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GrimmSpeed Radiator Hose Kit Black 2008-2014 WRX / 2008-2021 STI / 2009-2013 Forester XT

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Improve the cooling efficiency in your vehicle with the Grimmspeed Radiator hose Kit. The factory coolant hoses in your vehicle become weak over time and miles, and the fibers will come apart inside the hoses causing them to expand under pressure and eventually causing a leak. This is an inherent weak point in the cooling system and can leave you on the side of the road with some seriously expensive engine repairs if not addressed as soon as possible.
The cooling system in your vehicle is a very integral part of the overall well-being of your motors operating capabilities. If your engine overheats, you risk warping the heads which will require the removal of the engine for a rebuild. With that being said, having optimal cooling components in your vehicle ensures for long-lasting performance with a peace of mind.

Grimmspeed has been a treasure in the sport compact community by designing and engineering high-performance products for better-improved performance and reliability. This is their Radiator Hose Kit that has been crafted using 5-ply layered and reinforced silicone construction to ensure that they maintain their shape and durability for the life of the vehicle. These are a direct replacement and direct fitment radiator hoses which means that you don't have to perform extra trimming just to make these fit. These hoses are heat and pressure resistant that will improve the efficiency of your cooling system for the road or the track.

Note that these particular hoses will come in a black finish to enhance the look of your engine bay, and a set of quality clamps will be supplied to make these hoses ready for the installation. These will include the upper and the lower radiator hoses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Reliability FTW!

I bought these Grimmspeed hoses as they’re one of the few available that are 4-ply silicone. Much more reliable than the oem rubber pieces. I picked these up to complement the installation of key reliability mods for my ‘19 STi. Anyone with an EJ motor should opt for, at minimum, an AOS, Grimmspeed hoses, KoyoRadiator, Killer B water pump housing and a Cylinder-4 cooling mod to make these engines last as long as possible.


You have made an excellent choice by opting for the GrimmSpeed Radiator Hose Kit for your '19 STI! Upgrading to 4-ply silicone hoses is a smart move, as they offer improved reliability and durability compared to the OEM rubber hoses. When combined with other key reliability mods like an AOS, Koyo Radiator, Killer B water pump housing, and a Cylinder-4 cooling mod, you are taking important steps to enhance the longevity and performance of your EJ motor. Proper cooling and improved components can help prevent potential issues and extend the life of your engine, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Keep up the great work in maintaining and upgrading your STI! We appreciate your 5 Star Review and added pic! Reliability FTW indeed!


Grimmspeed is always high quality

Was looking for a good upgrade for when doing maintenance and you can't do better. Huge improvement over stock and never hurts to have more GS in the engine bay


The 5 ply GrimmSpeed Radiator Hose Kit ensures reliability over the OEM rubber hoses that lose their rigidity over time resulting in unwanted leaks! They also come with the clamps you need for install! Thank you for the 5 Stars!


moses dasilva
nice product

nice touch to add with the koyo radiator.


The GrimmSpeed Radiator Hose Kit goes great with any radiator! The silicone construction ensures durability and longevity keeping your engine cool under the most strenuous conditions! We appreciate the 5 Stars!


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