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Subaru JDM Armrest Extension 2015-2021 WRX / 2015-2021 STI

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Another unique JDM piece is the Armrest Extension! If your just looking for that extra space or you are looking to have a more comfortable feel while driving this is the piece for you. All OEM Subaru components are utilized here the overall height of the center console is 4" higher when using this piece.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Erik Robertson
Subtle but great

Should be built this way stock.


There is nothing worse than not being able to rest your arm when driving! You are 100% right they absolutely should have been built this way from stock! The Subaru JDM Armrest Extension gives you that place to rest your arm and a much more comfortable driving position! Thank you for your 5 Star Review!


Nathaniel Beebe
Super easy install and very rewarding buy

Took me all of 5 minutes maybe sitting in the back seat of my car while watching the video of the install. I love it to death it’s so much more comfortable and doesn’t get in the way if I’m driving aggressive. The extra storage is also really convenient, if you’re thinking about it I’d jump and do it.


I couldn't agree more! The Subaru JDM Armrest Extension is a must have! It has extra storage and is so comfortable and as you said it takes about 5 minutes to install! Thank you for the 5 Star Review!


michael kennedy

can confirm it does fit in the 2013 sti hatchback


Thank you for confirming that the Subaru JDM Armrest Extension 2015-2021 WRX / 2015-2021 STI will fit the 2013 STI Hatch. The Armrest Extension is an easy fantastic modification and make driving more comfortable. Thank you for the 5 Star Review!


Virgil Tauss

Perfect for daily driving


I love my JDM Armrest Extension! It makes for a more comfortable driving position especially when daily driving. Thank you for the 5 Stars!


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