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Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer Red 2022-2023 WRX / 2013-2023 BRZ / 2013-2016 FRS / 2017-2021 GT86 / 2022-2023 GR86

by Verus
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The Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer improves your driving experience with easier heel-toe downshifting.

This moves the throttle pedal 15 to 20mm closer to the brake pedal (adjustable), towards the driver by 25mm, and vertically +/- 8.75mm from stock.

By doing so, the Verus throttle pedal spacer allows you to fine-tune where you want your throttle pedal to be placed for the best driving experience possible.


  • Throttle Pedal Spacer
  • Throttle Pedal Stop Hardware Kit
  • Includes All Hardware Necessary for Install

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I installed this in December as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. She had bought a new WRX Limited but noticed that her foot was hitting the Xmsn tunnel. I searched for a couple of weeks before choosing this item. She loved everything about the car except for the gas pedal position. The install is super simple, roughly 15 minutes to remove the pedals and install the block and then the pedals to the block. I did not disconnect the wire harness from the pedals, it’s an unnecessary step. I have large hands so the only trouble was the top nut. I used a 10” extension with .25 drive sockets. The plastic pedal block that replaces the stock piece didn’t fit properly so I drilled the hole out a bit more than the size they send and used a semi rigid sealant to stabilize the pad. She now loves everything about the car and only needed a day to get used to the driving position. We have a 2024 WRX and this thing fits perfectly. You will not regret the purchase.


Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback! We are glad to hear that the Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer in Red addressed the gas pedal position issue and made a positive difference for your girlfriend. It's great to know that the installation was straightforward, and you were able to make adjustments for a perfect fit. We appreciate your recommendation and are pleased that she now enjoys everything about the car. If you have any more comments or if there is anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to reach out. We value your 5 Star Review!


Makes toe/heel rev matching much easier

This makes toe/heel rev matching much easier. I found it impossible with the stock setup. This brings the gas pedal very close to the same height of the brake pedal which can sometimes make it easy to step on the gas when you mean to hit the brake so it takes a little getting used to. I accidently did this a couple of times when starting the vehicle which isn't a great thing to do for the engine. I kind of wish it had some adjustability for the height so it wasn't quite so even with the brake pedal.


Thank you for sharing your experience and pic of the Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer for the 2022-2023 WRX and other compatible models. It is great to hear that it has improved your toe/heel rev matching, although it is important to get used to the change in pedal positioning to avoid accidental engagement. Your feedback regarding the lack of adjustability for height is valuable and could be helpful for future product enhancements.


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