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DarkMatterX - 2022 WRX

Lit Logos Illuminated Emblem for 2022 WRX

Written by: The Modfather



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Subimods invests a large amount of its energy in the understanding of the Subaru community and the characteristics that make its members uniquely different from any other brand-centric auto lovers in the world. This understanding gives us confidence that the Subaru enthusiast is an expressive, creative, and disciplined personality type who wants to exhibit their personality and passion through their vehicle. The utilization of exterior lighting to enhance features, create a dramatic profile, or to make a personal statement has become increasingly popular in the past few years. As trends change and ideas generate more visions of individuality, this newer platform of creativity has awakened the automotive tech world to the need for light effects and illuminated products.

This evolution of exterior lighting has prompted the most innovative techs to develop solutions that perform more efficiently, operate safely, and provide light more creatively while making the perfect, individual statement for the driver. An illuminated emblem or car brand logo is an amazing way to highlight the driver's brand while contributing to the vehicle's visual personality as it stands proudly within the tribe. Our latest product profile features a manufacturer of illuminated automotive emblems based in Jacksonville, Florida, who provides a nice solution for the enthusiast who wants their car to make both a beautiful and bold statement, day, or night.


Lit Logo's Skyler Donaldson was working as a full-time paramedic when the entrepreneurial bug bit him back in 2019 and his idea for an illuminated car emblem began to grow in his mind. With the support of his wife Amy, the newly married Donaldson transformed his small apartment into his company headquarters while spending long hours building on a simple dream. Skyler's vision of creating a solution for himself grew into a product then a company purely from a viral transformation. "I saw a Mercedes with the lit up front badge and fell in love", Donaldson said, "so I decided to make my own. I just wanted to have something unique on my car. Once I finished it, I posted it on some Facebook groups and people instantly fell in love. Tons of people were asking to buy one, so I made a few for some friends, and Lit Logos was born!" Donaldson's bright idea came from a true enthusiast's point of view which has forever stamped his product with the same spirit that fuels everyone in the automotive community to be unique, ingenuity-driven individuals

Like our team here at Subimods, Skyler agrees with the importance of connecting with your community and their passion. "As cliche as it is, this business was started by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts”, said Donaldson. "Building connections with people who support us is one of our biggest strengths." Now, as the company presses forward, Skyler never forgets the biggest reward of bringing his dream to the surface. "Whether it's around town, at a car show, or just while we're out of town on vacation, it is such a cool feeling to see someone that you don't know running a Lit Logo just because they think it looks cool", says Donaldson. "It's still surreal to me that this ever became more than just a one off logo for my personal build." Donaldson continues to run Lit Logos with the energy and spirit that lured him to transforming his car's personality with a simple, but bright innovation. "We want to continue to grow beyond our current offerings and expand to new platforms so more people can upgrade their car and 'Get Lit!’...", Skyler confirms proudly. "My absolute favorite part of my job is just driving around town, and seeing people running a Lit Logo."


Looking into the second month of 2024, the Subimods team decided to feature Lit Logos and bring all the excitement in house. It is evident that anyone who sees their product in action will agree that they are designed with individuality and freedom of choice in mind. Lit Logo emblems display the full spectrum of color which helps the individual vehicle stand brightly while dulling the luster of any other cars in its orbit. In addition to their efficient light output, the logos are designed with color control to enable subtle detailed adjustments to Red, Green, Blue, and White. This also allows you to accurately set the color you want and adjust true white to align with the spectrum of the main headlights, a light bar, or additional exterior lighting. Also, by designing a low voltage, low power LED illumination system, Lit Logos emblems draw minimal current eliminating concerns of battery drain.

Per the company website, Lit Logos confirms that their logos can “run 24/7… for days, if not weeks on a brand-new battery without killing it.” Lastly, not one of us wants to invest in stylish exterior lighting enhancements knowing that it may fail or see serious damage from natural elements like rain or snow because it was not technically waterproof or resistant. Lit Logos has addressed any worries by designing a system that is fully waterproof and completely resistant to damaging elements. Further building confidence in their product through their website, Lit Logos proudly exclaims, “We have run our logos for 48 hours UNDERWATER with no issues! Not only are the housings water resistant, but the internal electronics all have a waterproof coating.” 


Lit Logos has introduced a product which, in concert with a little pride and creativity, will help to distinguish the car of its individual driver. Our team was very excited to get our hands on the product, go through the installation steps, and witness the impact this product would have on the exterior personality of the vehicle. In the recently published Lit Logos video segment (above), Subimods Product Expert Kaleb P. guides us through the details of the product’s assembly while also demonstrating how an informed but skilled enthusiast can easily install the product without issues or need of special tools.

It is important to note that an upgrade or addition to the car’s exterior at this level requires patience and organization if one would like to avoid cosmetic damage or the loss of small screws, clips, or attachments. An enhancement of this type is only impactful if the installation was done properly, safely, and paced steadily. As Kaleb demonstrated, many specific steps must be taken to prepare the vehicle before the Lit Logos assembly can be put in place. As mentioned in other product profiles, our installation segments are designed to educate but also to guide enthusiasts through procedures in the most efficient way based on the manufacturers guidelines and our experiences working with the vehicles and the products we consistently support. 

The Lit Logo installation unfolded successfully and proved that this product can create quite an impact for your car’s personality. As the end of the video segment can confirm, the addition of this lighting enhancement covers our car with a new, exciting aura when the sun begins to fade, and the night rides begin!

Learn more details regarding Lit Logos and the installation of their product by watching the “The Best Logo For your WRX - LIT LOGOS - 2022+ WRX Installation Guide” video (above), where you can see step by step product install details and informative overview commentary provided by Subimods Product Expert Kaleb P. 

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