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Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 BRZ - January -

Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 BRZ - January

Written by: The Modfather



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Once again, the Subimods team has compiled a list of “Most Wanted Products”, but now we are focusing on applications for the Subaru 2022 BRZ. We know that within the diverse Subaru community we have a very passionate sector who cherishes the beloved BRZ. They will only invest in the best, most stylish, highly engineered products from the most reputable manufacturers in the marketplace. A reflection of their passion and desire most naturally comes from their purchasing practices and associate volume we see day by day and month to month. It is a very good gauge for us to follow as we try our best to empower and inspire others in the community regarding their modifications and vehicle upgrades.

Top 5 Most Wanted 2022 BRZ Products

The Subaru enthusiast community is a tight band of very serious, uniquely creative, and inquisitive individuals who have moved the industry to break through with important innovations and design improvements for decades. The purpose of this exercise is much more than highlighting a list of products that have won our version of a popularity contest. We are starting conversations, answering questions, and building knowledge through the data we share which can only contribute to the creativity and expression of the Subaru tribe. Subimods is excited to share information through these lists to help those in our community to move forward in their research, gain knowledge more efficiently, and, most importantly, make smarter purchasing choices. 

Entering 2024 has prompted these Subimods investigators to assist the enthusiast community with more effort than ever before. It is important to help them make purchasing decisions based on data consistent with the interests of their peers in the enthusiast population. Many companies and retailers spend a lot of time creating “top product lists” based on specific branded merchandise they would like to quickly move through the market and push out of their warehouses to meet a commitment or satisfy a spreadsheet with no thought of the customer’s actual experience, needs, or requirements. As tradition would dictate, Subimods has decided to do things a bit differently by releasing a monthly “Most Wanted List” based on the purchasing trends we see generated by our own customers – a dedicated, passionate group. The first list we have decided to release in 2024 covers “The Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 WRX” which will illuminate some great products while helping our community make some informed purchasing decisions. 

NUMBER 1: HKS High Power Spec L

The top spot on the Subimods Most Wanted Products list for the Subaru BRZ is occupied by HKS, the renowned manufacturer we were grateful to visit in Japan earlier this year. The HKS High-Power Spec L Exhaust System has gained recognition and acclaim due to its exceptional quality and popularity. In our recent "Special Products Unit" video, Nick confirms that this product has been highly sought after by both BRZ owners and Subaru enthusiasts ever since its introduction to the market. HKS is an extremely reputable brand that has proven itself repeatedly through its engineering and R&D – which was witnessed first-hand by our team during our factory tour. Crafted meticulously by HKS, this exhaust system is constructed from ultra-thin stainless steel, making it not only lightweight but also comparable to titanium exhaust systems offered by other brands. 

Enthusiasts have been drawn to the HKS exhaust system for its sleek round muffler design and the presence of a large diameter titanium tip, which enhances its visual appeal. Moreover, this model delivers an impressive sound when it really counts by adding deep character to your car's acceleration and mild to moderate vocal tones in every other situation. “At the end of the day, when you're buying an exhaust, you want to hear it and you want to see it” Nick confirms. “That's how you're going to equate that value.” Additionally, the HKS High-Power Spec L optimizes your vehicle's performance by reducing back pressure and significantly reducing weight. Exceptional engineering, stylish design, outstanding performance specs, and ease of installation, it is evident why this HKS product has accelerated in popularity and is the obvious choice as number one product on our list.

NUMBER 2: Molded Innovations Version One Rear Brake Light

Molded Innovations has introduced a new product that enhances the exterior of the BRZ, earning a spot on our highly sought-after list. Lighting serves as both a stylish accessory and a crucial safety component. Molded Innovations excels in delivering both aspects with exceptional quality. Recognizing the growing demand for their WRX/STI product line, they expanded their offerings to include the BRZ, launching the newly designed Version One Rear Brake Light .

Offering a wide range of unique colors and impressive features like an attractive plug and play design, Molded Innovations has become a favorite among Subaru enthusiasts. This product not only enhances the visual appeal but also prioritizes safety and efficiency. 

Molded Innovations provides a great product with immense creative modification potential simply because you get a stylish upgrade that you are allowed to make your own due to the options available. You have choices beyond the standard smoked, red bar design. Through our numbers and customer engagement, we can see the BRZ sector of the Subaru community showing immense appreciation for this dynamic and stylish addition to their catalog. After careful consideration, the Subimods team concluded that the Molded Innovation Version One Rear Brake Light deserved the second spot on our most wanted BRZ product list.

NUMBER 3: Compressive Tuning Arrowhead Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps

As we engage with the extensive Subaru community, we consistently observe the immense level of individuality and creativity that comes into play with each distinct vehicle modification. Our next featured item is a remarkable addition that elevates a vehicle's personality to a whole new level, whether it's in motion or completely still. The Arrowhead Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers from Compressive Tuning have swiftly become a sought-after component in exterior enhancements, instantly bestowing a stylish and contemporary uniqueness upon the adorned vehicle, while also reflecting the driver's elegant personal expression. 

Compressive Tuning has meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted this product, paying exceptional attention to detail, specifically tailored for the sleek profile of the BRZ. Handcrafted from carbon fiber materials, this product stands out amidst the vast array of mirror covers available in the market today. The exceptional quality and pride infused into Compressive Tuning's product line, coupled with the growing popularity of this BRZ-specific creation, is evident from the data we have received from the community of innovative builders.

NUMBER 4: Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer

The Subaru community consists of a diverse group of individuals, ranging from serious motorsport professionals who are addicted to the track, to passionate enthusiasts who can't get enough of the brand, to motivated daily drivers with a unique need for speed. Each unique member of this community is deeply connected to their own Subaru model and style, and they are all invested in finding ways to constantly enhance its responsiveness and performance. Our next product was ingeniously designed to move the throttle pedal position slightly closer to the brake pedal and the driver, while also allowing for vertical adjustments which improves upon the vehicle's stock configuration and enhances the overall driving experience.

Taking the fourth spot on our Most Wanted list for the BRZ is the Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer . This product perfectly fits into the "throttle response" category that all drivers consider vital, critical, and important for their overall driving experience. Verus Engineering has developed a performance component that is somewhat underrated, but incredibly valuable. It allows drivers to easily adjust and fine-tune the placement of the throttle pedal, enabling them to execute heel-toe downshifts with precision. This not only ensures ultimate comfort and pedal response, but also provides the driver with appropriate control and the most efficient and enjoyable driving experience, regardless of the conditions. The tribe has spoken loudly as this product takes its deserved spot on our latest list.

NUMBER 5: Blitz Front Strut Tower Bar

The next and final product sitting at position five on the Subimods most wanted list comes from another Japanese manufacturer. Although Blitz is not a new name in the industry, we are excited to announce that their new product is now available in the Subimods inventory. The Blitz Front Strut Tower Bar has been performing exceptionally well since its introduction and has become a popular choice among Subaru community members who seek improved handling, driving stability, and performance for their BRZ. Some may look at this as a simple product, but it stands without a doubt, as a valuable component you will need to consider and eventually include in your upcoming BRZ modification plans. 

Constructed from high-strength aluminum, the Blitz Strut Tower Bar is designed to be both rigid and lightweight, enhancing the overall handling performance of the BRZ platform. With its robust design and attention to cosmetic details, the bar comes with durable red metallic brackets and a black powder-coated shaft that proudly displays the engraved Blitz brand, maintaining the essence of subtle modifications. These specially engineered brackets are exclusively designed for the BRZ platform, ensuring maximum strength, endurance, and lifespan. Once again, this product has earned its place in future discussions among enthusiasts who are eagerly researching their upcoming modifications. We were happy to include the Blitz brand on this list knowing the future impact they will have on some of our customers and faithful community members. Our team is anticipating a great showing of new products next month so don’t miss the next edition of Subimods “Special Products Unit” in February.  

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