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May’s Top Five Most Wanted Products for a 2022 Subaru WRX -

May’s Top Five Most Wanted Products for a 2022 Subaru WRX

Written by: The Modfather



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Planning a modification can be a stressful and somewhat challenging process if you have no support system or guidance to make sure you are avoiding all the pitfalls and mistakes we all can make and learn to regret. It's always refreshing to find that oasis in the desert when you feel too overwhelmed to continue. Winding down two months of back-to-back episodes, the Subimods team returns with another Top Five segment but now will be covering the most popular products in the month of May - concentrating on the 2022 Subaru WRX platform. We have featured an impressive list of products for both the BRZ and WRX platforms over this time period which continues to excite and encourage us about learning more about our customers, the unique quality of the Subaru community, and what areas of car modification they are concentrating on as we move quickly through 2024. The most rewarding part about working at Subimods is the daily interactions with our customer base, learning about their interests, their victories, and the challenges they face so we can assist them in making the appropriate decisions regarding the modification projects. We have designed this video series to engage and provide a positive education portal to serve enthusiasts at all four corners of the Subaru world. We feel that sharing real information about the most popular aftermarket products determined by our in-house analytics process is an important service to not only our customers, but also those drivers who may be searching for answers before investing their hard-earned money in a project that can literally make their dreams come true. There is a wide selection of products in our online catalog but not all parts match every driver, every car, or every level of performance in every genre of motorsports. Enthusiasts who follow this series will quickly realize how important it is for our team to provide accurate information about the products and the companies who create them through a very simple concise system like the monthly Top Five . The products that climb on this list have excelled through the previous month’s purchasing numbers, reviews, and feedback compiled from customer activity. Sometimes this makes an interesting introduction to some amazing, up-and-coming brands and also re-introduces the community to some premiere, dependable, stand-by icons who return month after month proving to our newer customers and visitors to the website that there is a reason the top performers choose their products, without question, when they need to achieve victory. This presentation features offerings from the manufacturers AMS Performance, Molded Innovations, LP Aventure, COBB Tuning , and Remark Exhaust to provide important information about both creator and product while helping the enthusiast who is on their Subaru modification journey. Our newest segment, "May's Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 Subaru WRX," is hosted by Nick Nazzaro, the CEO and founder of Subimods . With his expertise, he provides a quick and comprehensive review of the featured products, offering valuable insights into each manufacturer and, most importantly, Subimods' observations in the field.

Intro: 2022 Subaru WRX Product Makers

 Appearing first on the list is AMS Performance , an Illinois-based manufacturer that has established itself as a top-quality brand in the motorsports world for over two decades. Their ability to adapt to market changes, meet the increasing demands for performance, and cater to the growing enthusiast communities is truly commendable. Next up, we have Molded Innovations , who never fail to impress with their stylish and innovative products that enhance the exterior of the BRZ. Their consistent delivery of dynamic and eye-catching products has earned them a well-deserved spot on our Top Five Product list. When it comes to exceptional quality and style, Molded Innovations is the go-to brand, which explains why their BRZ product line is highly sought after. LP Aventure is next to take the stage with their team of engineers and car enthusiasts who have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the off-road world. Their dedication to equipping Subaru vehicles for incredible adventures is evident in their meticulously designed products like lift kits and skid plates. LP Aventure helps your Subaru to be ready to conquer any terrain. Next we need to mention COBB Tuning , the iconic performance brand hailing from Texas. Founded and operated by true enthusiasts, COBB has become a household name among the Subaru tribe. With over 25 years of experience, they have garnered a loyal following and established themselves as reliable providers of performance products. Last but not least, we have Remark Exhaust, a California-based company that has been delivering quality and innovation through their exhaust systems for nearly two decades. Each product line Remark offers leaves a positive impact on the vehicle it enhances, elevating its performance to new heights. In conclusion, our Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 Subaru WRX are carefully curated to meet the needs and desires of Subaru enthusiasts. These manufacturers have proven themselves time and time again. Now that we've shared a little insight regarding the makers of these products, it is our goal to break down the list to further assist in the research needed to place the appropriate item in the hands of the enthusiast with little to no struggle. Let’s run down the list of Top Five WRX Products for the 2022 Subaru WRX for May 2024.

NUMBER 5: AMS Performance Top Mount Intercooler (Silver)

Off the starting line we can confirm how happy our team is to see a great new product jump quickly into the number five position for May. The AMS Performance Top Mount Intercooler (in Silver) is a perfect upgrade to introduce to your 2022 Subaru WRX. Not only because of its overall quality, but also because of how it will transform the power profile of your vehicle and boost your performance through its smart design and superb technology. AMS Performance has raised the bar and changed the game with this product by applying a combination of superior engineering, skilled manufacturing, and a selection of robust materials to deliver a premium inter cooling system that provides outstanding and efficient transfer of heat to keep intake temperatures low while keeping your 2022 Subaru WRX powerful and stable in even the most challenging of conditions. This product flexes a lot of muscle with a larger core size of 71% over factory, hand-welded construction, and cast aluminum end tanks that provide a higher volume which results in superior heat management and an impressive improvement in performance that will be noticed on road and track. Also, the AMS Intercooler promises to reduce the charge air temperature by almost 50°F, a significant improvement over the factory solution. Plus, this product increases mass airflow by 15% and reduces pressure drop by 12%. The intelligently designed heat transfer system is an engineering marvel inside and out as its 37 row intercooler core and louvered fins bring cooling and high temperature transference to a new level of excellence. Their development team performs an impressive regiment of pressure testing to ensure that this product remains the most stable and dependable component to be introduced to your vehicle. AMS Performance has created one of the largest and most efficient top mount intercoolers in the industry which is proven by the amazing response we are seeing from our customers. During the first part of our Top Five presentation, Nick Nazzaro speaks about how this new product from AMS has shined brilliantly for the aftermarket consumer. "The AMS top mount intercooler is a new release for AMS. They've been very, very good about promoting and designing new products for the VB platform.", Nazzaro confirms. "They have their intake, they have shift knobs, brake lines - take your pick - but, they've started getting into the force induction side which is really what AMS is known for.", he said. "They did this bar and plate top mount intercooler...a massive core that boasts some really impressive statistics. The car gets extremely hot. Air temps get hot. Performance is degraded." Nazzaro explains. "What you would experience on the track for any of our autocross...time attack guys who are really looking to keep that top mount intercooler and not have any lag from moving the core down into the front of the car." Look for this amazing product that now sits in the Subimods catalog for under $700. A quality product, an amazing upgrade, and a great price.

NUMBER 4: Molded Innovations EvoGlow Series DynamicLume LED Tail Lights

One company who offers products that get a lot of attention through our catalog searches and customer communications is Molded Innovations . The Subimods team was not surprised to see them leap into the number four slot in May with their EvoGlow Series DynamicLume LED Tail Lights . This product has really proven to be a popular choice for the Subaru enthusiast since it has hit the marketplace as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking LED lighting solutions for the 2022 Subaru WRX platform. The EvoGlow DynamicLume Series blends style, precision engineering, and innovative LED technology to provide an answer to the type of enthusiast who demands unique visual excellence backed by creative design and unparalleled quality. These lights provide the vehicle with an exterior profile that is both impressive through its vibrant illumination, stylish by way of its sleek lines, and dynamic because of its ingenious aesthetics. Molded Innovations has been thoughtful with their creation as it exhibits a number of features which will amplify the driving experience for a wide array of motorists in assorted genres and performance scenarios. This series offers a number of options not found on the factory WRX setup including the overall warm up and shut off sequences, and the "F1 Pulse'' setting for the center brake lights which are turned off by default, but are designed to be used in motorsports applications. Along with those options, Molded Innovations have included an impressive set of features that keeps them a good distance ahead from any other product in their class. They offer a modern Sequential C-light functionality that provides a great sweeping visual to the signal function and fiber optic stripes and multiple LEDs which will greatly improve safety by amplifying brightness, just to name a few. Moreover, this product has earned its place on the Top Five list due to its continued popularity and provision of unique quality in the eyes of the 2022 Subaru WRX faithful. The EvoGlow DynamicLume series has delivered a superb example of engineering of automotive lighting while creatively blending two attractive qualities that appeal to the extreme creativity inside the Subaru enthusiast - function and form. While reviewing this product during our video presentation, Nick gives a clear overview of why this product is performing so well and why its flexibility of design is so important to the WRX driver. "These were extremely in demand.", Nazzaro confirms. "We've covered them before, but the amount of page views and the amount of purchases put it in its number four position.", he adds. "We have six offerings. The way it's can have your red bar or your white bar and then you can go from light smoke to smoke to dark smoke." Nazzaro confidently confirms that Molded Innovations and their support of the product has been a proven hit with the Subimods team and our customers month after month. "People love it. Very few complaints out of the gate. We had some issues with some clips that were breaking...but Molded Innovations did a little tweaking and got us what we needed to get those customers situated.", he exclaimed. "Quality design. Just the overall LED functionality on these is top tier. We're really excited to keep this in the top five. The cars look great when they have upgraded tail lights.”, he said. Check out all the Molded Innovations options available in the Subimods online catalog.

NUMBER 3: LP Aventure 2" Powder Coated Lift Kit

Crawling with confidence into the coveted third position is LP Aventure with their 2" Powder Coated Lift Kit, This product appearance on the May Top Five might make the track-loving 2022 Subaru WRX driver take an expected double take, but will certainly put a smile on those Subaru owners who don't think that their favorite brand, whether a WRX or Outback, should be restricted to a highway drive or a race around the summer hot pavement. LP Aventure brings in a product offering that targets the enthusiast who wishes to give their WRX a more aggressive, all-wheel drive look with 2 inches of ground clearance for more adventurous experiences. This stainless steel lift kit was manufactured from 304 stainless material, TIG welded for extreme durability, stability, and strength while remaining incredibly corrosion resistant. LP provides a welcome offset design which retains the specifications of the factory camber to ensure proper vehicle alignment. This lift kit also provides multi link spacers which lower the rear subframe of the WRX and again holds true to the original alignment specifications to keep the car's handling in check, keep the factory positioning of the rear wheels, and prevent rubbing when larger wheels and tires are the desired upgrade. Also, to make sure your brake line configuration remains solid, this kit includes alternative, elongated brake line spacers to ensure the easiest installation and no replacing of the vehicle's factory brake lines. Lastly, LP provides longer exhaust hangers to adapt to the requirements of both a single and/or a dual exhaust assembly. Again, to give more of a broad overview of this product and its position on the list, Nick Nazzaro comments on how LP Aventure has become a wanted item by the Subaru tribe. "LP Aventure came on board as we moved into the kind of consumer who wants to take a different route through performance.", Nazzaro explains. "It's all performance. It's all upgrading, but a little bit different of a path. LP Adventure...They've been a great partner of ours.", he adds. "We're forecasting to see a lot more of this on the line card. so we really wanted to make sure the people who...wanted to raise their WRX got a view of what's available." , Nazzaro confirms. "There's a lot more to this kit...this is their Powder-coated version. They do offer you about 2 inches of increased height, allow you to run your method 1552 - little bit smaller rims, nice knobby tire." he explains. "We actually have a lot of customers doing this. Truthfully, I think it's great. I think it's something that goes back to the heritage of Subaru. Getting off-road. Really enjoying the car. LP is definitely one to look at if you want your Subaru to go up." If you are an enthusiast who is looking for more of a lift than a lowered performer, check out the LP Aventure products on the Subimods website which should provide some guidance down this alternative path. 

NUMBER 2: COBB Front and Rear Lowering Spring Kit

As we move along, you will see how the theme has switched from the customer's desire to raise their vehicle, to them needing a solution which will bring them closer to the pavement. One company that keeps proving its worth in the hearts of Subaru enthusiasts in a number of areas is COBB Tuning. Their technological innovations, close work with motorsports, and keen attention to what interests the true performance junkie has brought them to the forefront of the industry. We have recently featured their offerings in other areas of performance, but to align with their diverse skill set, we are happy to see a suspension component from their arsenal slide into the second slot on May's Top Five list. COBB's Front and Rear Lowering Spring Kit. Whether we accept it or not, the factory designed posture of the 2022 Subaru WRX platform was designed for the everyday driver that has an eye for style and a little stock performance muscle. The Subaru modifier is not the typical consumer. They have extreme ideas that require their vehicle to be seriously reactive, steady, and to have cat-like flexibility on both the road or track. COBB's kit offers the 2022 Subaru WRX a well-engineered, lowered stance that provides both superior handling, a very strong aesthetic, and stunning visual attraction. In addition, your WRX will gain enhanced braking ability after installing this kit, plus the center of gravity will be lowered to allow faster cornering and confident track performance. As the video presentation continues, Nazzaro adds his thoughts regarding a repeat appearance of COBB on our Top Five. "COBB has really made some efforts in the last few years to diversify their line card following the green speed update.", Nazzaro confirms. "You've seen a lot of sway bars. You've seen a lot of interior and exterior accessories. This is their expansion for the VB.", he explains. "So, in one shot, they release the front and rear sway bars and their lowering springs. What we like primarily about the COBB...they took the time to actually get the car to sit exactly level.", Nick adds. "What you'll find in a lot of Subarus and a lot of Subaru offerings for lowering springs - the drop is 1 inch in the front and one inch in the rear. Naturally when you lower that, the car is misaligned. You have the front sitting higher than the rear vice versa.", he exclaims. "COBB took the time to ensure that you're going to get 1 1/4 inches in the front and 2 inches in the rear to really balance the look of the vehicle," Nazzaro confirms. "This is a great product at a great price from COBB. When you combine, you can get their sway bars and the springs together in a nice little package." If you have a serious and specific performance vision for your car and seek to lower your WRX, take advantage of some great engineering, get on the Subimods website , and look into COBB's popular offerings .

NUMBER 1: Remark R1-Spec Full Titanium Catback Exhaust

Closing out May's Top Five brings us face to face with Remark , the California company that has become an iconic staple in motorsports and a brand which is beginning to vibrate a lot of respect throughout the Subaru community. This reverence is obvious within our customer base since one of their premiere exhaust products designed for the 2022 Subaru WRX has jumped into the throne at the number one position for May. Remark's R1-Spec Full Titanium Catback Exhaust was designed to amplify the spirit of the performance-craving Subaru enthusiast while keeping their best interests in clear focus. This smartly-engineered exhaust is constructed with 3" mandrel bent piping , and designed to provide the highest possible flow through its straight profile. The R1-Spec layout delivers an optimal flow which reduces restriction and maintains efficient performance. This is the perfect Catback exhaust system for the WRX-loving enthusiast who dreams of extreme flow, a light weight high-grade titanium structure, hand-crafted construction supported by innovative engineering, and the highest quality that aligns with a solid brand. Remark continually brings their commitment to the performance driver by executing product designs that are multi-faceted serving both the daily driver who can't wait to hit the highway and the expert track addict that doesn't want Monday to arrive. Nazzaro concludes his review of May's Top Five by adding his insights regarding the Remark product and the quickness of its popularity with Subimod's customers. "We actually got this a few weeks ago and it's already taken its place at the top of the leaderboard.", Nazzaro said with pride. "It's their full titanium exhaust, so, if you've been familiar with the Remark line before you've known they've had the R1 spec which is a bit of a hybrid.", he confirms. "The muffler section is titanium. The mid pipe is stainless steel. This is their take on a full titanium.", he adds. "This is 16 lb. Catback with the resonator. A little less without it."  The beautiful part about Remark is they took the time to look at it and say, ‘All right, how do we make the strongest most functional Catback?’.", Nazzaro explains. "There aren't slip joints on this. It's a flange system and there's also a single bent pipe right for the mid pipe. They are not looking to have pie cuts. They are not looking to have brakes in the mid pipe.", he said while confirming its quality. "This system is not actually going to break the bank. You're looking at $1395.00 right now for the resonated system. That is an amazing deal for what you're getting here.", he confirms. "So, for anyone interested in a single exit for the VB - take a look at the Remark." Search the Subimods catalog for this and other solutions for your 2022 Subaru WRX, or give one of our experts a call to get more details about this product by Remark Exhausts .

Learn more details regarding all the products featured on May’s Top Five Most Wanted Products For the 2022 Subaru WRX by watching the video (above), where you can see an informative overview commentary provided by Subimods CEO and founder Nick Nazzaro .

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