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Mishimoto Top Mount Intercooler Silver w/ Red Charge Pipe Kit 2022-2023 WRX

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The Subaru WRX is a car that begs to be driven at ten-tenths, and as enthusiasts, we're happy to oblige. At the same time, we know the WRX is capable of much more with a few well-designed upgrades. One upgrade that's sure to bring your 2022+ WRX to the next level is the Mishimoto performance top-mount intercooler kit. This kit includes everything you need to let your FA24 breathe all the cool boost it could ever want.
Starting at the turbo, we've upgraded the stock plastic charge pipe with mandrel-bent and CNC-machined aluminum. Smooth bends and transitions improve flow by 20 percent over stock. The integrated turbo quick disconnect reduces failure points, so you never have to worry about a hard-to-access coupler popping off during a pull, and the all-aluminum construction resists high boost pressures better than the stock plastic pipe.

The crowning jewel of this kit is our massively upgraded top-mount intercooler and shroud. We've completely revamped the plastic end tank intercooler and replaced it with cast-aluminum end tanks and a high-flow core that's 88 percent larger than stock. The larger core volume allows our intercooler to flow over 40 percent better than stock, taking the strain off your turbo and allowing it to shove more cold air into your engine. We've also added 76 percent more fin surface area to the core, allowing it to transfer heat more effectively and keep outlet temps within 10 degrees of ambient. All those improvements would be for not, though, if we didn't have a way to get cool outside air over the intercooler. To do that, we scaled the intercooler shroud up to expose the entire core to fresh air from the WRX's signature hood scoop.

This kit includes everything needed for installation, including new shroud hardware. It's available with a black or silver intercooler and black or red pipes to match any color scheme and, with our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty, you can drive your WRX at ten-tenths knowing Mishimoto has its and your back.
  • Direct fit for 2022+ Subaru WRX
  • Bar-and-plate core reduces restriction by 40.6 percent for improved efficiency
  • 35.7 percent less pressure drop than stock means more boost makes it into the engine
  • Lowers outlet temps to less than 10 degrees over ambient for safe performance
  • Integrated turbo quick disconnect eliminates leak points for improved reliability
  • 88 percent increase in core volume for improved cooling efficiency
  • 76 percent increase in fin surface area for superior heat transfer
  • Includes expanded shrouding for maximum airflow and coverage
  • Cold-side tank include 1/8-NPT port for boost or temp sensors
  • Mandrel-bent, full aluminum charge pipe for improved flow and durability
  • Cast aluminum end tanks reduce failure points for high boost applications
  • Complete system upgrade allows your FA24 to breathe freely
  • Includes everything needed for installation, including shroud hardware
  • Available in your choice of black or silver intercooler and black or red pipes
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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