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Perrin Transmission Mount 2002-2023 WRX / 2004-2021 STI

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The PERRIN Performance transmission mount kit reduces drivetrain movement under hard acceleration, deceleration and cornering.

Stiffer transmission mounts give you a more connected feel with your car. The PERRIN Transmission mount kit will reduce most drivetrain movement, which efficiently transmits more power to the ground. This means more accurate launches during drag racing and Auto cross type events where you do not want drivetrain slop.

The PERRIN Transmission Mount uses custom made large diameter 70a Durometer polyurethane bushings which are pressed into CNC'ed aluminum mounts, held in place with large bolts and a thick steel base plate. The larger bushings allow the extreme vibrations and sounds to be absorbed, while keeping the transmission from severely moving around under extreme loads. Another feature the PERRIN Transmission mounts have a proper interlock built into it. The stock part is held together with bonded rubber and a couple of small tabs, which means it is possible that the OEM part could fail and leave your transmission disconnect from your chassis.

During normal driving conditions you hit bumps and potholes in the road, you may notice your shifter wobble around. This occurs because the soft OEM transmission mount is allowing the transmission to be thrown around from road imperfections. In extreme conditions this can actually affect shifting causing mis-shifts! The PERRIN Transmission mount is designed to virtually eliminate this movement while still keeping NVH to a minimum.

The PERRIN Mounts are made from CNC'ed 6061-T6 aluminum, formed powdercoated steel and custom made polyurethane bushings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A must have

So I installed this in a base model impreza that I daily drive and it definitely made a difference. With this and the pitch stop the car feels more solid and a little more pleasant to drive


We appreciate your 5 Star Review! The Perrin Transmission Mount is a fantastic way to make a noticeable difference in the driving experience of your Impreza! Upgrading components like the transmission mount and pitch stop can indeed enhance the overall solidity and responsiveness of the vehicle, making daily driving more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your positive experience, and may you continue to appreciate the improvements these upgrades bring to your driving!


Justin Greyhat
2003 WRX

Installed this in conjunction with the Perrin pitch stop mount. The wobbly, sloppy feeling of the OEM shifting experience has been eliminated. It’s so stiff and connected, I love it. The only difficult part of assembly was the fact that the two big bolts on the sides of the mount stick out just far enough that it’s nearly impossible to get a socket where the mount connects to the tranny. If you have a crescent wrench handy it’s not too terrible though, just something for your consideration when installing. Overall, super satisfied with the purchase!


We appreciate your 5 Star Review and added pics of the Perrin Transmission Mount for the 2003 WRX. It is fantastic to hear that when paired with the Perrin pitch stop mount, it has significantly improved the shifting experience by eliminating the OEM wobbly and sloppy feeling, providing a stiffer and more connected sensation! Your insights regarding the installation process, especially the challenge with accessing the bolts, are helpful considerations for others planning a similar upgrade!


James B
Top Notch Perrin Quality

Shipped quickly directly from Perrin. Great quality product. The installation is very straightforward, with easy-to-follow instructions from Perrin. The only challenging bit is tightening 3 of the bolts that connect the mount to the transmission, as the cross-bolts in the new mount block easy access, so you either have to remove those bolts and retorque afterward, or find a creative way to access and torque the 3 of those 4 bolts that are blocked. The install took me maybe 30 minutes in my driveway.

I already had a Perrin pitch stop mount installed, and I will say that after installing this there was almost no additional NVH (and what I experience with the pitch stop mount is pretty minimal IMO). But I if this is your first/only mount or bushing upgrade, you'll probably get some additional NVH, as this mount is much more solid than the OEM mount, which has a huge blob of rubbery material in the center connecting the two separate pieces (you can squish is and twist it in your hand pretty easily).

Would recommend to anyone looking for a more connected feel, and improved shifting/transmission engagement.


Thank you for your comprehensive review of the Perrin Transmission Mount! It is great to hear about your positive experience with the product's quality, quick shipping, and straightforward installation process. Your insights into the installation challenges and minimal additional NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) are incredibly helpful for potential buyers. This mount is a worthwhile upgrade for those seeking a more connected feel and improved transmission engagement. We appreciate your 5 Star Review and added pics! Enjoy!


Quiet. Noticeable power transfer!!

Had a TS solid mount on first. Was too loud for me, had an industrial feel and sound. Was afraid it was gonna start rattle things loose. The Perrin mount feels just as stiff, but the stood bushings really help prevent reverberation and sound transfer in cab. Easy install. Worth it.


Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Perrin Transmission Mount! It is great to hear that the Perrin mount provided a noticeable improvement in power transfer while maintaining a quieter and more comfortable cabin experience compared to the solid mount. The addition of the sturdy bushings seems to have effectively reduced vibrations and noise, giving you a more refined driving experience. We are glad to know that the installation process was straightforward, making it a hassle-free upgrade. Overall, the Perrin Transmission Mount appears to be a worthwhile investment for those seeking enhanced performance without compromising comfort. We appreciate your 5 Star Review! Enjoy your improved driving dynamics with the Perrin Transmission Mount!


Alex Kelly

installed with new crossmember bushings. car felt more responsive after the install


We appreciate your 5 Star Review of the Perrin Transmission Mount! It is the perfect way to get clean, crisp shifts and more power to the ground! Enjoy!


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