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Velossa Tech Designs and their

Velossa Tech Designs and their "Big Mouth" Intake Duct for the WRX / STI

Written by: The Modfather



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The Subimods team is constantly speaking with enthusiasts looking for new systems and new ways to improve the performance of their Subaru. As a dealer of aftermarket performance parts, it is always a priority for us to consult with our customers and be aware of their challenges, their budget constraints and their level of knowledge when exploring any type of modification to help their performance. Whether they are looking for an update for their sporty daily driver or investigating a full out performance experience for their weekend track companion, we always gravitate towards manufacturers and designers who have proved themselves through their reputation of engineering, design skills, and continued innovation and how it is applied to the products they sell.

Recently we have found ourselves in the middle of a few conversations discussing the benefits of air intake modifications and thought about companies in the marketplace whose products are making a deep impact and keeping the best interest of enthusiasts and consumers a balanced priority. Our team focused on the offerings of one company that has continually proven its understanding of the enthusiast, their wide range of performance needs, and how they prioritize the importance of matching affordability with quality. Focusing on just one facet of a company that has product lines who serve all areas of modification is both inspirational and encouraging as we strive to educate our customers smartly. Like our featured manufacturer, Subimods understands the level of passion and innovative spirit needed to energize and maintain a journey of excellence.

Gains and Benefits

Several benefits can be seen when a driver chooses to enhance their vehicle’s air intake system. Logically, since an intake upgrade will naturally allow more oxygen to flow more efficiently and be available to the combustion process, it is expected for an increase in overall horsepower and torque to be experienced. Many drivers can report gains up to 20 horsepower with an intake upgrade letting the driver experience increased acceleration and responsiveness. Also, a modification of this type can improve gas mileage, and change the overall sound of the vehicle depending on the system. Velossa Tech Engineering is an automotive performance manufacturer based in Hollywood, Florida that is focused on innovation and fueled by a staff of visionaries – as proudly proclaimed on their website. 

“We want to revolutionize the way people buy aftermarket automotive components”, they confidently confirm. “We aren’t just car enthusiasts - our expertise in mechanical design, aerodynamics and product development allows us to take the auto industry to the next level.” Improving a car's performance, enhancing its aerodynamic quality, or amplifying its cosmetic appeal are all primary goals that the Velossa Tech team has set to provide the best solutions for the passionate car enthusiast. They offer a wide range of products for assorted levels of modification which were designed to achieve a great balance between quality, aesthetics, and functionality with the enthusiasts’ creative ideals top of mind. Velossa Tech is the answer for anyone who requires the spirit of excellence and the belief of ongoing innovation to be woven into their modification project. 

Innovation and Vision

Any car enthusiast would find the entrepreneurial story behind Velossa Tech as inspiring and truly unique, as all brand-building tales should be, but it is also a very familiar picture of hard work, good ideas, and persistence that have filled the automotive industry timeline for over a century. Their vision and motivation became clearly evident after we spoke with the company President and founder , Dan J. Becker in a recent chat about their beginnings, their brand, and the fuel that keeps them moving forward. As someone who was fully immersed in another industry with critical demand and focus on quality engineering, Becker was driven to put his gifts on the table, exercise meaningful ideas and concepts, while expressing his need to push his inventive spirit. “In 2014 I started my own engineering consulting firm, Velossa Tech Engineering”, explained Becker. “I broke away from working for large firms in the turbine aerospace industry because I felt I wanted to exercise my creativity. I didn't know it at the time, but aftermarket automotive parts would end up being my niche.”

Becker had the soul of a true enthusiast who always strived to chase what truly made his blood flow. “I always modded my cars”, Becker said with pride. “I have loved cars and car culture since I was 17.” This admiration for the automobile and the potential to mold it like clay with intelligent engineering lit a fire beneath him and helped him build a fast growing brand. “I knew this was not going to pay the bills at first, but I also believed in myself”, said Becker. “I knew I would figure something out. I loved design, and I was good at it. Something was bound to give, and I felt the attraction of doing what I love (car parts) as being my new career path.” Becker’s drive to develop something that would be different, attractive, innovative and truly head-turning was fueled with a labor of love, energy, and intense determination for success and keen focus on the enthusiasts community. 

Launching Success

Constant pressure on his own abilities as an engineer, designer, and fabricator would lead Becker to meet difficult goals, navigate challenging obstacles, and accept a few disappointing defeats, but his persistence would definitely pay off when a critical product development would come less than a year into his journey on this new and exciting road. “I didn't want to stop trying because I felt my calling was entrepreneurship and cars”, Becker explained. “I was determined to figure something out. That's where the BIG MOUTH ram air intake came to be.” Becker released the first BIG MOUTH ram air system in 2015 and never looked back. “It was a product people didn't know they wanted, until they saw it installed on a few cars on internet car forums”, Dan remembers. “The first of its kind, it was an aesthetically appealing performance part. Something the industry hadn't seen before”, said Becker. “This was a part that defined form and function, beauty by design and efficiency at what it does. My background in aerospace engineering and flow path and fluid systems design was leveraged when designing the original BIG MOUTH ram air, and people noticed.

The gentle curves, the efficient flow path design and the ease of installation and perfect fitment.” As the calendar flipped and the years went by with new product releases coming consistently and steadily, Velossa Tech began to establish itself as a household name in the industry. Growing over the next five years from a one-man-operation to a fully functional manufacturer with an engineering staff at full strength and amazing potential. “Velossa Tech is the epitome of home grown, US based manufacturing and design”, Becker confirmed. “Today we produce over 50+ BIG MOUTH products, each bespoke to their respective platforms. Each BIG MOUTH is designed specifically for perfect fitment, the best performance and most compelling visual aesthetics by our standards”, he said. As always, the Subimods team of experts were excited to help the community of Subaru drivers decide if they should investigate Velossa Tech and its performance solution further. With several of their air intake solutions in our inventory, it made perfect sense for us to feature Velossa Tech products for our next discussion.

Enhanced Performance by Velossa Tech Design

Amongst their selection of performance solutions, Velossa Tech Design “Big Mouth” products are poised to bring a modification to a new level working seamlessly with both stock and aftermarket cold air intakes bringing a noticeable change in performance, while providing an amazing visual element. An interested enthusiast cannot deny Velossa Tech’s potential for making ears perk up and heads turn quickly. Subimods currently offers several air intake enhancement solutions within its inventory. This list of products includes the Velossa Tech "Big Mouth Lit Kit" Ram Air Intake Snorkel Black Base for the 2022-2023 Subaru WRX , for the 2015-2021 Subaru WRX , and for the 2015-2021 Subaru STI . The Velossa Tech LIT kit is a product that has successfully impressed the masses with its performance numbers and the stunning visual experience that will literally illuminate the personality of both the car and the driver after a single drive by. 

Their intelligent design allows the Big Mouth to display any color the driver desires incorporating the Diode Dynamics controller, Bluetooth technology, and their integrated phone app which helps create an enlightening, quality color experience through their TRUE white displays. Velossa Tech have invested deeply in the engineering, electronic design, and quality documentation to ensure the driver experience is positive from the install to first trip down the road. “From a high level, Velossa Tech is an engineering firm”, says Becker. “It started as an engineering firm and always will be. We offer design solutions along with our product lines. Becker takes pride in how far his company has come in a market that is somewhat unforgiving to brands and products that just don’t hit the marks of quality and longevity which are coveted by the enthusiast community. “Our company prides itself on customer service, 5 star product reviews and a reputation for quality and value”, Becker confirms. “Top tier engineering design, US based manufacturing, high standards customer service are all highlights of Velossa Tech.”

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