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Subaru OEM JDM STI Transmission Mount 6 Speed 2015-2023 WRX / 2004-2021 STI

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These Mounts are made of a stiffer material then the stock mounts. These will reduce the motion of your engine during Acceleration, Hard Cornering, and High Revving. They give you a better feel of the engine through the shifter lever and Channel more power through the drivetrain. The Subaru OEM JDM STI mount is constructed the same way as the OEM units, however using a much stiffer and higher quality rubber.

Customer Reviews

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Great little OEM+ Mod

I did this mount at the same time as the STI groupe N Pitch stop mount, whiteline diff bushing inserts, perrin brass shifter bushing, perrin super shifter stop and whiteline positive shift kit bushings on my 22 wrx with OEM STI short shifter and i love the way it shifts now. A tiny increase in NVH and at certain speeds on highway a very small bit of gear whine but since i did all of these mods at the same time, its hard to state which mod caused that small increase in NVH. My shifts now feel direct and mechanical and i no longer get that dreaded "bounce" between hard shifts. Even tuned these mounts feel well balanced. Not overly stiff and harsh and not overly soft like stock.


Thank you for your 5 Star Review! It is great to hear that you have had a positive experience with the Subaru OEM JDM STI Transmission Mount on your WRX. It sounds like you have put together a well-thought-out set of upgrades to improve the shifting experience and overall performance of your car. Achieving a balance between improved performance and comfortable daily driving is always a consideration with aftermarket modifications, and it seems like you have found that balance with your setup. Enjoy your upgraded ride!


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