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What exhaust system is right for you featuring REMARK! -

What exhaust system is right for you featuring REMARK!

Written by: The Modfather



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Have you ever met a car enthusiast who doesn't care about their exhaust system, or isn't thinking about modifying the system in the near future? Upgrading to a performance exhaust will be an impactful change to any vehicle. Upgrading the exhaust system will affect the vehicle's performance, enhance the sound, and improve the driver's experience. Entering this part of the enthusiast world demands that a driver do their research since there are multiple solutions designed, engineered, and manufactured to replace the stock exhaust for several specific reasons.

Today, automobile manufacturers design these systems to ensure a critical balance of performance, reduction of noise, safety, and the overall efficiency of the car - so, choosing the proper modification replacement is very important. Whether your research leads to installing a throaty Cat-Back system, Axle-Back system, or going full-on replacement commitment to a Turbo-Back system to give your vehicle brand new vocal aggression and increased muscle, it's important to realize that not all manufacturers are the same. Not all understand what the enthusiast truly wants for their vehicle and is compassionate to their performance applications. Your exhaust system should be intelligently engineered as a benefit to the entire vehicle, not just a way to give your ride a loud and aggressive personality.


As any of our customers would expect, conversations and consultations regarding exhaust systems dominate a large percentage of the time our product experts spend on the phone and in online forums. We have many interactions with newer modifiers who do not understand how important the details are when you are examining the construction of an exhaust system. The automotive aftermarket can be a vast and confusing space if your understanding and willingness to dig into your research is not a priority. We find that the best exhaust companies are both experienced engineers and knowledgeable drivers with personal passion born from time behind the wheel. In a sea of younger, start up manufacturers we have seen the best always swim to the top, keep innovation top-of-mind, and maintain relationships within the industry - not only with their business partners, but also with the average driver and enthusiast you need to trust a product and understand its purpose. Our primary goal is to learn about the needs of the enthusiast, discuss the appropriate options that may exist in the marketplace, help them understand the science behind the system's design, and most importantly, help them find the highest quality brand for their specific platform based on our experience and satisfied customer usage. Our feature this month points to a company who is hitting all the targets.


Chatting about performance exhaust manufacturers always transforms into a full discussion about Remark Exhaust and how they have steadily moved forward as a major performance product provider. Based in Irvine, California, Remark has been designing and manufacturing premiere, intelligently designed, quality, hand-crafted exhaust systems that was built from over a quarter century of real, wrench-turning enthusiast experience. Far from being a large, corporate entity with bottom line goals reminiscent of some famous automotive conglomerate, Remark still functions as a relatively small company that is staffed by true enthusiasts who live, learn, drive, and gain real joy from their passion for motorsports. Their drive and commitment to the enthusiast community confirms that they are fully invested in providing their customers with a solution allowing their vehicle to develop a unique, authentic voice and personality through the exhaust's tone and resulting performance. Product development at Remark is a careful process since all their offerings are manufactured on-site in their factory ensuring that quality control and the steps in building their systems is always consistent and aligned to the customer's well being. The wheelhouse at Remark is managed and motivated by individuals whose words always paint an encouraging picture of an organization who are always planning to impact the industry from multiple angles.


After a flood of interactions discussing performance exhaust systems with curious, inquisitive customers, Subimods decided to reach out to our friend Andy, the Director of REMARK Exhaust , and get his insights about the industry and discover how their company grew from an entrepreneurial enthusiast's heart. "I have been in the aftermarket auto industry since my early twenties - over 25 yrs ago.", Andy explained. "I was bored with college and cars were way more interesting... With a little money I started with a small retail shop in Melbourne, Australia - mainly selling automotive accessories.", he added. "In a few years’ time, I had expanded, and was one of the premier tuning shops in Australia for Japanese cars." He focused on the Subaru brand as a result of the growing love for the GC8 platform down under. Moving forward as a practicing Subaru specialist, Andy pushed the accelerator and began to spawn real excitement and success in Australia. "My shop had an in-house AWD Dyno, engine building, full workshop, and was the official Australian importer/ distributor for many JDM brands like Apexi, TEIN, RAYS, Tomei, Mugen, Spoon, etc." Andy explained. "Through my experience at the retail shop level, motorsports support, and being involved with JDM manufacturers, it sparked my desire to produce my own high-quality parts." From the beginning, Andy began to write his manual for success in this very competitive space, not forgetting how quality and focusing on the details is critical to seeing victory.


Raising up a brand like REMARK is not a task Andy embraced without facing challenges and expected obstacles."I spend two longer years trying out various manufacturers," he explained. "I had difficulty finding a reliable supplier that could produce a product that met my quality requirements. So, I decided to start my own manufacturing operation in Taiwan which supplies my own brands, and some other well-known brand names in the industry", he added. "A few years later the REMARK brand was launched first specializing in stainless cat-back system and axle-back kits, and expanding to full Titanium systems later." Since their launch, REMARK have molded their business model into a mechanism fueled with a desire to develop, engineer, and serve solutions that are truly supplying the creative vision of the performance community. "REMARK prides itself in design, quality, and craftsmanship.", Andy notes. "The level of precision and attention to detail is the same from our premium full titanium cat-back systems to our stainless steel axle-back kits." Quality and precision are two of the most important words in the REMARK vocabulary. "All fitment and final assembly welding is performed by hand," Andy said proudly. "We hand pick and thoroughly train all of our welding staff to ensure the highest quality for every product we produce. What you see in our product images is what you can expect to receive." This relatively new brand has intelligently navigated through an industry with a sharp eye for progress and consistency. With confidence Andy confirmed, “At the core, we strive to offer value to our customers.”


Andy and his company are continually changing gears trying to stay on top of the needs of the enthusiast. Knowing all these details prompted Subimods to get REMARK products under the spotlight and expose their passion for quality to our customers. REMARK will keep their eyes on expansion during 2024 then onward into the future. “Later this year we will start development to expand our application range to cover older models, 90’s-2010’s.”, Andy explains. “We are also in the process of launching a sub brand called REMARK304 which specializes in 304 Stainless Steel exhaust components. Piping, mandrel bends, transitions, muffler canisters, resonators, flanges, tips, etc… all the parts to build a custom exhaust.”, he added. When speaking with Andy and his team, you can feel the level of commitment, the degree of ingenuity, and the years of experience that has evolved into a true development methodology that the modern quality-seeking enthusiast needs to align with to see success through their personal creations and expressions. In a world filled with lower quality alternative solutions, REMARK pushes the envelope and never bends when it comes to providing the best in class and standing behind every product. “The feedback we receive from our customers, dealers, and potential customers goes a long way.” Andy said. “We are always brainstorming on new product ideas. Some of our latest releases, like the R1-Dual, stem from consumer feedback. I feel this is one advantage of a smaller company. Less layers. Information is more easily and quickly converted into new products or new applications.”

Learn more details regarding products offered by REMARK by watching the video (above), where you can see an informative overview commentary provided by another Subimods Product Expert. 

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