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LP Aventure Skid Plate w/ Oil Drain Holes 2013-2014 Outback

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Here, you are looking at the LP Aventure Skid Plate for the 2013-2014 Outback.

This version of the LP Aventure Skid Plate has pre-cut oil drain holes, and will not need to be removed to change the engine oil. 

Aluminum construction of a 3/16 "thick.
It provides good protection to the components that are generally exposed under the car as the engine, oil pan and transmission.

Rubber mounts.
The skid plate is attached to the subframe with rugged rubber mounts for use without noise or unpleasant vibrations.

Compatible with the 2.5i and 3.6R engine
The design allows the installation of the skid plate on the Subaru Outback equipped with one or the other of the two engines.

The LP Aventure Skid Plate is compatible with the LP Aventure bumper guard.
LP Designed this skid plate to make it compatible with the LP Aventure bumper guard, but this can be run without the bumper guard in place as well.

Optional Rally Washer Kit - Upgraded Hardware is available under SKU OBA-15-19-4

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