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Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Red Logo 2017-2022 Impreza

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Rally Armor's durable and flexible UR (you are) mud flaps are crafted from premium black urethane and features the Rally Armor logo in the color of your choice. Armed against mud, snow, dirt and road debris, you can really see the difference.

Intended for variably cold to hot weather environments, Rally Armor UR mud flaps offer consistently superior protection and finishes your car with an aggressive yet clean rally appearance.

Experience the enduring, effective protection against damaging rocks, gravel, tar and salt by mounting the same trusted material used in competitive driving. Combine function and form with Rally Armor UR mud flaps.

Each mud flap set includes four urethane rally mud flaps, corrosion free mounting hardware, stainless steel brackets and easy to follow mounting instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
23' Premium Impreza Hatchback

Love the look of these and good fitment for '23 Impreza Premium Hatchback! Definitely recommend offset/ratcheting/stubby Phillips or it'll be tough angles. Other than that, very good first mod to do at home! Did run into couple challenges on the install. **** into the clips was impossible until we figured out we needed to pre-**** into the clips.
The other issues were the actual car not the mud flap kit.
One was just removing the fender liner fasteners without breaking them, but the instructions do recommend a climate-controlled environment. Needed to use the phillips to unscrew while using a flathead to pop it out. Other car issue was the passenger rear side didn't have enough material to **** into, so we hacked it by using Subaru bumper **** rivets and two thin screws from a TV mounting kit...
We got it done and looks great!!!

Ignore the salty car- I cleaned the mounting areas and washed it after 😆


Thank you for sharing your experience with the Rally Armor UR Mudflaps on your '23 Impreza Premium Hatchback! It is wonderful to hear that you appreciate the aesthetic appeal and the overall fitment of these mudflaps on your vehicle. Your recommendation of using offset/ratcheting/stubby Phillips tools for installation and the workaround you found by pre-screwing into the clips will be incredibly helpful for others undertaking this mod. Thank you for your 5 Star Review and for including pictures! Enjoy your added protection from all that salt!


Daniel Crowbridge
Oustanding Look

Delivery was quick. Installed these mudflaps today. Everything went just as the instructions said. The attachment is secure and I made sure by taking the car through the carwash right after I installed them. An awesome additional to the look of my Subaru. Highly recommend if you're looking for that special rally look.


Thank you for the 5 Star Review! The Rally Armor Mudflaps are the best way to protect your Impreza and give you a great look! The urethane material is extremely flexible and stands up to everything you can throw at it!


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