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The Subaru WRX: 2022 and Beyond - Part 2 -

The Subaru WRX: 2022 and Beyond - Part 2

Written by: The Modfather



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The Subimods 2022 WRX modifications and unveiling at SEMA, were repeated visions born inside the mind of Nick Nazzaro, owner of Subimods. He works tirelessly on maintaining a seamless connection between the meaning behind his brand and the dynamically unique Subaru enthusiast community that proudly supports his efforts. 

SEMA and Performance Modification

The Subimods team has applied a wide variety of performance modifications on the 2022 WRX, which has now given our community something to covet and admire far into the future. Their newest modification list includes, ETS Front Mount Intercooler, ETS Cold Air Intake w/ Box, Perrin Diverter Valve, Cobb Tuning Access Port with a pro tune from RT Tuning, Tomei Catback Exhaust, IAG Air Oil Separator, and Motul Fluids. Nazzaro also knew that with power comes the need for accurate power transfer, responsive handling, and maximum stability whether on road or track.

Handling, Suspension and Drivetrain

The next order of business was to address needed changes to the suspension and handling components, which stabilize the vehicle. This phase of the Subimods modification included BC Racing coil overs, Cusco rear control arms, Whiteline adjustable toe arms, a Perrin steering damper, Perrin front and rear strut tower bars, plus Whiteline sway bars and end links. In addition to this list, several enhancements and upgrade investments were made to bring the drivetrain to another level of performance. Nazzaro's team installed an ACT Clutch, upgraded to a Cobb Tuning Stage 1 Drivetrain, installed a Billetworkz Short Throw Shifter, upgraded to VSC Performance engine, transmission and pitch stop mounts, ran a new AMS Clutch Line, and installed a Cusco reinforced differential brace.

Choices and Outcome

Upgrade choices at this level should be comfortable to most performance lovers. Nazzaro envisioned that these enhancements would allow their WRX to push consistent, maximum power to the pavement under multiple scenarios. “Our goal with upgrading the drivetrain was to ensure the car was able to deliver as much power to the road as possible”, he said. “Many times when people upgrade their cars we find that too much focus is put into the power performance segment. It is good to upgrade the power performance of a vehicle but all the power in the world won’t help you if you can’t control the vehicle.” As the Subimods team concentrated on the suspension system, extreme attention was invested on ensuring that the widest range of adjustability was available. This would ensure proper alignment with the aftermarket wheel and tire setup in addition to establishing maximum control over the vehicle's handling.

Visual Upgrades

Moving forward through any modification project prompts the obvious option to spend additional concentration on the cosmetic and visual details regarding the exterior regions of the car. Delivering a sleeper modification that screams “all beast, no beauty” is a definite possibility, but most modification fanatics would agree that every masterpiece deserves an elegant frame. The Subimods WRX received a respectful, clean transformation of its exterior to compliment what was invested under and beneath. Regarding this project’s exterior upgrades, Nazzaro explained, “Most notably, from an exterior perspective, is the Varis Arising 1 Bottom line kit, which includes the front lip, side skirt extensions and rear bumper spats - combined with the Varis rear diffuser, GT wing and their newly released hood and trunk.” Nazzaro also invested in extensive paintwork to the controversial flairs and the front and rear bumper. 

Additional Updates

The team also added Molded Innovations tail lights, a new rear brake light, and license plate lights for extra shimmer. Some smaller accessories including carbon fiber mirror covers, front and rear emblems, and JDM grill were also added to polish off the exterior elegance. All the performance upgrades were performed with the average enthusiast being at the front of mind. Remembering those living within the uniquely creative Subaru community with attainable dreams. “Our goal on the 2022 WRX was to highlight both the highest end of the exterior modifications but blend that with popular off the shelf upgrades customers are interested in daily, Nazzaro added. “This unique blend was chosen to allow customers to see the possibilities are endless but also gives them a starting point, as we know it's not always possible to go from 0-100”. 

2022 WRX - Maintenance

A progressive modification can introduce a possible impact on a vehicle's reliability. Modifications must include an investment and use of performance lubricants. Modifying a Subaru, no matter what model or style, requires upgrades to maintenance components and lubricants. Their WRX modification should be included as an example how to check all the boxes.“The Motul 5W-30 300V was chosen for its superior ability to handle the abuse on track which the car see’s during our testing along with their 75W90 transmission fluid and RBF600 Brake Fluid”, he confirmed. “Regular fluid changes are an essential part of ensuring long-term reliability. Our oil change intervals can be as long as 3k Miles to as short per track day if needed.” 

Daily Driving vs. Track Performance

The team at Subimods can confidently say that their 2022 WRX is a vehicle that enjoys time out of its automotive cage, showing its heart and soul on open pavement, and taking advantage of the admiring eyes of interested enthusiasts. Past events like Staggered, over the summer in 2023, and SEMA let it stretch its legs, show its beauty, and be on display as it is destined. Nazzaro confirmed that the Subimods VB does not see as much daily driving as the team would like. The company is involved in so many activities, various projects, campaigns, and events throughout the year, which gives the team definite food for thought going into 2024. “Our original goal when building the car was to be able to drive the car home on a Friday night and have a fun weekend at a local Autocross or Track event”, he said. “Lately, the car has become very comfortable on the lift”, he adds jokingly. The Subimods team promises that this car has a stunning future.

I want to end this with a quick thank you to all of our 2022+ WRX owners! Your enthusiasm and dedication to making each of your vehicles unique has been a great inspiration to our team and myself! We cannot thank you enough for letting us be a part of your journey. - Nick

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