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Crafting Performance: Tomei's Catback for the 2022+ WRX Unveiled -

Crafting Performance: Tomei's Catback for the 2022+ WRX Unveiled

Written by: The Modfather



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Our community of enthusiasts and passionate creators is populated by a unique demographic that cannot be defined by age, social background, geographic location, fashion taste, or music preference. The Subaru community looks at their vehicles as much more than utilitarian objects that provide a service, get them to work, or illuminate a picture of self-worth. Their cars are an outward display of their personality and an extension of their creativity. They are a piece of their DNA, which is also allowed to roll freely showing its own personality in parallel to their driver. We always want our cars to have a defined strength, cosmetic uniqueness, stunning fashion style, and of course, a loud and distinct voice. 

A Car Needs a Strong Voice

The heads of true car lovers are always turned by the sound, the tone, and the throaty growl of the vehicle exhaust. This is your car’s voice, which has historically been the overwhelming identity marker of performance and power of an automobile for decades. We depend on the car’s voice to clearly announce how we want the world to perceive us as individuals and enthusiasts. Manufacturers of quality, high performance exhaust systems like Tomei have invested a lot of time, energy, and engineering resources to provide power, strength, performance through a commanding voice for your car while meeting your individuality through their reputation of quality craftsmanship. Choosing to profile the Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust Kit for the 2022-2023 Subaru WRX , (Type R for single pipe and Type D for dual pipe), clearly meets our goal in helping lots of WRX lovers find their performance voice.

Who is Tomei?

Seiichi Suzuki, a Nissan Motor Works driver, founded Tomei in 1968 with a vision to design and engineer a line of high performance components to establish a keen competitive edge within the Japanese racing circuit and its community of established drivers, dedicated strictly to the performance product engineering. For over five decades Tomei has built and expanded on its reputation for the design, engineering, and manufacturing of superior engine components, high performance parts, and contribution to the global knowledge base as extreme experts in the automotive industry adopting the well-known moniker, “The Engine Specialists”. 

Since their ambitiously aggressive beginning, Tomei has built a long tradition of success in corporate business relationships and carved a meaningful reputation and heritage on the racetrack providing professionals and enthusiasts that same spirit through their victory fueled products. Entering 2024, Tomei wields a powerful sword of automotive technology equipped with the most advanced manufacturing processes and tooling in the industry providing a wide range of performance components including wide variety of performance parts including the Procam, Expreme, Ti Sports, and Genesis brands, just to name a few. The Tomei standard of practice and quality that forged their birth has not changed as they keep the always-improving creed of power and performance at the front of every story they tell and every automotive part they design.

Features & Construction of the Tomei 2022 WRX Exhaust

Approaching this profile was easy for the Subimods team since the Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust system is a smartly conceived system for the street and for any other motorsport the WRX driver is prepared to pursue. The Subimods 2022 WRX VB that recently featured at SEMA was outfitted with the Tomei Expreme Ti Full Titanium Muffler and has been roaring through driving scenarios played out over many weeks. During the installation we came to appreciate the amazing quality that covers the thoughtful design and stability behind a Tomei product. We could see clearly that their primary aim is to maintain their reputation for stellar craftsmanship.

The Tomei Expreme Ti WRX system has been built with smartly formulated titanium materials that truly cannot be compared to other products in this category. Putting hands on this product shows clearly that it was engineered for drivers who demand extreme performance and automotive design perfection. In addition to the quality engineered titanium pipe design, other features include a three-section pipe assembly configuration that adds no additional weight while also providing an overall weight savings of between 20-35 lbs, depending on the specific vehicle model and possible modifications. The overall construction and weld quality on the Tomei could be the best of any system we have seen in recent years. The Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust system has a really unique hanging method where the mufflers are supported by a single hanger. This smart design makes the installation extremely convenient and one of the better solutions ensuring that the system is configured exactly how the installer desires. The Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback (Dual) Exhaust, type D system includes one Expreme Ti Silencer Tail Pipe, one Expreme Ti main pipe A, one Expreme Ti main pipe B, and one gasket, clamps, and hardware kit. 

Benefits & Performance

It is clear that the average enthusiast looking to upgrade their exhaust system has their mind fixed on the overall list of benefits the product will inject into their vehicle. As we have mentioned, the importance of individual, unique voice is a very critical benefit. Who in the enthusiast world would not be interested in hearing an immense, race-ready tone emanating from their favorite project car? We realize that although a great exhaust tone is gold in the automotive space, there are a few other specific factors that must exist to bless an exhaust system as quality, high performance. The engineers at Tomei have designed the Expreme Ti Titanium system to check all the boxes and guarantee that the ears, heart, and mind of the driver are all satisfied equally and their car responds beyond their expectations with their chosen upgrade.

This system has been designed to guarantee maximum exhaust flow through straighter bends and less resistance. The Tomei system simply allows a powerful and uninterrupted flow for a turbocharged power plant to enjoy by enabling the engine’s exhaust to escape quickly and efficiently. This system brilliantly squelches turbulence and delivers amplified horsepower, a noticeable boost in torque, and a throttle that is quicker and more responsive since turbo lag is drastically reduced. Ultimately, the benefits of function and form will be clearly obvious to a grateful enthusiast’s and mechanic’s mind. Tomei has woven both versatility and flexibility in their design outlined in the single pipe, Type-R system and the dual pipe, Type-D systems. Both are brilliantly master-crafted to specifically serve, and frankly, intelligently exploit the true potential and power of the 2022, which we can undoubtedly confirm, and also, joyfully watch them move onward to amplify the 2024 VB WRX platform as well. 

The Bottom Line

Truthfully, any enthusiast, mechanic, performance driver, or automotive engineer will tell the same story when asked their opinion when choosing the correct component or system for an application. Translating the substance of a product through words can only be punctuated through a confirmation of positive experience and merit. Our team has covered the provenance of this product and the undisputed reputation of the Tomei brand and its rich history. The overall intelligence behind the engineering and, most importantly, the emotion, passion, and consideration that has been poured into the design from the driver and the enthusiast’s perspective – not necessarily the reflection of a corporate marketing group trying to cut corners, expand profit margins, and just move with the competition. The real story behind the repeated success of Tomei through their Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust product is their focused understanding of the Subaru brand and the WRX platform. Again, when a manufacturer is extremely focused on craftsmanship, quality, detailed specifications, automotive science, and the expected understanding of the marketplace they serve, that outlines their path to success. 

But, when a company, like Tomei, combines all those things with a true and constant understanding of the desire for true performance, the driver’s critical needs, and the creative dreams of a unique consumer and their diverse community, they have ascended to the important level Tomei has reached through decades of ambition, pursuit of quality, and a passion to earn a mark of excellence. The Subimods team can now pull from our hands-on experience with the Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust system and confidently concur with the feeling of satisfaction through true performance felt by the driver and the response of their vehicle. Tomei has developed a great balance between cost, quality, and extreme performance with an exhaust system, which consists of a rich feature set and a design focused on a driver’s dream of the ultimate performance experience.

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