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Muteki SR48 Silver Open Ended Lug Nuts 12X1.25

by Muteki
SKU 32905SS
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The Muteki SR48 lug nuts include a set of 20 Lug nuts with deep thin socket making it perfect for those deep recessed wheels. Made from Chrome Vanadium each lug nut weighs a scant 2 ounces. These lugs are open ended allowing for the use with longer wheel studs and feature knurled ends for better grip. Set yourself apart with the awesome look of Muteki Chrome Black Lug nuts.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Niehoff
Clean lugs

These lugs are nice and clean. Not to flashy but nice enough to bring attention to them


Thank you for your 5 Star Review of the Muteki SR48 Silver Open Ended Lug Nuts! I am glad to hear you are pleased with how they look!


Good lug nuts , not so great paint/coating durability

These lug nuts look very good out of box and do their job. However even when being extremely careful on install and removal the finish still gets quite blemished. Possibly due to thin paint/ coating. They do work as good lug nuts. If your 2022 wrx has extended studs they will stick out of these, I ended up cutting my studs slightly shorter to hide them.


Thank you for your feedback on our Muteki SR48 Silver Open Ended Lug Nuts. We are glad to hear that they look good and are doing their job effectively. We apologize for any issues you experienced with the paint or coating durability. If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Subimods Team!


Carlos garcia
Bad wheel nuts, it will chew up the wheel studs quickly

Unfortunately I don't have a good review for this particular item. A little over a month ago I purchased a set of Muteki SR48 open ended extended hollow wheel nut to be used on my Kosei Wheels on a 2023 GR86. I was initially impressed with the finish, the packaging and the design. I love the design because it has the rugged finish on the tips so it makes it easy to grab it with the tip of the fingers to start threading it. Unfortunately the wheel nuts did not lasted me much at all. I hardly put miles on my car and like I said earlier I only had them on my car for a little bit over a month. I purchased these wheel nuts primarily because I do a lot of road courses and I switched the wheels about 3 times already. These wheel nuts crewed up my wheel studs (two of them) on two different wheels. I torque all my stuff to the proper torque specs and I am extra meticulous. Most of the people using these wheel nuts just use them for show and not for racing. I think that perhaps the heat cycles with heavy braking with the heat expansion might have affected these wheel nuts structurally making them vulnerable. I will not be buying this product again but I will be buying from Subimods because they are a well reputable company and my review has nothing to do with their customer service. I posted some pictures and took my time to share. I ended up having to replace the wheel studs and using stock wheel nuts which never failed me so far.


Thank you for taking the time to share your detailed experience with the Muteki SR48 Silver Open Ended Lug Nuts for the 2023 GR86. It is disappointing to hear that despite the initial impressive design and finish, the wheel nuts didn't meet expectations. Your insights regarding the issues faced with wheel stud damage after minimal use, especially during heavy braking and heat cycles in racing situations, are invaluable for others considering these nuts for high-performance applications. It is understandable that reliability and safety are crucial, especially on the track, and I am glad to hear that your experience with Subimods' customer service was positive. Your effort in sharing your experience and providing pictures will undoubtedly assist others in making informed decisions about their wheel nut choices.


Hudson Himber
I bought 1of them and only received 4 lug nuts and they didn’t even fit on my 2017 Toyota 86

I bought 1 of them and only received 4 lug nuts and they didn’t even fit


Please respond to the email the Subimods Team has sent you. This will start a ticket so that they can resolve this for you. We typically ask that you first reach out to the Subimods Team with this type of issue so that they can resolve the issue for you.


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