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Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane w/ New Era Dark Grey Logo 2022 WRX

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The newest offering from Rally Armor puts a new twist on an old favorite. The "New Era" style font is a vibrant unique style that complements the Subaru industry perfectly! Printed on the popular UR style flap makes these new versions a great choice! Do you want something more traditional in terms of logo design? Check out the standard logo MF92 style!

When confidence in motion was married in marketing to Subarus, that pithy statement implied a commitment and confidence into their vehicle builds and the longevity and value pertinent to a major monetary life investment. Rally Armor bested that qualitative ethos by radicalizing the archetype of mud flaps from the hard, unforgiving plastic that clashed against bumps, curbs, and corners. Rubberized splash guards invalidated its purpose to protect by warehousing road waste, leading to major rust. Sure, there were and are mud guards for former and current gen WRXs that prevent some damage. Considering whether it’s a leased WRX or not, will drilling holes into its fender liners decrease its long-term value? Will an inflexible plastic mud flap featuring wanton and ineffectual cut-outs, impractically engineered not to keep side skirts clean, really do the best job of protecting?

Rally Armor’s UR series breaks all mud flap molds by coupling engineering excellence with the most durable and utilitarianly flexible polyurethane. This marvel of a plastic defies unpredictable weather and roads by holding firm yet flexible form, effortlessly dampening bumps then flowing unwaveringly back to robust form. Countering left and right jabs, expertly ducking cross hook blows, shoeshine punches to the WRX’s body don’t faze Rally Armor mud flaps. Full front and rear flaps covering all corners and side skirts, our solution leaves liners intact with zero drilled holes. No unsightly cut-outs or cutting material corners, the radically smarter solution mud flaps are manufactured by Rally Armor. Providing consistent product support and staying consumer focused is how Rally Armor keeps leading in the category it created.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Terry Eckman
Great improvement!

I noticed right away that less road debris, rocks and dirt were hitting my car from the tires. Very pleased


The Rally Armor UR Mudflaps do exactly as you say! They are perfect for protecting the exterior of your new 22 WRX! On top of that they look fantastic too while providing that rally look! Thank you for your 5 Star Review!


Daniel Borthwick

Quick install and they look great! They also do what they’re made to do


The Rally Armor UR Mudflaps look phenomenal on the 22 WRX! They protect the exterior of your vehicle from everything kicked up by your tires! As you said they are quick and easy to install too! Thank you for your 5 Star Reivew!