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Perrin Top Mount Intercooler Silver 2022-2024 WRX

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Add a consistent 5+ wheel horsepower with the largest Top Mounted Intercooler on the market! We pushed every dimension to make this the best TMIC for your WRX!

Quick Details:

  • Removes restrictive OEM plastic boost tube
  • Creates an efficient connection from the charge pipe to the intercooler
  • Rated over 600 WHP
  • Adds up to 5 WHP
  • The large core means less restriction and better cooling
  • Core is 21.87” wide x 7.64” deep x 3.95” thick
  • 3/8” bar and plate design core
  • The core is 75% larger than the stock intercooler
  • Features end tanks designed to minimize air turbulence
  • Powder coat finish
  • Pressure tested to 50 psi
  • Includes a PERRIN stencil
  • No tuning required

Replaces OEM Boost Tube
The PERRIN TMIC is designed to remove the restrictive OEM plastic tube and create a more efficient connection from the charge pipe to the intercooler. The PERRIN intercooler converts the factory air path with two 90-degree turns into a single smooth pathway distributed evenly over the entire intercooler.

Dyno Proven
Rated well over 600 WHP, the PERRIN cores extra-large cross-section and cooler charge temps will add an easy 5 WHP and keep up with all your performance upgrades.

It's Huge!
The PERRIN TMIC is 12% larger than the nearest competitor's core. The larger core means less restriction and better cooling capabilities for more horsepower. Our core size is 21.87" wide x 7.64" deep x 3.95" thick making the volume just over 660 cubic inches!

The PERRIN Intercooler Core is 75% larger than the stock intercooler, offering a high-flow design and delivering consistent horsepower gains. The PERRIN End Tanks minimize air turbulence with smooth pathways, resulting in increased horsepower. With stainless-steel inserts, the threaded mounting holes provide easy installation and superior holding power.

Core Construction
The 3/8” bar and plate design is more durable than the traditional tube and fin and more free-flowing than other cores.

Intercooler Finish
Every PERRIN Intercooler Core features a powder coat finish to protect your intercooler from the elements.

Perfect Match
The Top Mount Intercooler is designed to fit perfectly with the PERRIN Strut Brace! Have fitment questions? Send us an email at

Pressure Testing
PERRIN is one of the only intercooler manufacturers who pressure test every intercooler to 50 psi. Even the slightest leak can bleed turbo-boost pressure out of the intercooler and cause your vehicle to lose power.

A free PERRIN logo intercooler stencil comes in every box! Simply peel, stick, and paint to easily add a PERRIN logo across the top of your TMIC.

No Tuning Required
Increase horsepower and torque without ECU recalibration or tune! This part is designed and tested to work safely on your vehicle without any tuning required! However, more power can be gained with proper ECU tuning! Confirm any tune or recalibration you add is specific for ALL modifications added to the vehicle. Questions? Contact

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