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Why Subaru Cars Are One of the Best on the Road—Part 1 -

Why Subaru Cars Are One of the Best on the Road—Part 1

Subaru rose the ranks and quickly made a name for itself in the automotive world by producing reliable, distinctive, and fun-to-drive vehicles that are often lauded for their off-road capabilities. While Subaru may not be the flashiest automaker, their cars are known for being solid, dependable choices that offer a great balance of performance, efficiency, and practicality. 

In this two-part series, let’s take a ride and see some of the reasons why Subaru cars are among the best on the road. Let's dive into the first four reasons in Part 1.

Why Do Subaru Owners Love Their Car? Part 1

1. They're Highly Durable, Even with the Whole Head Gasket Debacle

Subaru has a well-earned reputation for building vehicles that can stand the test of time, and their cars are often renowned for their ability to withstand harsh driving conditions and last for hundreds of thousands of miles. This is, in part, due to their use of advanced engineering techniques and high-quality materials that help ensure a long and reliable life for their vehicles.

One notable issue that has plagued certain older Subaru models is the head gasket problem, which can lead to costly repairs. However, this should not overshadow the overall durability of Subaru vehicles. In fact, the company has made strides in recent years to address the issue and improve the head gaskets in their newer models. 

Despite this hiccup, Subaru remains a top choice for those seeking a long-lasting vehicle that can hold its own in various driving conditions.

2. They Offer Exceptional High Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is an essential feature for any vehicle that is expected to traverse rough terrain, and Subaru vehicles are known for offering some of the best clearance in their respective classes. This high ground clearance allows Subaru drivers to confidently navigate off-road conditions, such as rocky trails or deep snow, without worrying about damaging the underside of their vehicle.

Furthermore, Subaru's signature all-wheel-drive system, known as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, provides reliable traction and exceptional control in all types of weather and road conditions. This combination of high ground clearance and advanced all-wheel drive makes Subaru vehicles an ideal choice for those who love outdoor adventures and exploring off the beaten path.

3. Car Owners Can't Resist Their Rugged Charm

There's something undeniably appealing about the rugged charm of a Subaru vehicle. With their distinctive design, boxy shape, and sturdy construction, Subarus are often seen as the ultimate outdoor adventure vehicle. This rugged charm has helped Subaru develop a loyal fan base of drivers who appreciate the brand's commitment to producing tough, practical vehicles that can handle anything life throws their way.

The appeal of a Subaru isn't limited to its exterior design. The interiors of Subaru vehicles are also designed with durability and practicality in mind, featuring high-quality materials and plenty of storage space. This makes the go-to choice for families, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who needs a hardy ride without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

4. Better Gas Mileage and Offers a User-Friendly Ride

While Subaru vehicles are often associated with their off-road capabilities, they also excel in everyday driving situations, offering a smooth, user-friendly ride. Subaru models are known for their fuel efficiency, with many models offering impressive gas mileage ratings that rival their competitors. In that sense, it’s a top choice for commuters and eco-conscious drivers who want a vehicle that won't burn holes in your wallet at the gas pump.

Plus, Subaru vehicles are designed with the driver's comfort and convenience in mind. From the layout of the dashboard to the placement of controls and storage spaces, every aspect of a Subaru interior is thoughtfully designed to create a user-friendly experience. This attention to detail extends to the driving experience, with responsive handling and a comfortable suspension that makes even long drives a pleasure.

The Bottom Line

Subaru cars are among the best on the road for their exceptional durability, high ground clearance, rugged charm, and user-friendly ride. These qualities make them a favorite for drivers who appreciate a vehicle that can handle it all, while still providing a comfortable, efficient driving experience. 

Stay tuned for part two of this series, where we'll explore even more reasons why Subaru cars are considered among the best on the road!

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