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The newest tuning option for your 22+ BRZ / GR86 from Cobb Tuning! -

The newest tuning option for your 22+ BRZ / GR86 from Cobb Tuning!

Written by: The Modfather



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Scanning the background of any Subaru motorsports event will quickly identify the major players and manufacturers who have made an important impact on our segment of the automotive industry. A cluster of banners, tents, and booths covered with logos of companies and creators whose main focus is to provide maximum aftermarket performance to the gathering tribe of automotive enthusiasts through their knowledge, experience, engineering prowess, and overall passion for the brand.

Our segment of the market is a unique slice of the pie due to its dedicated membership that is populated with individuals who come from all genres, all economic levels, and all walks of life. The organizations that serve and protect this lifestyle and fuel its lifeline of joyful motoring have become somewhat iconic bringing their brand recognition to a degree of familiarity as common as Coke, McDonalds and WalMart to the average consumer. 

Subimods has been infused with a number of these iconic brands for many years and has built important relationships with customers who have built a trust and commitment to their products based purely on their ongoing innovations, developments in technology, and their reputation. Over the past decade we have seen astronomical growth in the industry with the introduction of new companies coming down the runway, modeling their offerings while trying their best to topple the success of the established founders.

We have witnessed many newcomers in the marketplace attempt to stand on the shoulders of giants to shine their light even brighter and pierce the curtain of experience that blocks the sight line which may convince the massive tribe to follow, trust, and live for their brand. One of the iconic brands whose flag flies high and dominates the background we all see clearly in and around the Subaru world is the subject of our most recent product unboxing and installation.


COBB Tuning , a automotive performance company based in Austin, Texas, is one of those familiar brands and iconic product providers that is burned into the view of anyone who has ever entertained the idea of modifying or heighting the overall performance of a Subaru, or for that matter, any other brand vehicle to be used for motorsport. This company of enthusiasts and creators has been dedicated to the modification community for the past 25 years while providing premium tuning solutions for drivers of turbocharged performance vehicles around the globe.

Launching the brand in 1999, Trey Cobb grew his company from a small independent one man show to an organization with a wider view and larger vision expanding to a multi-faceted performance parts company with a staff of over 80 employees. Their team currently pursues the spirit of a mantra that has followed each of their successes, “Our focus at COBB has always been the enthusiasts. We race, we drive and we like to help people do the same. Deciding to feature and discuss the COBB STAGE 1 POWER PACKAGE KIT on our own Subaru BRZ was an easy prospect for our team since the COBB brand is a vendor we feel has made a major impact within our customer base. First, as many enthusiasts know, for some time, ECU (engine control unit) Tuning has been the desired process employed by performance drivers to amplify a vehicle’s overall horsepower by systematically modifying the settings of the ECU. This technical process will ramp up horsepower by adjusting the vehicle’s ignition timing, its air-to-fuel ratio, and even the turbo boost pressure through the ECU.

COBB has been an essential player and important developer in this area and their ECU Tuning products have served as a nucleus of their business model. Working in concert with the company Eutech Instruments, COBB has engineered and developed an exclusive and innovative Flash Kit which provides an intuitive consumer solution to enthusiasts while including everything they need to efficiently tune their car out of the box. As seen in our video presentation, the COBB STAGE 1 POWER PACKAGE KIT comes in a sturdy zippered case containing a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle allowing a quick connection and access to the ECU and also gives the driver the ability to download the ECU Connect App to begin the calibration process.


We have walked into this product overview with an appreciation for the Cobb brand, their understanding of tuning technology, and how much they look at what a car’s potential can be because of the work they have accomplished over the years. Aligning this solution with our 2022 BRZ brought our team to another level of enthusiasm since our affection for this car has grown knowing how versatile, agile, and flexible the platform has become through our own experiences here at Subimods as enthusiasts and drivers.”This car is a driver's car”, Subimods CEO Nick Nazzaro explains as the host of our latest video, “You can have this on the track, you can have it on your local drift event. If you want to do quarter miles…you can definitely take this to a drag strip as well.” This is why a conversation about this product and it’s introduction to this vehicle is so important and valuable for our customers and the Subaru community.

“We really wanted to take the time and answer some questions that we've gotten from customers. So let's dive in.”, explains Nazzaro. In this conversational video, Nick explains the importance of the Cobb/Eutech collaboration and digs into the selling points and main offerings that definitely apply to this amazing platform that has become one of our favorite multifaceted vehicles.“If you've seen our previous Lock City Drift video , this car is extremely easy to drive right from a power perspective”, Nazzaro adds. “It's a great car and it has an appeal for every type of Motorsport.”

One of the two options from Cobb for this platform is the COBB STAGE 1 POWER PACKAGE KIT which includes their panel filter - which could be looked at by some as not the best choice for the most noticeable power improvement, but, as Nazzaro explains, efficiency may be an overlooked focal point of this product when added to the BRZ platform. “Actually, with this car, a panel filter does make a noticeable Improvement”, Nazzaro adds, “It's not going to reinvent your power, but it is going to provide a little bit more efficiency with the intake system…and this car is really already good from the factory.”

The overall upgraded torque differences between the first and second generations of this vehicle really stand out to anyone who has ever put it through its paces (as we did in our recent drift training session videos) so the addition of this product will be a significant upgrade to the vehicles performance personality and attitude. The Cobb Kit also meets with (CARB) approval - meaning that this equipment will meet the current standards set by the California Air Resources Board who approve equipment modifications that ensure cleaner and much safer air quality by generating less harmful emissions and expel fewer toxic particles.”Every piece that they are putting out right now - from a tuning perspective - comes with CARB approval”, Nazzaro explains, “That is a massive win for our California customers because unfortunately, with some other solutions, you're limited. You have to kind of choose between compliance and performance. With Cobb you're getting both compliance and performance.” 

As always, the Subimods team suggests you take some time to learn more regarding COBB Tuning amazing new offerings by watching Nick Nazzaro dig in deeper during his video presentation (above) “ Let's Talk Numbers! - COBB Stage 1 Power Package for the 2022-2023 BRZ ”, where you can get more insight as explained by a true expert. Feel free to comment, ask questions, and/or subscribe. We would be glad to hear your thoughts regarding our latest video installment. 

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