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Revel Touring-S Cat Back w/ Polished Stainless Tips 2022-2023 WRX

by Revel
SKU T70206R
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Here, You are looking at the Revel Touring-S Cat Back w/ Polished Stainless Tips for your 2022 WRX.

This catback was designed for the daily driver! Packing a deep and throaty exhaust not that maintains a reasonable volume with minimal drone!

Quick Details:

  • Full T304 stainless steel
  • 16 gauge mandrel bent piping
  • 76mm piping leading into  60mm Y-pipe design
  • 90mm tips
  • Quad slant cut tip style
  • Laser engraved logos
  • 2 Revel proprietary designed mufflers
  • Factory OEM hanger rod construction
  • Gaskets and hardware included
  • Decibal tested to 93db
  • Advantex muffler packing 

  • Reasonable volume with a deep note

    Tested under 93db sound levels under load*, the Medallion Touring-S exhaust system gives a clean & deep tone at all RPM ranges while maintaining exhaust efficiency.

    Long Lasting Construction 

    The Revel Medallion Touring-S exhaust system is constructed from full SUS304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance & durability, and 1.5mm wall thickness piping for increased strength and reduced resonation. The piping is also mandrel bent in order to retain the same piping diameter at the bends thus optimizing exhaust flow characteristics. 

    Tig Welded By Hand

    The Medallion Touring-S exhaust system is fully hand TIG welded and utilizes laser cut flanges that are stronger for more durable connections.

    Double Wall Engraved Tips 

    The dual-wall angle cut tips have a large inner diameter for modern aesthetics and increased exit flow.


    Advantex packing material offers superior flow characteristics while offering great sound suppression. It is a highly advanced muffler packing material that greatly excels over other types such as loosely-packed fiberglass materials and composite cube types. It is heat resistant up to 1200º F and extends the functional life of the exhaust system.

    Straight-through muffler design gives better flow for increased power and allows for a lighter-weight system with an aggressive tone. Compact muffler canisters offer optimal ground clearance for lowered vehicles.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Ken Tran
    Gentlemen’s exhaust, gentlemen’s service from subimods

    I got this exhaust based on some recommendations from WRX VB Reddit group as well as the Facebook owners club. IMO this is THE exhaust if you are going for increased depth/tone/rumble without too much gain in volume while driving. It’s also one of the few exhausts out there which reduces the low RPM drone/resonance of the stock system between 1-2K rpm. Nice clean welds and build quality. Very OEM+ look with the 3.5” tips if that’s what you are going for. Fitment A+ and easy to install with stock donut gasket. No additional hardware needed. Definitely recommend for the older age group or mature drivers.

    There were some minor dings and cosmetic dents from shipping that SubiMods addressed for me. Shout out to Kaleb P, who provided excellent and timely customer service. You guys have a customer for life!


    Thank you for your 5 Star Review! We are delighted to hear about your exceptional experience with the Revel Touring-S Cat Back exhaust for the 2022-2023 WRX and the outstanding service provided by Subimods! It is fantastic to know that the exhaust, recommended by various WRX enthusiast groups, perfectly aligns with your preferences, offering increased depth, a refined tone, and a subtle rumble without excessive volume during driving. We are thrilled that the Revel exhaust effectively minimizes low RPM drone and resonance, delivering a clean and mature sound profile. Your appreciation of the exhaust's build quality, clean welds, and OEM+ appearance with the 3.5' tips reflects our commitment to quality and aesthetics. Moreover, we are glad that installation was hassle-free with excellent fitment using the stock donut gasket and no extra hardware required. We do apologies about the minor shipping-related dings and cosmetic dents, but are pleased that Subimods promptly addressed these issues, with Kaleb P delivering exceptional customer service. Thank you for choosing Revel and Subimods, and we look forward to serving you continuously as a loyal customer.


    Good exhaust for the price

    Fitment was not an issue. It came dented in both mufflers but the box had been beat up pretty bad by the time it got to me and function isn't compromised. Sound is pretty tame but nice deep tone when getting on it. Would recommend for the milder group

    Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Revel Touring-S Cat Back exhaust for your 2022-2023 WRX. We are glad to hear that the fitment was good, although we are sorry to hear that the mufflers arrived with some dents due to shipping. It is great that the sound has a nice deep tone when getting on it! Safe and enjoyable driving!


    Great catback exhaust!

    Nice deep tone. Loud enough to know it's there but not loud enough to annoy. No drone at highway speeds. Cold startup is still a little annoying but I think that's just the fa24s nature. Sounds a lot more like a subaru now. The fitment and welds are solid. Install was a breeze. Arrived quickly and undamaged. Has a nice OEM+ look and sound. $500-600 cheaper than the other resonated and muffled catbacks on the market, can't beat that price!


    Thank you for your 5 Star Review! It sounds like you are quite pleased with the Revel Touring-S Cat Back exhaust for your 2022-2023 WRX! The balance of a deep tone without being overly loud, combined with the absence of drone at highway speeds, seems to have created a positive driving experience. The ease of installation, solid fitment, and reasonable price point certainly contribute to your satisfaction. Your review highlights the exhaust's ability to enhance your Subaru's sound and overall character while maintaining a refined look. It's valuable feedback for anyone considering an exhaust upgrade for their vehicle.Enjoy!


    Good Price and Professional Quality

    The Revel Touring-S Cat Back w/ Polished Stainless Tips 2022-2023 WRX is Perfect.
    1. Very well done, quality work.
    2. Easy Install (all hardware included)
    3. Noise level is Perfect.
    (Louder than stock Cold Start{DeepTones} & Very Low Drone, overall no rattle and a deeper clear rumble)
    (Little Pops when Shifting if you're doing a little launch.)

    10/10 product.


    What more can be said! Thank you for taking the time to leave your detailed 5 Star Review along with your video of the Revel Tour-S Cat Back with Polished Stainless Tips! Enjoy!


    Charles B.

    I have had so many flavors of exhaust over the years on a variety of cars and as I get older, the less tolerant I am of obnoxiously loud, droning and poorly designed systems. This is probably the best, most well thought out system I have installed to date. Build quality is better than most systems costing twice as much. Fit was spot on perfect. Welds are clean with minimal bluing. THE TIPS ARE WELDED ON!!! I can't stand when you spend a ton on money on exhaust and you have big **** clamps holding on the tips. To me that adds an element of AutoZone accessory isle. You might as well install a light up skull shift ****, a foot print gas pedal too and some tribal stickers too. At 70 MPH on the highway, the Revel is the same volume as stock. When you get on it, you know it's there. I could not be happier with this purchase. Thanks Subimods for an amazing recommendation.


    We are thrilled to hear that you're loving the Revel Touring-S Cat Back exhaust system on your 2022-2023 WRX! It is great to know that it meets your expectations in terms of build quality, fitment, and overall design. The fact that the tips are welded on adds a touch of professionalism and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. We are glad to have been able to provide you with an amazing recommendation, and we appreciate your kind words. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Thank you for your 5 Star Review and added pics! Enjoy your upgraded exhaust system and happy driving!


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