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Process West Verticooler Top Mount Intercooler Silver 2015-2021 WRX

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Here, you are looking at the Process West Verticooler Top Mount Intercooler Black for the 2015-2021 WRX.

Why opt to go with the Verticooler?

Designed and engineered with rapid air-charge cooling and flow-path efficiency as the key objectives, Verti-Cooler is a revolutionary take on Subaru intercooler design that takes turbocharger cooling to a new and previously un-seen level, guaranteeing the best performance and improved engine durability.

In most conventional top-mount intercooler designs, the intercooler lays flat on top of the engine. The air is forced through the scoop’s ducting and makes a 90-degree turn into the intercooler.


The Verti-Cooler combines the advantages of a large and free-flowing Process West core (400mm flow length, 205mm stack height, 120mm thick) with a design that mounts the new intercooler at a 15-degree, near vertical angle in the engine bay.

Packaged with a new hood duct design that force-feeds external airflow straight onto the intercooler fins, there is now a highly efficient air exit path courtesy of the Verti-Cooler mounting angle that flows all of this (now heated) air back down through the engine bay and out the underside of the car through the transmission tunnel for a shallow, cool, and low restriction exit-path. Compare then the near on 90-degree angle that the air must turn with the stock intercooler setup in place, and the advantages of the Process West Verti-Cooler design become clear.



  • Combines the advantages of a large and free-flowing core that mounts this new intercooler at a 15-degree near verticle angle in the engine bay
  • New hood duct design included that force-feeds external airflow straight onto the intercooler fins
  • The mounting angle creates a highly efficient air exit path that pushes air down the engine bay and out of the underside of the car
  • Largest volume of any aftermarket top mount style intercooler
  • 400mm Flow length x 205mm stack height x 1200 thick
  • Comes provided with multi-layered silicone fiber couplers
  • Comes provided with all the required brackets and hardware to make the Verticooler ready for the installation 
  • Black finish
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Matthew Grenda
    I wasn't ready for how big is it

    The core is very meaty. It's not the most fun install but the stock charge pipe which this kit also replaces was obnoxious to R&R as well. Intake temperature numbers noticeably lower.

    Previously I had a pro tune using the stock intercooler. 260WHP and I would have knock on warm days. This verticooler and a new tune brought me to 291 and I can still enjoy the car without knock even when when its over 75 degrees.

    Only downside I can comment on was that I was missing hardware for installing the hood duct.


    Thank you for sharing your 5 Star Review of the Process West Verticooler Top Mount Intercooler! It is fantastic to hear you have noticed a significant improvement in your WRX's performance after installation. The Verticooler is designed to get hot air out of your engine bay by forcing out the bottom of your car! It is a revolutionary design that is proven to work! Thank you for adding pics of your installation! Enjoy!


    Cody Richards
    100% Worth the money!

    First of all, this core is an absolute monster. Well worth the money and short struggle during install. Looks great and my IATs came down the better part of 22 degrees! I’m never disappointed when ordering from Subimods, they’re close to home the customer service is incredible.


    We appreciate the 5 Star Review! The Process West Verticooler Top Mount Intercooler is the most innovative intercooler on the market! It is mounted at 15 degrees so when air enters the scoop, it SLAMS into the Verticooler which makes for more cooling efficiency, this means more power, and more response!


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