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Top 5 Most Wanted Products for the 2022+ WRX - March -

Top 5 Most Wanted Products for the 2022+ WRX - March

Written by: The Modfather



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Subimods took a careful look at the numbers in the month of March to compile a new overview regarding the most popular and most frequently purchased aftermarket products for the Subaru WRX on . Our team loves to chat with everyone in the Subaru community about their modifications, but also about what products are bringing them the most success and enjoyment throughout their life as an enthusiast. If you have been following this series over the first months of 2024, you know that our team is driven to provide the community with accurate information - not only to educate the enthusiast, but also empower and inspire creativity when they are investigating ways to modify their cars.

Our latest episode, “ March’s Top Five Most Wanted Products For WRX ”, is based on purchasing data gathered by our customer support team and will hopefully aid enthusiasts to make good choices when deciding to move forward on their own journey. This month’s segment, hosted by Subimods CEO and founder Nick Nazzaro, highlights products from Whiteline USA , Molded Innovations , IAG , Compressive Tuning, and Rotora . He shares insight and knowledge gained from years of hands-on experience with the Subaru brand. Our team hopes these presentations are extremely helpful to the enthusiast who wants to research their upcoming modification accurately. Once again, let’s review the Top Five List for March 2024.

NUMBER 5: Whiteline Lowering Springs

The first product for discussion in the March segment comes from Whiteline USA, a premiere manufacturer of quality Adjustable Sway Bar Kits, Alignment Kits, Performance Bushings, Bracings, and Lowering Springs. Whiteline’s offerings have been providing enthusiasts from around the world and from all genres of motorsports with hi-performance replacement suspension components since the early 90’s. Whiteline Performance was born in Australia from the hearts and minds of a group of automotive enthusiasts who needed to bring a new level of quality and performance to the suspension market. During their growth and heightened reputation Whiteline became an international brand who has proven their engineering excellence and innovative spirit through every car modification that has benefited from their products. Speaking with our customers and reading the reviews on this product draws a perfect line to March’s number five slot. The popularity of their Lowering Spring Kit for the WRX proves their growing impact on our customers within the large Subaru community.

As discussed in this segment, the Whiteline Lowering Spring Kit is a great way to enhance your vehicle’s performance and adjust the overall look without affecting ride quality and maintaining optimal balance and compatibility with the vehicle's OEM shock absorber system. Whiteline’s engineering team works diligently to consistently improve upon design and ensure that the car’s performance potential is never sacrificed or stifled. Their sharp focus on quality testing and multifaceted useability assurance is an essential component to serve the needs of all operators - from the daily driver, to the weekend track enthusiast, to the most advanced motorsports professional. "If you want the best ride quality possible without sacrificing the look of the car, lowering springs get you about an inch drop”, Nazzaro explains.“They're going to clean up that wheel gap and you're going to retain OEM ride quality or as close to it as possible. Whiteline offerings are one of the best that we've seen."

NUMBER 4: Molded Innovations Gen 2 Series Front/Rear Emblems

All modifications have a starting point, but they don’t need to be the most complex or expensive option on your list. We have noted in previous articles that a vehicle’s exterior is the face and an expression of both the driver and their vehicle’s personality. It should be easy for all enthusiasts to agree that a car’s exterior design and the upgrades meant to amplify and illuminate the first look makes it more memorable and impressive. Subimods offer a wide array of options to the enthusiast who wants to give their car an extra dash of flair to set them apart from the other cars on the street, track, or event. Again, we know the Subaru community is the most unique and creative group in the automotive world so it is expected that they would demand components that deliver the enjoyment and reward that comes from individuality and unique expression. 

Changing something as small and somewhat simple as the front and rear emblem on your car is a way for any new enthusiast to inject immediate style and color to your Subaru. Hearing our customers' comments, reviews, and feedback regarding the wide array of replacement emblems we sell each month, we are not surprised by the continued popularity of the product offerings from Molded Innovations. "A lot of customers are already pretty acclimated with doing front and rear emblems on these cars”, says Nazzaro. “The Gen 2 changes it up a little bit. Rather than having an entire gel-coated emblem, it's going to have an actual colored base with raised stars so the actual ring and the stars themselves are you get that nice, 3D look. A great first mod for you guys looking to do something, and to get some style."

NUMBER 3: IAG Air/Oil Separators

Our conversations with customers do not always surround the most glamorous subject matter. Both novice and experienced enthusiasts may think that modifications are only about giving weight to the car’s performance numbers and measurable statistics which can be blurted out in terms related to tangible performance like horsepower, torque, and speed over a given distance. The vehicle modifications we make are not always the subjects we brag about or share with everyone at the latest event. If it’s not sexy, shiny, or loud, why should we care? Most of the time, the smartest and most logical modifications provide improvements to ensure driver safety, improve the vehicle’s life span, or, most importantly, keeping some critical components and functionality out of harm’s way. Jumping in at the third position on our latest list is a component from IAG that could help any Subaru WRX owner avoid a potentially expensive repair or dangerous, life threatening failure caused by a little bit of oil.

The IAG Air/Oil Separator was designed specifically to address the issue known as “blow by” which is common on the Subaru WRX where a small amount of oil collects on the vehicle’s intake components and additional oil can settle between the intercooler and the car’s throttle-body. This issue can cause some negative effects including the increase of carbon buildup on direct injection platforms, issues with combustion, excessive smoke, power loss, higher fuel consumption, and the possibility of engine failure."This isn't one of those modifications that anyone is overjoyed to buy, but this is a cheap insurance modification”, Nazzaro warns. “We are going above and beyond what these cars were designed to do at the factory level. You're increasing the performance, you're expecting more out of the engine, you're requiring more out of the engine”, he exclaims.“So why would you not want to do something that can help prolong the optimal performance of your vehicle?"

NUMBER 2: Compressive Tuning Pulley Cover for 2022 WRX

The engine compartment is another space where the enthusiast can become very creative knowing the latest and most innovative offerings in the market that walk the line between performance enhancement and purely cosmetic. There are options to completely dress up your engine bay by adding everything from specially designed component covers to coated bolts and screws. Most often, these enhancements don’t improve upon the car’s performance that will display head-turning numbers, but to most newcomers in the modification game, investing in attractive yet durable quality components will give them a noticeable foot in the door when they drive their beautifully adorned car out on the lot to open the hood and let their creativity shine to the rest of the community. Subimods was happy to see Compressive Tuning step into the lineup at number two since their products have been the subject of many conversations in and out of our showroom.

The Compressive Tuning Pulley Cover is one of the products available from this company that is a featured member of its EngineArt collection - a stunning, hand-crafted group of engine compartment components that were designed with the creative enthusiast in mind. Their carbon fiber series is intelligently engineered to ensure accurate fitment and installation. Compressive Tuning continues to invest in their design capabilities, expand its product offerings under the EngineArt label, and keep innovation first to deliver quality to their customers. "It's another beautiful piece from Compressive,” says Nazzaro describing their Pulley Cover. “It's not going to reinvent the car but it's one of those things where if you're going to shows and you want to pop your hood, you definitely want to have a piece that's designed very nicely. You'll also see they've done some nice recess cuts and overall it's a minimalistic piece that is going to upgrade the style of the engine bay."

NUMBER 1: Rotora Big Brake Kit (6/4)

As we come to the end of our monthly overview of the most popular aftermarket parts purchased for the WRX, we were, again, not surprised that a Big Brake System slipped into the first position. Serious enthusiasts who crave speed along with the ultimate feeling of safety and performance working hand in hand will never compromise on their braking system. Whether they are focused on their daily driving routine, ultimate street performance, or an extremely demanding track competition, the braking system should be the priority of any driver. Here at Subimods, we are fully aware of the numerous companies focusing on the design, engineering and production of braking systems so when one of these companies are doing their job at the highest level and proving their quality, experience, and innovation through the successful performance of a large group of practitioners, we will have no problem identifying them as the premiere contributors in the industry.

Rotora is one of those stand out manufacturers that produces high-performance braking systems and brake components with a wide range of quality offerings in the international marketplace. Their products range from street ready systems to configurations designed for the racing circuit. The Street Challenge Brake System enables unrivaled performance braking carefully engineered to work efficiently under multiple driving conditions while delivering optimum response and improved pedal feel for the driver. The Subimods WRX is currently outfitted with the Rotora Big Brake Kit 6/4 Piston Calipers w/ Slotted Rotors - a logical choice to add another level of maximum performance to our cherished platform. "They have everything from a street challenge kit which is designed for upgraded stopping power, for the road, and the track”, Nazzaro confirms. “For the autocross we can step it up to the Super Challenge…and really figure out what brake pad is right for you as well”, he said. “The six/four piston kit comes in a variety of Green...World Rally Blue, or any customization with Rotora for colors.” 

Learn more details regarding the products featured on March’s Top Five Most Wanted Products For 2022 WRX by watching the video (above), where you can see an informative overview commentary provided by Subimods CEO and founder Nick Nazzaro. 

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