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ETS Extreme Axle Back Double Wall Stealth Black Tips 2022 WRX

SKU 200-60-EXH-103
by ETS
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The ETS Axle-back exhaust for the 2022+ WRX utilizes a full stainless steel construction. The axle back is 2.5" that mates to the stock 2 bolt flange. All gaskets are included to aid in ease of installation. This is the easiest way to get a little bit more noise and performance out of your new WRX!

The ETS Extreme Axle back is the louder of the offerings from ETS. This product is designed for customers who are looking for a wild upgrade in sound, if your stock system is a 1 in terms of scale this system will fall somewhere between the 7-8 position on the sound scale! The sound of an axle back is greatly affected by the components that come before it as well, any adjustments to the downpipe and or mid pipe will increase the overall exhaust note as well so be sure to keep that in mind when making your selection! 


  • 2.5" SS Piping
  • Includes Gaskets
  • Quad 3.5" Double Wall tips
  • Easy Installation
  • Straight through design, no mufflers
  • Increased Performance and Sound


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Justin Kenyon
    Best Axle backs!

    My 2022 VB sounds mean!! Great low end rumble and the cars even better on the road. Hums at like 2500 RPMs, and crackles and bangs when you shirt around at or near the redline. I love it, best mod so far on the new car.


    Thank you for taking the time to leave a 5-Star Review of the ETS Extreme Axle Back Double Wall Stealth Black Tips for your 2022 WRX! I am thrilled to hear that you love the low-end rumble and the additional crackles and bangs near the redline. Your feedback on this exhaust is appreciated! We hope you continue to enjoy your purchase!


    ETS extreme axel back

    love the sound, maybe lost a tiny bit of umph at lower rpms, but when you open it up, she screams.


    We appreciate your 5 Star Review of the ETS Extreme Axle Back Double Wall Stealth Black Tips!. This exhaust is a fantastic way add sound and the performance to your 22 WRX! It is definitely noticeable when getting on it! While it's possible that you may have lost a bit of low-end torque due to the new exhaust setup, overall, it will definitely enhance your driving experience!


    Ets axleback

    Stealth black is the right words to use. Clean the car up and sounds amazing


    Thank you for the 5 Star Review and added pics of the ETS Extreme Axle Back with Double Wall Stealth Black Tips! The stealth black tips look amazing, there is nothing else to say about it! They are easy to install and provide the 22 WRX with an amazing sound! Enjoy!


    Billy Phenix

    Awesome, I find any and every excuse to drive my Subi


    The ETS Extreme Axle Back Exhaust is the perfect upgrade for your 22 WRX. This axle back exhaust provides phenomenal sound and plenty of performance! It is also super easy to install! Thank you for the 5 Star Review!


    Bush A
    ETS Axle back exhaust 2022 WRX

    Very satisfied with this purchase, sound is much better than expected considering this is the only mod I have done so far. It’s loud, it pops and it makes driving even more fun. The look is great, I got the black tip stealth version and it blends in, if you don’t know.


    The increased sound and performance of the ETS Extreme Axle Back Exhaust makes this a go to system for the 22 WRX! The straight through no muffler design makes this one of the louder setups on the market! It is built from SS piping making sure they last! Thank you for your 5 Star Review!