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Choosing Between Coilovers and Lowering Springs 101 -

Choosing Between Coilovers and Lowering Springs 101

Written by: The Modfather



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The designers and engineers who reside in the automotive industry are tasked with a long list of demands when developing a vehicle. Sometimes we forget that the idea behind the majority of automobiles in the modern world is based on what the average daily driver, service provider, or traveler needs to commute, transport, or explore efficiently and safely while experiencing as much comfort and stability as possible. Every driver is unique and desires their own level of comfort and performance depending on how they wish to use the car they are modifying. Here we reach the intersection where the mind of the average driver and the car enthusiast meet and may think differently. The enthusiast does not look at the original design of their car - the one they purchased and drove off the showroom floor - as the “final version” because it may be used for many things outside the original designer's parameters.

Here at Subimods, we know that our customers think differently when they bring their creative visions to the conversation all while having specific goals based on their performance and stylistic needs. Suspension modification is a common subject between our staff and inquisitive customers as they realize that this type of upgrade can be impactful to a vehicle's overall performance, feel, stability, and driving personality. Our team has returned to the showroom to discuss a few of the important factors to address when investigating the benefits and differences between Coilovers and Lowering Springs for a Subaru modification project. Again, this month, Subimods CEO Nick Nazzaro shares some thoughts based on his experience and knowledge in his latest video presentation seen above.


First, the primary goal of the Subimods team is to serve their customers efficiently by providing accurate education and finding smart solutions based on their needs, visions, and budgets. Making a choice to lower the vehicle while enhancing performance is a subject where customers often require consultation. Secondly, before we can point to any specific solutions, products, or upgrades, we always respond with a few direct questions to establish their expectations so we can assist them to make the right choice for their vision. Many of us know that a driver can simply choose to invest in a set of coilovers...or a set of lowering springs to reach the goal in their mind, but they will still need to determine their overall expectations of this modification and get answers based on a knowledgeable consultation with an experienced modifier before committing to one solution. 

It is important to remember, as straight forward and obvious as the concept may seem to be, even though this change will reduce the clearance height between the ground and the car's body, correctly modifying your car to ride lower will introduce some benefits to the vehicle's performance. Many enthusiasts want to improve the car's handling, allow an increase of speed, or gain a more dramatic aesthetic by giving it a more streamlined or aggressive expression. Again, specific expectations require specific questions to be answered since one platform may need a completely different treatment to achieve the same result. We should not assume that all suspension modifications like this should be treated equally. In the modification world, making assumptions without answering important questions can be costly and dangerous.


As we have mentioned, the Q&A between our team and the customer will determine which road they should take to accurately deliver personal satisfactory results and fulfill their creative plans. A customer may share a number of details that could help make an immediate conclusion if the best solution is Lowering Springs or Coilovers . Discussing the possible debate concerning which solution is better, Nazzaro gives scenario examples by explaining, "If you come in...and say, 'Hey, I just need to get about an inch of drop out of my car...but I'm very concerned with not increasing the noise, vibration, and harshness.', we're probably going to have you look at Lowering Springs”., he confirms. "There are pros and cons to everything, but in that scenario, lowering springs meet exactly what you're looking for."

Choosing to replace your stock coil springs with Lowering Springs will obviously lower your vehicle to a fixed distance and not give options for adjustment within a specific range. Once installed, the vehicle will sit and remain in that position. Again, as we all know, every enthusiast is different and has their own vision of performance, feel, and overall comfort. To show the uniqueness that exists between individuals in this world, a customer with an identical platform may pose a similar question but with an alternative set of demands woven between the lines. "If that same customer were to come in and say, 'Well, I'm looking to lower my car over an inch...I'm not super concerned with noise, vibration and harshness. I want a little bit of a stiffer ride to do some autocross...some track driving...a more spirited driver on the street, we're going to look into a set of Coilovers”, Nazzaro confirms. Unlike Lowering Springs, a set of Coilovers can be customized to serve the driver's needs as the demands change. "You can actually keep a little bit more of a performance oriented system", Nazzaro explains, "and on top of that, you're going to get a lot of value ads when you start upgrading other pieces of the suspension."


Obviously, an enthusiast has a number of points to consider when they step on the path to modify and lower their vehicle by choosing either the Coilover or Lowering Spring options. As Nick mentioned during the above video presentation, there are pros and cons behind both solutions which need to be carefully examined before any final decisions are made for this type of modification. Again, to summarize, Lowering Springs will be an excellent option if the enthusiast wishes to lower the vehicle by just replacing the springs but while keeping all of the components within their stock suspension system leaving little flexibility and availability to make dramatic adjustments to the overall configuration. The driver will then have one option of installing adjustable shock absorbers to allow the ability to manipulate the softness or firmness of the ride by resetting the component itself. 

Some enthusiasts that have chosen Coilover modifications voice concerns about a decline in ride quality specifically causing the vehicle to give a rough ride, but spending time to tune the system should resolve any issues on this flexible option. Regarding the whole journey into this modification, Nazzaro explains,"You're really going to get a perfectly blended performance once you start building.” Moreover, a modification of this type needs to be executed smartly and correctly. Once again, whatever the choice, the list of questions, or assorted concerns the enthusiast may have, this decision should be made after all things are discussed with a qualified, experienced expert. Our team of experienced enthusiasts and Subaru experts here at Subimods are always happy to assist and point you in the appropriate direction.

Lowering Springs can prove to be a very limited option if the driver wants to adjust the height because clearance issues arise or they discover the ride quality is not what was expected. This lack of flexibility and ability to freely adjust the system may lead to a future re-modification that will result in added expense and frustration. Choosing the Coilover option will prove to be more flexible for an enthusiast who requires a more open and multifaceted performance profile since the vehicle's height and overall stance will have the ability to be finely tuned to establish and maintain more efficient weight distribution and improve the vehicle's handling and stability.

Learn more details regarding “ Choosing Between Coilovers and Lowering Springs For Your Subaru ” by watching the video (above), where you can see an informative overview commentary provided by Subimods CEO and founder Nick Nazzaro.

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