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Molded Innovations EvoGlow Series LED Taillights for the 2022+ WRX -

Molded Innovations EvoGlow Series LED Taillights for the 2022+ WRX

Written by: The Modfather



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The exterior carries the largest percentage of a vehicle’s personality and character since the visual aspect of an automobile’s design, countenance, and/or its perceived expression is digested with the first look and that initial wink of charm that makes the meeting most memorable. The array of lighting options and innovations that are now available to add on to the wish lists of most enthusiasts is both inspiring and overwhelming. A creative enthusiast who is exposed to these options is opened to an entirely new world of possibilities that can bring uniqueness to a new level. Our relationships with the Subaru community make it exciting to develop ideas and re-think existing designs to deliver amazing dreams to those who want more colors and textures to brush on their car’s canvas.

The untapped potential behind the four corners of a vehicle’s lighting – from the headlights, turn signals, and brake lights made us stand up and take notice. As we absorbed much feedback from those in our community, the Subimods team continued to investigate, research, and move the needle forward on providing a dynamic and memorable answer for the modification of Subaru's stock lighting assemblies. We wanted to provide something that could be easily installed, adapted, and fully functional with no mess, stress, or technical obstacles. 

Illuminated Character

The Subimods team has been working diligently for some time to fully formulate a series of ideas, develop a smart solution, and expose a brand to successfully deliver a product that not only provides an option to tick all those boxes, but also rises to amplify inspiration within the modifier’s heart and strengthens the dedication to their vehicle. Our team embarked on a long development project which results have given us the Molded Innovations EvoGlow Series LED 2022 WRX Taillight assembly – a new and exciting option that many enthusiasts will add to the upcoming modification calendar. 

It was our overall goal to create something that retained the cosmetic style and stock aesthetic of the vehicle but allows the driver to inject some unique functionality and visual dynamics to their car’s outward personality. Including the ability to set sequential blinker functionality, upgrading to LED reverse lights, and introducing a hyper-blink feature for track driving could provide an amazing array of options to a creative mind who wants their car to stand apart from the rest. Now that this special solution has been brought to light exposing all these exciting possibilities, we felt it was best to profile the product with a detailed video installation.

Design and Adaptation

Whether you are upgrading performance parts under the hood, applying cosmetic accessories to the exterior, or installing critical safety components as we are demonstrating in this video, it is very important to the Subimods team that the aftermarket parts you have purchased for your modification fit correctly, function appropriately, and of course, look great. During this installation, Nazzaro clarifies what details are considered during the development of these lighting kits and why specific styles are being featured in the installation segment. “You’re going to see both versions here”, he explains. “You're going to see the white bar and the red bar…and there'll be three lens types offered – a clear, a light smoke, and a traditional smoke.” Again, as always, it is important that Subimods heavily consider and sometimes incorporate critical feedback from a community of enthusiasts which could impact how the Molded Innovations product will evolve and become the best component for a specific modification.

“We had a lot of customers say, ‘You know…the smoke is too dark. I don't like it, but I don't want clear’…”, Nazzaro explains. “So, you gotta go right in the middle, right? With the light smoke. Obviously, as you darken the lens you lose a little bit of that finite detail of the light…as the light is off. But, once these power on…it is a vibrant, vibrant light.” Nick notes that significant time was invested in the Dynamic Lume portion of the lighting system to conquer any obstacles that may impede the efficiency and quality of the overall light output under any circumstances. “We worked heavily with Molded Innovations on to ensure that the overall depth and the brightness of the LEDs was as strong as it could be.”, he confirms. “We have worked on ensuring that the sweeping is very clean. You're not going to see any jumps breaks in the actual animations on and off on the sweep. This is a full sequential light.”

Out Of The Box

It is standard practice for the team at Subimods central to use our facility as an educational learning center for our community. Not only a method to highlight new products, but to accurately educate the end user and help them understand the design and technology behind the product. We all know that some installations can be somewhat daunting and intimidating when the information is not clear, and the process may not be understood by looking at the documentation. In our installation video (above), Subimods founder and CEO, Nick Nazzaro, provides a clear and well-paced explanation of the Molded Innovations Tail Light installation and features to help any interested customers understand why this should be a serious consideration when budgeting for their next exterior modification.

“This product is by far the best-looking taillight on the VB platform”, Nick explains at the beginning of the installation. “There’s a lot of people who didn't like the first CS style…the more structured style to the actual Evo glow series. It kind of mirrors more of what you'll see on the OEM.” Out of the box, Nazzaro encourages that the Molded Innovations offerings may not be for everyone, but confidently assures that there is plenty on the drawing board and in development that will satisfy a very wide band of user and enthusiast’s taste. “At the end of the day, it shows that there is more to come from Molded Innovations' ', Nick adds. “We’re working on more styles, more versions more colors - but right now we're going to debut the options that we have available to purchase today.”

Installation and Impact of your 2022+ WRX Tail Lights

Something immediately evident as Nazzaro begins to explain the process and his preparation is that this is a true plug and play installation. A modification that does not take a significant time investment but pays you back with an illuminating reward at the end. Nazzaro shows clearly how seamless the installation of the Molded Innovations Tail Light Assembly can be when the correct tools are selected, and the steps are carefully followed. “This is a whole light OEM replacement”, Nick confirms. “Nothing needs to be transferred over from your OEM light - so it is by far one of the simplest installs.” The transformation begins with only three tools: a standard 10mm socket wrench, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a flat head screwdriver, or a door panel tool (if available). As Nazzaro moves through the installation process and quickly comes to it conclusion, you will be convinced that the Molded Innovations EvoGlow DynamicLume series tail lights were carefully engineered with quality, precision, and safety in mind while maintaining the sleek lines of our vehicle and providing stunning illumination for your personal driving experience.

Subimods and Molded Innovations worked with focus to ensure that this product is built upon a foundation of great engineering, intelligent design, and consideration for the enthusiast’s needs and expectations. Our conversations with the Subaru community always confirm that this tribe of dedicated, creative, quality-driven individuals demand a higher level of performance, whether it comes from their engine that powers their vehicle, or the lights that help it effortlessly break through the darkness. We are confident that watching this installation and demonstration video will truly inspire you to amplify your driving experience with the addition of Molded Innovations EvoGlow Series LED Tail Lights on your upcoming modification list - injecting an exciting visual element to the overall personality of the vehicle.

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