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Remark R1-Spec R1-Spec Full Titanium Catback Exhaust Resonated 2022-2024 BRZ / 2022-2024 GR86

by Remark
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Developed for those seeking a light weight high flow single exit exhaust system for their 2022+ GR86 or BRZ. The R1-Spec features 2.5" mandrel bent piping, high flow straight through muffler, and 4.5" slant cut tip. The piping layout favors an optimal flow path to reduce the amount of restriction. Available with or without a resonator located on the midpipe. Select the resonated version to reduce the overall loudness of the system, and offers a performance exhaust sound without it being over bearing. Bolt-in silencer available separately.
No unneeded pie cuts with our systems. Many enthusiasts like the look of pie cuts but in our opinion the aesthetic is not worth the potential for failure, and added exhaust gas turbulence. The use of pie cuts was a solution to create a bend when bending is not an option or the bend radius is too tight. For most front engine, rear exit exhaust systems, there is no need for pie cuts. Our experienced staff and CNC mandrel benders are able to bend a single pipe with multiple mandrel bends.
Most exhaust system failures happen at the welds regardless of the material. Each additional weld for the pie cut bend is a potential point of failure. Failure at the weld can be caused by: contamination of the materials, poor fitment of components, improper welding technique, poor gas coverage, too little heat, too much heat, welded too fast, welded too slow, and the list goes on. So many different things have to be executed properly to obtain a strong weld. We do not see a point of unnecessarily increasing risk of failure.
One of the main reasons to change to a performance exhaust is for increased power which is achieved by improving the flow of exhaust gases. A single mandrel bend is smoother and stronger than using multiple pie cuts to form the same angle bend. Each weld creates turbulence as the surface is not smooth. Think of the Winter Olympics and the downhill luge. The course is a series of smooth turns in both directions as well as elevation changes like the piping of an exhaust system. Imagine if each bend was made of pie cuts, each weld would be a bump. If you were a competitor, would you rather take the smooth course or the one compromised of mini bends and tons of bumps. 
Exhaust Type  Catback exhaust 3pc design
Piping Diameter Full 2.5inch mandrel bent piping
Tip Diameter
  • Large single 4.5inch tip design slant-cut tip design
  • Laser engraved logo
Mid Pipe Material Titanium
Tip Material Titanium
Muffler Material Option Titanium
Muffler High performance REMARK R1-Spec Muffler 
Welding Handcrafted high quality TIG-welding

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