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Killer B Motorsport Exhaust Tip Extensions 2022 BRZ / 2022 GR86

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Here, you are looking at the Killer B tip extensions for your BRZ.

Time and time again, USDM cars get the short end of the stick. Why do the JDM cars always have to look better in some ways?! Case in point the exhaust tips on the USDM 2022 BRZ are unusually inset.

The Killer B Motorsport tip extension moves the tip further outward, placing the tips at a similar spot to the JDM tips, but at a fraction of the cost.


  • Sold in pairs with Everything necessary for a quick and easy install.
  • Expanded 304 Stainless Steel tube with a machined slot for precise BRZ-specific fitment, and heavy-duty exhaust clamp. Sold in Pairs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joshua B.
Exactly Right

So three minor things to make install simple:
1. You'll want either a deep socket or a box-end wrench to tighten the clamp. 15mm if memory serves. Normal sockets won't reach over the end of the bolt
2. Tighten the clamp to where it just slides over the end of the extension to save yourself some time wrenching on it on the car.
3. The slot goes on the top. There's a weird little spike on the top of the exhaust pipe that the slot is meant for.

Super easy to install, and a perfect fit in every way. Gives the tips just the right amount of poke to look the way they should.


Thank you for your 5-Star Review of the Killer B Motorsports Exhaust Tip Extensions! Your installation information is perfect for others looking to purchase these extensions! As you said, they are super easy to install, and they look how they should!


Perfect fit

Love the exhaust tip extensions. I'd rather get them from a known and reputable company and now they look like the rest of the world. Easier to access for cleaning and polish.


Thank you for your 5 Star Review of the Killer B Motorsport Exhaust Tip Extensions for the 22 BRZ! These are such a simple install that makes the exhaust look so good on the BRZ! Killer B Motorsports knows quality and these extensions are manufactured from 304 SS and come with heavy duty clamps. Whether you just want the look or you want easier cleaning these are definitely the choice to make!


Justin Orr
Looks great, easy install

These extensions are snap to install and fix the exhaust tips to look the way the should have from the factory!


Killer B Motorsports has done it again and come up with a simple solution to the unusually inset exhaust tips on the 22 BRZ/GR86. The Exhaust Tip Extensions are an easy bolt on application to give you the flush look that should have been there from the start! Thank you for the 5 Star Review!


Martin Bannister

Killer B Motorsport Exhaust Tip Extensions 2022 BRZ / 2022 GR86


Thank you for the 5 Star Review! The Killer B Motorsports Exhaust Tip Extensions give your BRZ an aggressive look by extending your exhaust tips past your rear bumper!


Puts an End to Hideaway Exhaust Tips!

Before I took delivery of my new 2022 BRZ, I'd seen pictures where the exhaust tips looked like they were positioned way too far inboard of the rear fascia. Once I saw it in person, the problem is actually way worse. The only way you can actually get a good look at the OEM tips is by being directly behind the car and crouched down low.

This kit by Killer B from Subimods totally solves the problems and does it cleanly. I tried twice to solve this with off-the-shelf auto parts and it was a waste of time. I wised up and took a tip from a fellow owner to check these out. I could not be more pleased. Material quality and construction is top-notch. There's a slot in the adapter to accommodate the dimpled locator at the end of the OEM exhaust pipe. I like the fact that it was not necessary to flatten or grind this off. The heavy-duty circumferential stainless steel band clamp does a nice job squeezing the adapter snugly over the exhaust pipe, ensuring a securing mounting for your OEM exhaust tips. I'm thrilled with the new it should have been from the factory!


We appreciate the 5 Star Review! Killer B Motorsports has designed some of the most amazing products for our Subaru's. Some of them are simple fixes such as these Tip Extensions for the 2022 BRZ/GR86! They completely change the look of the exhaust and the back end of the car! Totally agree that keep the OE tips original and not cutting is the perfect design!


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