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Remark R1-Spec Single-Exit Cat Back Exhaust w/ Stainless Tip 2022-2023 WRX

by Remark
SKU RK-C1076S-03
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This is the Remark R1-Spec Cat-Back Exhaust System. This is a high-performance exhaust system inspired by track-oriented exhaust systems designed with straight as possible bends, increased piping diameter, along with durable stainless steel construction. This will allow the exhaust system to flow as free as possible to remove any restrictions to improve the power, sound, and performance.


  • T-304 stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight design
  • 16-gauge mandrel-bent piping
  • Full 3-inch piping diameter
  • Single-exit design
  • Large 4.5-inch tip
  • Slant-cut tip design
  • Laser-engraved logo
  • High-performance REMARK R1-spec muffler
  • Includes new hangers rings
  • Includes new hardware and gaskets

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Will M
Much Louder

Installed on my 2023. No real instructions but if you are confused, lay it out beside the stock exhaust and it is easy. You don't need any adaptors to fit to the stock intermediate pipe. Use the perforated gasket to meet the 2 mid pipe sections. The short hanger for the muffler goes in back, long in front...gonna need a bit of strength to get it mounted, lube of any kind helps with the hangers.

Now what you really want to know...the sound. I drove about 20 miles on it right after install tonight. It is much louder than stock. You can hear the exhaust even from under your seat. Bit of drone at 2k but on the highway, although loud, the drone was minimal...didn't get up to higher speeds though. Super deep tone below 2k, gets higher pitch as it goes up. The pops and cracks translate much better now, but aren't crazy at all...I think for that you'd want to upgrade your intermediate pipe. All in all, for the $, I am very pleased with this system. If you can find a similar design with a resonator you may want to consider that as it may help keep an even lower tone.


Thank you for sharing your detailed insights on the Remark R1-Spec Single-Exit Cat Back Exhaust for your 2023 WRX. Your installation tips and guidance are valuable for fellow enthusiasts. It is great to hear that the sound is significantly louder than stock, and you have provided a thorough description of the exhaust note and its characteristics at different RPM ranges. Your suggestion regarding the inclusion of a resonator in a similar design for those seeking an even lower tone is a helpful consideration. Overall, your positive experience with this system and its cost-effectiveness is valuable feedback for potential buyers looking to enhance their WRX's exhaust performance. Thank you for your 5 Star Review! Enjoy your new Exhaust system!


Chris Cortes
Remark Exhaust

Best exhaust for the new vb models


Thank you for your 5 Star Review of the Remark R1-Spec Single-Exit Cat Back Exhaust with Stainless Tip! I am glad to hear you find it to be the best exhaust for your WRX! Enjoy!


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