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What Every Subaru Driver Needs to Know about Using a Short Shifter -

What Every Subaru Driver Needs to Know about Using a Short Shifter

A short shifter is an aftermarket part that speeds up manual gear transitions by shortening the distance one has to move the shifter between shifts. The installation of a short shifter can improve a vehicle's performance and a driver’s automobile experience.

Read on to discover what every driver needs to know about using a short shifter.

The Function of a Short Shifter

Transmissions in modern vehicles are engine-linked. It affects how quickly power is delivered from the engine to the wheels, as well as how quickly the vehicle accelerates and decelerates. Automobile enthusiasts continue to favor manual transmissions, and in some cases, prefer them.

A short shifter shortens the length of your vehicle's gear shift, allowing for faster and more precise changing. This can improve your race times and make everyday driving  more enjoyable. It brings the gear lever closer to the driver without changing its height. The shifter's pivot point has been positioned closer to the knob that you push or pull. This both shortens and sharpens the throw distance.

The goal of short shifters is straightforward. It shortens gear throws and accelerates gear shifts. The amount of hand movement required to shift gears is reduced with a shorter throw. Shifts are more efficient because your hand moves less. As a result, acceleration and cornering are more responsive. Several short shifters provide adjustable shifting settings.

A shorter shifter throw may improve the handling of your vehicle. Short shifters provide for faster shifts and a better driving experience.

What You Can Get from a Short Shifter

Now that you know what a short shifter is and how it works, let's look at its advantages.

  • Short Shifters Make You a Safer Driver

  • Traditional shifters require a substantial throw to change gears, especially on older models. This makes shifting difficult and driving unpleasant.

    Short-throw shifters require less movement to change gears. This leads to more precise and smoother gear shifts, which improves driving.

  • Short Shifters Enhance Your Driving Performance 

  • Short-throw shifting is easier and faster, resulting in faster lap times. Short shifts increase acceleration and performance by causing the engine to rev faster than it has ever before. They can also improve 0-60 mph timings since faster gear changes send more power to the wheels.

    They improve performance by allowing for smoother, more precise shifting. Shifters having a short throw, as the name implies, reduce lever action. This makes moving easier and minimizes the amount of force required.

    They are both elegant and comfortable. Short-throw shifters improve driving and make automobiles look more stylish.

  • Short Shifters Save You Time

  • You've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Why stop? Short-throw shifters save time. You can shift faster than with a conventional shifter because less force is required.

    You will accelerate faster and cover more ground. Higher engine revs improve your car's sound. You'll feel fantastic.

  • Short Shifters Are Adaptable and Versatile

  • Short-throw shifters are extremely flexible. They can be used in a variety of vehicles and ways. They can be used to improve your track time or to increase your enjoyment of streetcars.

    They enable off-road vehicles to shift gears quickly over obstacles and uneven terrain. The right short throw shifter can improve the usability of your car.

  • Short Shifters are Simple to Install

  • Short-throw shifters, unlike other car upgrades, are straightforward to install. Typically, removing a few nuts and then installing the replacement is sufficient. They are suitable for individuals who want to change the look of their vehicle without spending a lot of time or money.


    Short-throw shifters can have a big impact on your vehicle's performance. For this and other reasons, consider installing a short throw shifter in your older vehicle. Your car will be more pleasurable to drive and will have a greater resale value. Shifters with a short throw are typically manufactured with higher-quality components, making them more trustworthy.

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