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Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Orange Logo 2018-2023 Crosstrek

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Avid, active, enjoy lifting and trekking peaks and valleys? Methodically converting your Subaru into an all-terrain, off-road beast with led light-bars, skid plates with meaty tires and forged wheels sorta like someone who thrills off words like recce and hairpin? Running Rally Armor rears only because you’ve a pinky’s worth of clearance between your aftermarket tire and the O.G. Rally Armor Crosstrek front mud flaps?

Chances are you Suba-hoon and you loathe the word stock. We heard and yes, we’ve seen you lift into all-terrain territory. While we did not account for Jurassic tires and otherworldly modified tire/wheel set-ups, we’ve witnessed some of you discernibly take a pass on stock. Rally Armor poly-UR-ethane mud flaps for the 2018+ Crosstrek work just fine for the factory iteration; now, with our Crosstrek LT or Lift/AT version, you too can clear your prized fleshier, muscular tires with the sinewy, rock deflecting, thwarters of paint chips and incontestably humble…robust Rally Armor mud flaps. Modified brackets and redesigned fronts will give you even more reason to Suba-hoon with mud flap confidence. Oh and yeah, your pinky will thank you.

Combining springy, resilient polyurethane plastic with a shocking tolerance for freezing conditions to painfully blistering heatwaves that would melt most generic PVC and polyblend plastics, Rally Armor UR mud flaps are the steadied champs in a category all on its own. Never any drilling, always custom fit, using stainless and plastic retainers to resist galling and rusting, Rally Armor has the ultimate, long-term protection plan for the utility vehicle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Merkel



Thank you for taking the time to leave a 5 Star Review of the Rally Armor UR Mudflaps for your Crosstrek!



Amazing quality, awesome product love it


Thank you for the 5 Star Review and added pic! The Rally Armor Mud Flaps really protect your vehicle from all the road grime and anything that gets kicked up from the tires! They look fantastic!


Jason Simonson
Easy install and look great

These mudflaps are very easy to install and only take about an hour or so to install them. They give a much better coverage then the stock mudflaps and look much better as well


Thank you for the 5 Star Review! The Rally Armor Mudflaps not only look fantastic but as you said provide much better coverage from all of the road grime! Definitely worth the upgrade for how easy they are to install!


Gregg Biederbeck
Rally armor mud flaps

Look great, easy installation.


The Rally Armor UR Mudflaps are a fantastic way to add flare and protection to your Crosstrek! They give you the rally look with style! We appreciate your positive review!


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