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The Subaru WRX: 2022 and Beyond  - Part 1 -

The Subaru WRX: 2022 and Beyond - Part 1

Written by: The Modfather



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The large, diverse, and creative community that surrounds the growing existence of the Subimods organization, has seen our growth and our interest in not only providing quality products to this world of enthusiasts, but also continuing to remain immersed in the culture and show that we both ride and live on the same roads. We have recently shared modification experiences of select individuals to help excite and inspire both novice and veteran enthusiasts while reminding them of the possibilities that exist when you have a boatload of desire and creativity.

An Enthusiast Favorite

We realized that the entire automotive world is watching the consistent and increased popularity of the forever-cherished Subaru WRX, which prompted us to respond in kind. Sharing our own unique story of creativity and hopeful seeding of inspiration through the Subimods 2022 Subaru WRX made perfect sense to our team and a great way to roll into 2024.

The 2022 WRX Lives

It is Subaru's ultimate goal to repeatedly pour fuel on the existing flame burning in the hearts of enthusiasts who love compact, rally inspired sports cars. This flame burned hotter each year, but flashed white dramatically with the introduction of the 2022 WRX. The interested buyer saw a dealership sticker with boldly printed pricing between about $31,000 and $43,000, which fluctuate depending on what options were chosen by the excited driver. Anyone taking an educated look at this vehicle confirmed that its engineering team was laser focused on bringing a better palette of driving dynamics to this breed of driver. The bold adventurers at Subaru delivered an aggressive, powerful car with a 2.4-liter turbocharged, flat-four-cylinder engine built with an aluminum block and heads, along with direct fuel injection. 

Inside and Under

The factory specification confirmed the stock 2022 WRX displacement at 146 in3, 2387 cm3, its stock power dialing in at 271 hp @ 5600 rpm, and its measured torque at 258 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm, which left many lovers of this model fantasizing and drooling with anticipation and hope. In addition to the obvious stock muscle under the hood, Subaru continued the design thread by delivering under the car with stock multilink suspension and struts, 12.4-in vented front disc brakes, 11.4-in vented rear disc brakes, and, on most models, a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx GT 600 tires for grabbing power. Additionally mentioning that beyond the impressive specifications, the WRX is also an all-wheel drive vehicle pulling along its performance-designed chassis, which round out all the impressive stock options ready to drive off the showroom floor. Wrapping the car in some bold designed body work, interior, and adding good tech with a touchscreen infotainment and sound system, the 2022 WRX was already a keeper to the dreaming consumer.

Shaking It Out

As expected with any new performance vehicle release, the team at Car and Driver tested a stock 2022 WRX, taking it through its paces with a full range of performance testing. They unleashed three types of straight-line acceleration tests including the standing start, the 5-to-60-mph rolling start, and two top-gear acceleration tests going from 30 to 50 mph and 50 to 70 mph respectively. They performed braking tests consisting of six stops from 70 mph to zero, performed a number of maximum cornering tests, and conducted acceleration and speed trials. These tests included a recorded 5.5 sec from 0-60 mph, a 101 mph 1/4-Mile at 13.9 seconds, and reached 130 mph at 26.4 seconds, just to name a few impressive numbers. Car and Driver also observed the vehicle's fuel economy to remain between 21 mpg and 28 mpg at 75-mph during highway driving over a range of 460 miles. On top of obvious performance enhancements, attractive economic calculations, and environmental perks that Subaru's design provided, the vehicle was then rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to potentially deliver an average of 22 mpg when equipped with a manual transmission. Again, hot points that have quickly built this love affair between the WRX and the Subaru enthusiast from 2022 onward.

WRX meets Subimods

The decision by Subimods to add a VB WRX to its drawing board was easy - considering that it exists as a clean slate of potential illuminated as an enthusiast favorite since its original release. As the company moved forward into preparations for SEMA, the 2022 WRX appeared in the team’s vision smartly since an unattainable fortune is not needed to bring this model to an impressive level. The Subimods team was fully aware that many vehicles built for events and trade shows are fed by huge backing investment. The company wanted to send a message to the community that smart modifications can be both impressive and attainable by the most creative and passionate enthusiast in the crowd. “Inspiration Over Alienation” was the mantra shouted by the Subimods team during this effort. The team was empowered to show the enthusiast community that modifying the 2022 WRX is an attainable goal.

Building Inspiration

Subimods knew that Subaru offered a good, modifiable WRX platform before 2022. It was a dependable, four-door vehicle sedan with a nice road grip, a confident, raw personality, but limited daily driver charm with its harder ride. When the 2022 WRX arrived, a fully upgraded automotive design with enormous modification potential stepped into the spotlight. Subimods saw potential shine brightly through a new and improved sport compact equipped with all-wheel drive car with upgraded stock power and handling sporting an attractive daily drive personality. The newly designed 2022 WRX was seen as the more daily-friendly offering placing it side-by side with earlier generations. What an inspiring project this could be for the average enthusiast? Sending a message that a stellar modification can come from good preparation, proper research, smart financial planning, and creative spirit was the goal. 

In part two of our WRX series, the narrative unfolds around the Subimods 2022 WRX modification project. Join us on a captivating journey as we unravel the thrilling results of this ambitious venture, delving deep into the intricacies of the transformation. Discover the unique aspects that make this modification project a truly special and inspiring experience. From the meticulous planning to the hands-on execution, we leave no stone unturned in sharing the story behind the enhanced performance, style, and overall driving experience of the 2022 WRX. Stay tuned as we unveil the heart and soul of this project, showcasing how Subimods has elevated the driving dynamics of the 2022 WRX to new heights, turning it into a true masterpiece on wheels.

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