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GrimmSpeed Alternator Cover Black 2002-2014 WRX / 2004-2021 STI / 2005-2009 Legacy GT / 2004-2013 Forester XT

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Tired of being teased for your corroded alternator and boring engine bay? Step your Alternator Cover game up; GrimmSpeed has just what you need. This cover mounts securely in place of your plastic factory cover and its asymmetric design is intended to compliment the GrimmSpeed Tool Tray Radiator Shroud perfectly. Available in either red, black or neon green textured powder coat to match the rest of your GrimmSpeed engine bay parts!


  • Laser Cut Venting - provides plenty of cooling for your alternator
  • Machined Aluminum Mounts - anodized black for a sleek look and corrosion resistance
  • Heavy Duty DuPont Powdercoat - ensures a durable finish and resists discoloration
  • Slotted Mounting Features - flexability for tweaked factory brackets
  • Drive-by-Cable Dimples - hidden on the bottom face, dimples locate holes for cable mounts where needed


  • 2002-14 Subaru WRX
  • 2004-21 Subaru STI
  • 2005-09 Subaru Legacy GT (*OEM Impreza bracket required)
  • 2005-09 Subaru Outback XT (*OEM Impreza bracket required)
  • 2004-13 Subaru Forester XT (*OEM Impreza bracket required)
  • 2005-06 Saab 9-2x Aero

OEM Impreza bracket part number 23791AA002 (Stay - CVR P/S Belt) is required for proper installation. Please be sure to add this item as an option to your order if you prefer not to source the bracket yourself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Lovely to see instead of the wire harness attached to the alternator.


Thank you for your 5-Star Review of the GrimmSpeed Alternator Cover! It is the perfect way to hide the ugly wiring harness, and it adds a cleaner look to your engine bay while being simple to install! Enjoy!


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