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Ultimate Guide How to Choose the Perfect Wheels for Your Subaru -

Ultimate Guide How to Choose the Perfect Wheels for Your Subaru

Written by: The Modfather



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Walking into the Subimods showroom immediately exposes the visitor to a plethora of choices including samples of aftermarket parts, accessories, and unique, stylish merchandise. The visitor will also see our famous " wheel wall " which is not just a large display to show how much Subimods has to offer, but it also serves as a live teaching tool which allows our team or experts to quickly guide the interested enthusiast though the important question and answer session that should take place to ensure the right choices are made when selecting the appropriate wheels for their vehicle.

The Subimods team believes that first educating the customer with accurate data - then determining the safest, most logical option based on model, usage, and style requirements of that customer should be the primary focus when helping them to make one of the biggest investments towards their modification. This month we decided to host a series of quick, educational segments to consult and help navigate enthusiasts during their - sometimes intimidating - modification journey. Subimods CEO Nick Nazzaro spent a few minutes to share his experience and insight on this subject during our most recent “How-To” video presentation. Some of our customers would agree that a lack of well-aggregated, experience-based research has resulted in a negative impact on their wallet, their car's overall performance, and unfortunately, their well-being


"Budget is a tough subject to get over”, Nazzaro explains, “but it is very important when determining what wheel you're going to go with for your car. We offer everything from about $1,200/set all the way up to $4,000/set." Nick makes it clear that starting with the customer's budget parameters helps our team to determine and understand what options are available to them, specifically within the model, type, and style, that agrees with the amount of dollars that can be invested. Again, it is important to align the customer with the most appropriate quality solution for the most affordable price, but other factors must be defined to take the next steps and keep within the budget. Once the investment question has been answered, it is critical to establish if you will be spending time on the track, if you are going to be competing in any autocross events, or if you are just looking for an upgrade in style. Most often, our customers are interested in amplifying their style which allows our team to focus on this specific area while serving their needs with some appropriate quality, style-enhancing solutions.

"The Gram Lights line, under the Rays umbrella, has a plethora of options”, Nick confirms. “The 57 CR, DR, XR . You name it, they have it. Color ranges...everything from your simple blacks, white, silver, all the way up to the fluorescent yellows, reds...beautiful colors they offer.”, he said. “Other options - the Enkei Tuning line, maybe the Konig line as well. They offer very economical wheels with high quality features."


Obviously, our conversations with customers are not limited to subjects related to style-only upgrades and cosmetic enhancements. Many of our customers are serious enthusiasts who have invested in a car to deliver satisfaction while living in multiple worlds. They want their Subaru to exist as an impressive and stunning daily driver and weekend show car, but also unleash its power on the track with some legitimate high level performance. These adjustments in need will obviously change the recipe and be crucial details to point the customer in an appropriate direction. A customer who is driving a car that will be spending time at an autocross or track event will be concerned with both weight and strength since the conditions and the demand on the car need to be added into the equation

Considering these needs, Nazzaro continues to share how the team would address this subject by adding,"We're going to look at something in the Volk Racing line, the Titan 7 line. We want a forged wheel when you get out there on the track", he confirmed. "If you're concerned with weight savings and strength, forging is the best process to create the lightest wheel, the strongest wheel, and again, the safest wheel for Motorsports", he explains. "Obviously the iconic (Volk) T37 is offered in a few different variants. A new one coming on the scene is Titan 7's 'Forged For All' branding that really helped create...the most economical wheel possible in the forged line."


We have spent many years assisting Subaru enthusiasts in making the right decisions and delivering the appropriate solution to agree with their degree of investment. As we have established, upgrading a vehicle’s wheels is usually supported by a specific reason no matter if it is purely for style or to enhance performance. Many drivers, outside the overshadowing demands on the car, just want a set of wheels that is going to tick all the boxes for quality, stability, and safety, while, above all, not break the bank. This also demands accurate and appropriate research and consideration since there are brands who can deliver but not compromise the customers overall goal to ensure the longevity and protection of their investment.

The multi-faceted driver who needs to accomplish more while spending less is the majority and most common personality. "Sometimes...we have customers who say they want a wheel that is going to be safe...and has some lightweight features and elements", Nazzaro said. Reflecting on past experience, he suggests his team would follow with a solution of appropriate characteristics by adding, "We might actually have you look at the Konig line. Some of the styling elements of the Konig line aren't for everyone, but at the end of the day, they make a very safe, very strong, and a very lightweight wheel.", he said. “Specifically, the Hypergram has been a great choice for a lot of our track enthusiasts."


The mind of a customer who is searching for new aftermarket wheels for their Subaru may conclude to proceed with purchasing a specific brand based on just one of the reasons we have outlined, or decide they have multiple goals for their vehicle and need to do extensive research. Either way, the customer should have a starting point which usually involves considering their financial commitment. "Budget isn't always the dictating factor", Nazzaro explains, "but it's good to have that in your mind when you start shopping for something. be able to feel where you're comfortable...and what you're comfortable spending." The enthusiast has a number of options for aftermarket wheels whether they choose to spend a little more or keep it on the cheap. This part of your modification journey can be rewarding from the first second you hit the road to the first time your car gets noticed by someone in the vast crowd at an event. Obviously, a conversation at Subimods about aftermarket wheels will include many other talking points beyond the desired style, price, and driving scenarios. Details like the wheel fitment which includes bolt pattern, wheel diameter and width, and desired tire size are all critical ingredients that must be discussed. The Subimods team is equipped to address the obvious list of needs and considerations, but also wants to cover those requirements some enthusiasts don't keep front of mind.


One commonly overlooked detail is the correct offset, the distance between the wheel's center to the mounting point, which ensures that the wheel sits correctly in the vehicle's wheel well and does not contact the body or the car's suspension components. This is an important detail to guarantee the avoidance of any self-inflicted damage to the wheels, tires, the vehicle's body, or the intricate components within your vehicle's suspension system which could ultimately cause a dangerous and/or tragic result while driving. Also, no matter what the reasons for a wheel upgrade could be, a driver should consider the wheel's weight, the material used in its manufacturing, and, most importantly, if the wheel has been load rated. Even though we all agree that it's easy to get caught up with all the superficial, surface attractions that make a wheel upgrade most enjoyable, as in all aspects of Subaru modification, we remind our customers of that old saying: "The Devil is in the Details", which should confirm that all upgrades should be both researched and implemented thoroughly. Every detail and specification is important. Paying sharp attention to all the necessary and appropriate information is crucial to ensure safe operation and guarantee the ultimate in driver satisfaction.`Talk to the team...and make that purchase right the first time.", Nazzaro says with pride. "Wheels aren't something you want to buy twice right if you don't have to. We want to get you the right set the first time."

Learn more details regarding “ How to Choose the Perfect Wheels for Your Subaru ” by watching the video (above), where you can see an informative overview commentary provided by Subimods CEO and founder Nick Nazzaro. 

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