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Product Reviews FAQ

We have built this page to answer the most common questions regarding our reviews and rewards surrounding reviews.

How do I leave a review?

If you have purchased an item from our store you are eligible to leave a review of the product sharing your experience with the product. This can be done one of two ways first by locating the “write a review” button on the specific items product page you wish to review. The second is by following the secure link which is sent to email address you provided on your order confirmation. 

What do I say in the review?

This is all up to you! We do recommend you provide a transparent real word experience with the item (s) you are reviewing. Honest reviews help us as a company understand how customers are interacting with the products we sell and better communicate the positives and negatives of the item (s) in question to their respective manufacturers. You can add things like quality, fit and finish, ease of installation along with more specific things like the functionality of the product. It is important to note that we do not attempt to influence or alter your reviews, they are your opinion and we want to hear it straight from you! 

What do I get for reviewing?

Well outside of supporting this amazing Subaru performance industry we have all come to love so much should your email on file be registered for our rewards system and your review is verified you will earn 500 points per review! These points can be redeemed for discounts, free goodies and more using our RPMplus Rewards Program. It is very important to note that the email address of your RPMplus account needs to match the email you are reviewing from, the simplest way we can put it is; Use one email for all your orders, this will ensure that your Subimods account is tied properly to your RPMplus Rewards profile and use that email for any reviews you leave! Please take note that our review system limits the amount of reviews that are compensable on a daily basis, you can be compensated for three verified returns per day currently. 

Ok now we're talking, how do I verify my review? 

So now that you understand how the program works and how you are rewarded for reviews the second biggest part of the reviews system is that we can only reward customers with points who have verified their reviews. This ensures that customers who are leaving reviews have purchased the products they are reviewing and that any potential viewer of the review can be confident the review is authentic. If you are signed into your account or follow the secure link to write a review in most cases your review will be automatically verified and the points added immediately upon approval. If you are leaving a manual review from the product page you will need to ensure that once submit your review on our site that you verify the review by locating the verification request email which is sent to the email address on file. Failure to do so will result in no points be rewarded to your account for the review. 

My review wasn't published, what gives? 

There are a few reasons why a review would not be published to our site. Firstly we do not tolerate vulgar derogatory terms being present in any review, we have a wide variety of users on our site and we do not want to expose them to that type of language on our site. The second most common reason we will not publish a review is if our customer success managers find that the review does not offer considerable detail, a staple of our review system is understanding why a product is reviewed in the manner it was, it is very important that you share your opinion for other customers and our company to understand how you are interacting with the product. The last reason albeit uncommon is if our team determines that the review in question has been left by a customer who did not purchase the product, we take abuse of our reviews program very seriously and will not only delete the review (s) in question but also redact any points assessed to the account holder, continued abuse of the rewards program in this manner will result in the account holder being restricted from the RPMplus and Reviews Program. 

Can I leave a review if I purchased a product from another vendor? 

We are part of the community and love to hear customers opinions on products we sell, should a customer want to leave a review on an identical product they have purchased from another vendor we ask that you email first with the products you wish to review and the order confirmations from the third party vendor. Once we have verified that the item you purchased is identical to the item in question we will approve your third party review request on a case by case basis. Please note that given the unique nature of this policy we may not be able to approve all reviews. There are certain circumstances that we at Subimods may not be able to comment on such as retailer related issues which could have contributed to the products positive or negative review thus every third party review will be curated by a member of our customer success team. 


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