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Motul Master Oil Change Kit w/ 5W-30 X-clean EFE Oil 2022-2023 WRX

by Motul
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Subimods is now offering the best oil offerings from Motul with Subaru OEM installation components making your oil changes even easier! Once click, add to cart and enjoy, this kit includes 5L (1x 5L Bottle or 5x 1L Bottles - depending on inventory) and a Subaru OEM Filter (15208AA170) and lastly an OEM Crush Gasket (803916010). 

This kit can be used on the below models; 

  • 2022-2023 WRX (For users who run 5W-30)

The Motul 8100 Series is 100% synthetic engine oil that has been formulated, developed and tested according to the most recent technical requirements of petrol and diesel engines. Motul 8100 has synthetic base stocks and specific friction modifier molecules that provide an outstanding oil film resistance, reducing friction in the engine, maintaining the oil pressure, and generally decreasing the operating temperature. 8100 provides outstanding lubricating properties against wear while offering high temperature resistance and controlled oil consumption. Treat your vehicle to the quality fluids it deserves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Made my oil change super easy and fast because I had everything at once


Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Motul Master Oil Change Kit with 5W-30 X-clean EFE Oil for the 2022-2023 WRX. We are glad to hear that having everything you needed in one kit made your oil change process easy and efficient. Convenience is certainly a valuable aspect of such kits, and we are pleased to know it worked well for you!


Motul oil change kit

Great kit for a quick oil change. Pretty much has everything you need!


Thank you for taking the time to leave a 5 Star Review of the Motul Master Oil Change Kit with 5W-30 X-clean EFE Oil for the 2022-2023 WRX! Definitely a great kit!


Cant beat the convenience

Lets face it, you’re probably logging into subimods and making saved carts for future upgrades anyways- these kits are a no brainer. I order a set once i change my oil so that i never have a lapse in maintenance.


Thank you for your 5 Star Review! We absolutely agree! The Motul Master Oil Change Kit with the 5W-30 X-clean EFE Oil for the 2022-2023 WRX is an unbeatable option when it comes to convenience. Subimods understands that Subaru enthusiasts are always planning future upgrades and modifications, and these kits fit right into that mindset. By ordering a set of these kits along with each oil change, you ensure that you have all the necessary components ready to go and never have to worry about missing a maintenance interval. It is a smart and practical choice that makes the oil change process a breeze, allowing you to focus on enjoying your WRX to the fullest. With Subimods, you can always count on top-notch products and exceptional service, making the Motul Master Oil Change Kit a no-brainer for any WRX owner looking to keep their vehicle in top shape. Happy driving!


Christopher Munoz Lazo
2022 wrx oil change kit

The best oil change kit ive seen so far. Comes with the oem oil filter, oil gasket and the oil itself. With a far price and quick shipping.


Thank you for your 5 Star Review! It is great to hear that you are satisfied with the Motul Master Oil Change Kit for your 2022 WRX. This kit provides everything you need for an oil change, including the OEM oil filter, oil gasket, and high-quality 5W-30 X-clean EFE oil from Motul. The convenience of having all the necessary components in one package, combined with a fair price and quick shipping, makes it a great option for maintaining your vehicle!


Best Oil on the market!

I've only done 2 oil changes on my 22 WRX however this oil has been my go to for each one! Great oil and a great price!


We appreciate your 5 Star Review of the Motul Master Oil Change Kit with 5W-30 X-clean EFE Oil! This kit is the only way to change your oil and comes with everything you need!


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