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Will the Subaru Tribe Embrace Sports Car Electrification? -

Will the Subaru Tribe Embrace Sports Car Electrification?

The average consumer can clearly see that the automotive industry is changing dramatically every day.

Since the Toyota Prius first rolled off the assembly line in Japan in 1997 and became the world’s first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle, automotive consumers around the world have slowly transitioned from skeptical to overwhelmingly accepting as they are bombarded by the world media with reporting of environmental concerns, updated government regulations, and the evils of gas-fueled motoring. Of course, we are speaking about the average car buyer, not the soul-invested, sports car enthusiast. These folks are the ultimate individuals. Most, more times than not, are looked at by this industry as intense, seriously focused, passionate and/or just simply obsessed.

Consumer Vs. Enthusiast

As we all know, the automotive enthusiast's world is much different. First, it is a unique community filled with passionate, like-minded individuals who not only love their specific car style, but they live for the idea of being a part of something greater - a powerful tribe. They have happily created a world where they have the freedom to express themselves uniquely through a car which logically becomes a personality extension of themselves. Like many creatives, they are very dedicated to their art, but in turn, they can be very resistant to change, and possibly, the idea of change if it affects how they create their art and express their individualism. Whether these statements are completely accurate or assumed, there is no doubt that the injection of the electric vehicle into the true enthusiasts world will spawn some important thoughts, conversation and debate.

The News: Subaru WRX STI EV is Coming in 2028

In the May 2023 issue of Car and Driver magazine, Senior Editor Joey Capparella reported that Subaru is "working on some sort of electrified version of the top WRX, which could mean a hybrid or battery-electric powertrain." He continued to write, "This likely won't arrive until the current generation of the gas-powered WRX runs its course. That model may last until late in the decade, so we're in for a long wait." To examine the reality of this news, a reader must agree that four to five years is not a long time to create anticipation, excitement, and even criticism. Between the word on the street through enthusiast blogs, assorted articles, forum rumors, and tidbits from Subaru, all who live in this world will begin to form opinions of the potential and yet promised outcome over this half decade.

Notes to Consider

Growing from this news, there are a few points that every consumer, Subaru fan, or die-hard enthusiast must consider as they throw their thoughts into the ring to begin discussion and/or debate. The future WRX may prove to be another cherished Subaru sports car that is not only stylish - but also environmentally conscious.

With a rumored top speed of 160 mph, it would also be a model that may obviously combine exceptional quickness and agility - all while emitting zero emissions. In addition, the promised fast-charging 2028 WRX EV has a rumored motoring range of 300 miles plus on a single charge applied during one of it's now expected quick pit stops.

All these tasty nuggets of performance-on-electric power combined with Subaru’s signature all-wheel drive system could add up nicely to deliver a perfect driving experience that both the eco-thoughtful consumer and the dedicated Subaru motor head enthusiast keenly desire. 

The Burning Question

The recent news of this well-loved model Subaru becoming an EV - the electrified version of a hard-core enthusiast's favorite - may or may not be a herald cry to those dedicated individuals. Some may just shrug and say, "It's just another manufacturer pushing out an electric vehicle." On the other hand, there may be a positive and outright exciting responses which pushes the EV world to another level of success because of the always winning combination of performance, style, and environmental intelligence. We just want to know your thoughts...

Do you feel that the true Subaru enthusiast will be accepting of the recently reported coming of the 2028 Subaru WRX STI EV, without sporting it's turbocharged flat-four?

What are your feelings about the coveted Subaru WRX going electric? To individuals who are extremely connected to their brand, will loyalist remain true hearing rumors indicating that the cost of the 2028 Subaru WRX STI EV could be around $50,000? Will this new car and it's technology prove to be the reported "game-changer" as many industry writers predict?

We feel these are all important questions. Ones that should circulate amongst a uniquely passionate and dedicate community of enthusiasts.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this subject so please feel free to comment- here or on one of our social media outlets.

REMEMBER: We are all in this tribe together - so let's talk!

Thanks for reading!
The Subimods Team

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