. The BRZ exhibited an alluring but intimidating style and personality dressed sharply in a white, red, and black palette of color.

Making a sharp car more of a razor, they have also included slick side skirts, stunning STI wheels, a carbon fiber rear wing, sleet front splitter, and maximized its performance stopping power with Brembo brakes. The BRZ left most witnesses to wonder if this amazing looking vehicle will hit the production line or remain in the lab for future consideration. Subaru also displayed the attractive Performance Levorg Layback STI, which closely matches the footprint of its standard twin, but this machine has also been equipped with STI engineering and accessories, which includes STI stainless steel tailpipes, stylish wheels, accented grille, side skirts and an intimidating hood scoop, just to name a few. Lastly, Subaru continued to spread its performance prowess as they revealed their WRX NBR Challenge race car, which is planned to roar in the SP4T class at the 52nd Nurburgring 24-Hour Race in Germany in May/June 2024. 

Innovation & Inspiration

Adding to this list of power churning newcomers, Subaru made sure no one could look away from its versatile off-road products - specifically the new Legacy and Forester models - that obviously slowed down most foot traffic. Subaru featured their Forester and Legacy Outback Boost Gear Package models to shout the mantra for vehicles that, per their publicity, “make you want to go further, have more experiences, and play for longer." The new vehicle stood beautifully clothed with a black satin exterior, fully accessorized with yellow driving lights, Toyo tires mounted on black six-spoke wheels, an LED light bar, a bike carrier, and too much more to list. On the other end of Subaru’s offerings list these classic and legendary all-road models never stop evolving and keep the brand growing in popularity within our faithful community.

After seeing the wide range of offerings, innovations, and products of the world’s most creative minds set for display, the Subimods team inhaled the event air deeply and with purpose. The purpose of our trip to Japan was to educate ourselves in this fascinating culture, observe the subtle, but detailed practices of its manufacturers, the designers, and the car engineers we admire. 

We also wanted to absorb the grander meaning of quality, determination, and execution that is evident in the Japanese auto industry. Subimods will always be students who strive to continuously learn, examine, and find ways to share knowledge and experiences with the larger enthusiast community who we gratefully serve. A community, who, like us, is hungry to learn and share what we have grown to love. The Tokyo Auto Salon is less of an event than it is a happening or life-changing environment for all enthusiasts of any brand. 

To learn more about what experiences the Subimods team took from their trip to Japan, we invite you to review the “ Subimods Tokyo 2024 Adventure ” video (above), where you can see more details and visual highlights of our journey including more about the STI Gallery, our HKS factory tour, and the exciting happenings at the Tokyo Auto Salon. 

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