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OHLINS Road and Track Coilovers w/ Titan 7 Wheels on the BRZ -

OHLINS Road and Track Coilovers w/ Titan 7 Wheels on the BRZ

Written by: The Modfather



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The modern automotive world is a vast sea overflowing with companies who serve every enthusiast’s need. No matter what brand vehicle you cherish, no matter what genre you prefer, or what level of passion your creative personality craves to express, there are more options and choices today than the average car lover could have imagined less than a decade ago. Any enthusiast will admit that with all these options comes overwhelming feelings and difficulty when the decision to modify your most prized possession skips across your mind. We know a sea is deep, wide, mysterious, and dangerous if you don’t know how to navigate and have no idea what lies within and far beneath the surface. An unprepared enthusiast can drown in the modern automotive aftermarket and, unfortunately, can be taken under if they do not choose the right course and pick an experienced captain to get them where they need to be.

An important and impactful percentage of this sea is the Automotive Suspension System Market - brimming with companies, new and old, who have quickly become key players through their divisions and subsidiaries all over North America, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and India. Again, the sheer volume of company offerings make it difficult for those trying to make the most appropriate decision for their vehicle - an extension of themselves. Many of these companies spend enormous amounts of money on marketing to appear as competitive alternatives to each other, while some invest everything into research and development to build brand provenance through their product’s quality and their proven reputation. This is smart, but is not easy business. At Subimods, our experience tells us to always search through the vastness, but point our customers towards those players built on decades of experience, intelligent engineering, reputation, and impactful innovation. Öhlins Racing and Titan 7 stand out as two companies proudly bringing sharp vision, forward thinking, and intelligent implementation to the heart of the enthusiast.


Ohlins Racing AB was founded in Sweden by Kenth Öhlin in 1976 by engineering, designing, and manufacturing an array of components including exhaust systems, custom engines, and shock absorption solutions for assorted vehicles. By the early 1980s, Öhlin steadily directed his vision and focused his efforts on the development of suspension systems becoming a major innovator within the world of motorsports over the next ten years. Another decade of field-proven engineering and performance brought Öhlins Racing into partnerships with Yamaha and Tenneco Automotive by 1998 and additional development initiatives with Volvo by 2003.

In the next 15 years Öhlins Racing products would contribute to the success of many motorsport’s practitioners by bringing over 300 World Championship titles to both automotive and motorcycle racing teams. Their engineering, development, and innovations have helped many of their performance partners cross the finish line at prestigious events around the globe including the Indianapolis 500, LeMans, the Speedway World Championship, MotoAmerica and many more. 


Another company whose name is truly symbolic of their product's strength and level of performance and promise is the Californian outfit Titan 7 . Based in Orange, CA, Titan 7 brings over four decades of combined experience to the marketplace with their quality aftermarket wheels. They are a self-proclaimed "no compromise" manufacturer who places engineering, design, packaging, the manufacturing process, and most importantly, value ahead of all other priorities. Titan 7 knows the enthusiast and keeps their creative spirit top of mind when developing their product line. 

These quality wheels are built for efficiency and to ensure the driver experiences peak performance. Titan 7 proudly offer a fully-forged product formed from aircraft grade solid cylinder of 6061 aluminum which has been pressurized at 10,000 Tons to ensure maximum strength and durability, but also maintains an efficient definition to keep any vehicle's personality light, agile, and ready to exploit a healthy amplification of power. Titan 7 has gained popularity as a state-of-the-art brand ready to turn heads with their amazing designs and impressive stability.


Speaking to James Yang, Titan 7's co-Founder and head of Sales & Marketing, clarified how he and the company morphed from his true love for performance to his desire to bring dreams to reality. "Always been a car guy”, Yang said with pride.“In the early 90’s going to Japanese bookstores to flip through Option magazine to tinkering with cars once we were fortunate enough to get our first rides”, Yang explained. “That led to street racing, and learning more about tuning cars.” Like all enthusiasts, the passion behind the interest kept pushing and fueling his forward movement in business and creativity.

“What started out as a fun summer job turned into a lifelong career in the industry building relationships, talking about cars and impacting the industry in a positive way." We have no doubt that Titan 7 has made a major impact in the industry with its understanding of the enthusiast community, their offering of sleek wheel design and intelligent uniqueness, and most importantly, their quality engineering and solid manufacturing.“We offer the best forged wheels for performance applications”, Yang said with confidence.

Confirming their overwhelming commitment to the enthusiast’s need for robust solutions, Yang explains,“We are the first to offer true performance Forged wheels that the average consumer can purchase. We have instituted many firsts such as reinforced inner rim sections for added strength, and limited lifetime structural warranties even if you take the wheels on the track.” As modern entrepreneurs in a fast moving, constantly changing business within the auto industry, Titan 7 is always looking ahead, planning and designing to keep on top of the community’s needs and performance demands.

“When Titan 7 started 7 years ago, we were a game changing disruptor in the industry”, Yang said. “We will have more of that very soon.” With that comment in mind, seeing clearly that their eyes are on the future, it is obvious that Titan 7 always has something new in the tunnel. “We have 3 new designs - the T-P5, the T-P10 and the T-M20 - all launching this year, which is an enormous undertaking”, Yang announces.

I think we take a complete approach to improving wheel supply. We’re always developing materials, technology, studying structure, testing ourselves in racing, innovating supply chain operations, and staying committed to supporting the industry as best as we can”, he said. “Working with great people and companies all over the world is pretty awesome.”

Learn more about the products offered by Öhlins Racing and Titan 7 by visiting or watch the video above to get an informative overview with additional commentary provided by our Subimods Product Expert.

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