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Subaru OEM Touch Up Paint Ice Silver Metallic 2015-2022 WRX / 2015-2021 STI / 2013-2022 BRZ

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Here you are looking at the Subaru OEM Touch Up Paint Pen. These genuine OEM Subaru touch up paint pens are clean and easy to use.  We know the frustration car owners feel when their car gets hit. A little touch up paint is handy to have around and when choosing a source, why not go with Subaru? These are the same bottles available at local Subaru dealerships. Throw one in your next order.

Please confirm your paint code before purchase as each model may have variation in colors depending on the model year of your vehicle. The best way to confirm this is via your vehicles VIN. 

Customer Reviews

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James Davis
Must have

A must have for your ice silver metallic Subaru!


There is nothing wrong with having a bit of touch up paint on hand for those just incase purposes! Thank you for the 5 Star Review!


Joshua Amburn
Perfect color match

Will definitely buy again


Unfortunately touch up paint is a must! Fortunately Subimods has what you need! Thank you for your 5 Star Review! Not only do we carry Subaru OEM Touch Up Paint but we carry many other OEM products as well!


Four products in one!

This is a pretty slick product. The white tip on top is a flexible tool for rubbing away loose paint fragments in and around the target area for paint repair. Underneath the transparent cap is a spring-loaded colored-paint pen tip that allows the user apply small dabs of colored paint the target areas. The actual paint reservoir and paint brush is housed inside the black tube that has the product label on the side. And the wide silver-colored bulb at the base of the tube houses the clear-coat paint and its own small brush for application after the colored paint has dried. When disassembling the tool to use the two brushes and paint reservoirs, make sure that the silver-colored bulb-shaped base is pointed towards the ground. This is important because both brushes extract upward to allow the user to wipe/drip excess paint back into their respective reservoirs. As for the plastic thing that has four spikes pointing upwards, it seems it's just there for packaging/shipping purposes and it easily slides off.


Thank you for the extensive 5 Star Review!


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