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Everything You Need to Know about Subaru Synthetic Oil -

Everything You Need to Know about Subaru Synthetic Oil

In the world of automotive lubricants, synthetic oil has emerged as a game-changer. Developed initially for aircraft jet engines, synthetic oil is now widely used in various vehicles. Its unique composition, derived from chemically modified petroleum components, sets it apart from traditional crude oil-based lubricants. Synthetic oil offers exceptional performance under extreme temperatures and prolonged engine operation, reducing friction, wear, and viscosity breakdown. This article explores the world of synthetic oil, focusing on Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil and its advantages, compatibility, and cost considerations.

Understanding Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is a lubricant made from chemically synthesized compounds using modified petroleum components. Its superior composition enables it to outperform conventional oils, especially in extreme temperatures.

Unlike regular motor oil, which thickens and loses viscosity over time, synthetic oil maintains its consistency and flow characteristics. For instance, synthetic oil can flow efficiently at freezing temperatures, providing superior engine protection compared to conventional oil.

Engine Longevity and Performance

Engine Wear Reduction

The slippery nature of synthetic oil results in less engine wear, leading to enhanced engine longevity. Its superior flow in cold weather ensures no loss of prime during cold starts, providing optimal lubrication right from the beginning.

Resistance to Viscosity Breakdown

Synthetic oil demonstrates high resistance to viscosity breakdown caused by heat, friction, and chemical contaminants. This resistance ensures the oil flows easily across all temperature ranges, contributing to better engine performance and protection.

Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil Advantages

Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil offers several technical advantages, including:

  • Measurably better low and high-temperature viscosity performance.
  • Enhanced chemical and shear stability.
  • Reduced evaporative loss.
  • Resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge problems.
  • Improved fuel economy in certain engine configurations.
  • Superior lubrication during cold starts for optimal engine protection.
  • Longer engine life due to reduced wear and improved performance.

Compatibility and Cost Considerations

Compatibility with Filters

Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil is compatible with the same filters used with conventional motor oils. Therefore, there is no need for a special oil filter when using Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil.

Mixing with Conventional Motor Oil

While mixing Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil with conventional oil in an emergency is possible, it is best to avoid mixing them whenever possible. Mixing the two types of oil may degrade the performance and benefits of synthetic oil. Changing the oil as soon as the emergency situation is resolved is advisable.

Cost Analysis

Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil may cost slightly more than regular oil. However, the investment justifies its numerous performance benefits, including improved lubrication, increased power, and enhanced fuel economy. Additionally, after the first oil change, subsequent oil changes with Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil are required only every 7,500 miles compared to 3,750 miles with regular oil, leading to long-term savings.

Choosing the Right Weight of Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil

Subaru offers two different SAE weights for their synthetic motor oils. The 5W-30 weight is specifically formulated for turbocharged engines, providing superior protection against oil breakdown, varnishing, and deposits. On the other hand, the 0W-20 weight is ideal for non-turbocharged engines, promoting improved fuel economy, reduced friction, and increased power.


Synthetic oil has revolutionized the lubricant industry with its chemically modified composition. Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil, a testament to the power of synthetic oil, offers superior performance, engine longevity, and environmental benefits. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, reduce engine wear, and resist viscosity breakdown makes it a valuable investment for vehicle owners. Consult your owner's manual for specific recommendations and requirements for your Subaru model and engine type.

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