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2006 Subaru STI Wagon

Christian T. and his Widebody Subaru STI Wagon

Written by: The Modfather



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Uniquely Original

There are unique personality types who look at things once imagined and developed for one purpose as a blank canvas for creative change. A different person would look at the same object and and say there’s nothing wrong with this it’s good just the way it is. The unique person who has vision and sees beyond the original concept is the majority in our world. The world of the enthusiast. The unique and creative ones who are brave enough to rip their car apart and start again just for the pleasure of seeing how it works and seeing how it can be better for them. Our community is filled with these unique individuals waiting for their stories to be told.

Growing Inspiration

At his beginning, Christian T. was a young kid with an inquisitive spirit. He was the curious kid who always needed to figure things out and how things fit together. Imagine walking into his room finding toys disassembled and strewn around his floor. A mind that never stops imagining and applying what is possible. It is easy for those in the Subaru community to understand why his love for automotive modification was born so early. “To understand my passion for cars, first you must understand I was that kid taking apart the alarm clock and trying to figure out how to put it back together”, he said, “I love to tinker with things and personalize them as my own, so modifying cars was a simple segue into that.” So many in our world begin their journeys this way and build upon their creativity by drawing from some wonderful influences during their child hood. 

"To understand my passion for cars, first you must understand I was that kid taking apart the alarm clock and trying to figure out how to put it back together" - Christian T.

Earlier in his life, Christian’s father caught the modification bug too, which was a common theme and influence through both their lives. We spend time growing up watching a family member, a family friend, or close influencer engulfed in their love for cars, mechanics, and modification. We often give these people top credit for our obsession. “A lot of my passion for cars comes from my father”, he remembers. “I grew up around a late 70’s air-cooled 911 he has been known for modifying and personalizing through time. He is also responsible for my life-long love for flat-engine cars”, he said. Memories and inspirations like these filled up a box of inventive energy that Christian was more than happy to open.

Identity of Choice

We have experienced and seen many combinations of car styles models and personalities develop overtime. There have been many conversations involving assorted enthusiasts about their individual creative reasoning and how they came to pick the perfect lump of clay to mold into their vision. Christian’s vision was unique to his influences, but mirrored the common thread that runs through all Subaru lovers - the desire for individuality. Christian is confident about what he enjoys most about the transformation of a vehicle. “My favorite part of modifying cars is giving each build its own identity”, he said. “It’s that song and dance between form, function, and beauty that makes each build specific and unique.” 

Looking over the photos of Christian’s re-creation confirms that he lives large by putting his inspiring words and creative vision into action with the turn of a wrench. Subaru enthusiast and modifiers have a wide range of choice when it comes to models style and type of vehicle. Everything from standard sedan daily driver, to the luxury sports model, to the historically loved off road classics, there’s plenty of blank space to fill with creative vision and ideas. This is an interesting and unique build, which proves Christian to be a true individual in choosing this specific Subaru chassis to express his creativity. “The 2007 GD platform provides the final take on a pre traction control era Subaru, with the sleek look of the Hawkeye front end”, he said.

The Subaru STI Build & the Future

A build of this type introduces a plethora of challenges and potential obstacles. Christian was aware of where this journey would take him but he took all the challenges in stride. “In many cases Subarus are legos, we take parts from different models and generations to craft our perfect take”, he said. “When stitching together the widebody we found that the rear bumper necessary to fit the now wider STI hips was going to need to be modified in order to properly fit the wagon rear end.” Confirming how he confronted the problem, he added, “The solution was stitching and body working a Wagon & STI rear bumper together to formulate an OEM look.”

Naturally, he must have seen something as the most enjoyable portion of the build or an experience that grew from his investments. “My favorite modification is the Spec C Type RA-R front clip”, he confirmed. “I’ve driven this car lots of places in many conditions” he said, “but, one special memory in this car, so far, was putting it in the show for WBM 2021” Of course, being a forward thinker, he is focused on the future and how to take his visions to the next level. In that spirit, he added, “The car is mostly complete, as with any of our builds there is always something more to do. I have some big sway bars, adjustable end links, Whiteline lateral links and a few other small suspension related bits to go in this winter but I plan to keep enjoying it for years to come.”

Exterior and Interior

First, the exterior of Christian’s car brilliantly shines through by breaking the air with it’s Hyper Blue paint color. The build took shape by adding a Spec C RA-R Front Clip, fully customizing with an Subaru STI wide body’s rear quarter panels and doors, including a customized rear bumper that is a blend of a STI Sedan and factory wagon bumper. 

Christian moved on consistently by enhancing the inside of the vehicle with a STI Interior from JDM Racing, Cobb Shift Knob, and a VDO Triple Gauge Pod. He installed Circuit Demon Headlights on the front and mounted JBL speakers in all four doors just to turn more heads.

Engine, Drivetrain, and Fuel System:

Christian’s vision demanded he spend significant time under the hood to ensure that his build had the power and performance to match the unique styling. The engine upgrades included the installation of an IAG 550 Short Block and Air Oil Separator, Invidia Header, Invidia Up Pipe, Invidia Downpipe, a custom made catback to clear his tow hitch, a GFB Blow Off Valve, and a Pro-Tune from RRT Motorsports. His work continued with the drivetrain which included a complete 6 Speed drivetrain swap from an 08’ STI, ACT Stage 2 Clutch and Streetlight Flywheel. Christian finalized his drivetrain modifications by installing KEIN Engine Mounts, Transmission Mount, Differential Carrier Mount, and Pitch Stop. 

Suspension, Wheels, Tires, and Brakes:

Keeping the car firmly locked to the road while expressing its power was another important goal for Christian. He was quick to include ISC N1 Coilovers and Front & Rear Strut tower braces to upgrade and firm up the suspension system. He enhanced his need for grip while rounding out the visual experience by mounting four Falken Azenis RT660 tires on some TE37 wheels from Volk Racing. Finally, Christian knew that a powerful performer is only great if it is safe. He accomplished this by upgrading his stopping power and installing a set of STI Brembo Brakes making his custom 2007 Subaru WRX/STi Wagon a responsive and safe performer in any conditions.

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