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Mishimoto Performance Wrinkle Black Cold Air Intake w/ Air Box 2022-2023 WRX

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Mishimoto has developed a performance air intake engineered specifically for the 2022+ Subaru WRX. The intake features numerous innovative components, including a wire-reinforced lower induction hose that will not collapse under suction and boost. This intake has a unique and aggressive tone under acceleration and boost, and the free-flowing design amplifies turbocharger spool and BPV sounds.

The stock intake duct is utilized to provide cool airflow to the high-flow Mishimoto oiled air filter, which features increased filtration surface area compared to the stock paper filter. This filter can be cleaned and reused, providing a lifetime of service. The intake comes with an enclosed airbox for protection against engine bay heat-soak, and it provides a stock-like engine bay appearance as well. This unit is a complete bolt-on that functions perfectly with the stock tune and can be installed in one hour using common hand tools. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elias Nava
Performance and quality

Over all the performance from the intake is fantastic. I was able to pick up about 3 pounds of boost and make tons of turbo noises. I also have a turbo smart BOV which enhances the experience. However, my only disappointment about this is the acrylic see through cover. The plastic protective film melted to the acrylic from the heat during shipping and was taking off the black paint and the logo. It also scratched the acrylic which is upsetting cause now it looks cheap with it being damaged. This doesn’t affect how much I’m enjoying the product and the performance though.
Highly would recommend getting the correct tools for this one as they use hex bits and not torque bits for the screws.
Over all 10/10


Thank you for your 5 Star Review of the Mishimoto Performance Cold Air Intake for your WRX! It is great to hear that you have noticed improvements in performance and have enjoyed the added turbo noises. I am sorry to hear about the issue with the acrylic cover and the protective film causing damage during shipping. However, it is good to know that this hasn't significantly affected your overall satisfaction with the product. Your recommendation of using the correct tools for installation is helpful advice for others looking to install similar upgrades. Enjoy!


Sound amazing

Great quality and sounds amazing.. don’t even need a BOV if you want to hear the pshhhhhhh


Thank you for sharing your 5 Star Review and pic of the Mishimoto Performance Cold Air Intake with us! We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with the quality of the product and the sound it produces. The inclusion of an airbox is a nice touch to help ensure that only cool air is being drawn in. Additionally, the fact that it enhances the sound of your vehicle is a bonus for many car enthusiasts. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to enjoy your Mishimoto Cold Air Intake.


Shane Yakovich
Just Came Out

Brand new just started shipping from Mishimoto this week. Shipping was very fast once the order was confirmed. Install was straightforward and happened to put the blow off valve on the same time. Can feel a huge difference when hitting boost. Plus my neighbor heard the whistling from the other end of the street when leaving my house. Not much difference when just cruising sound or power wise but when having fun it sounds amazing!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Mishimoto Performance Cold Air Intake. It's great to hear that the shipping was fast, and the installation process was straightforward. The added boost and improved sound during acceleration is what this intake is intended to do and is definitely a plus! Overall, it sounds like you are satisfied with your purchase and enjoying the added performance of your WRX! Thank you for your 5 Star Review and added pics!


Easy install, great part, not as loud as expected

I came from a 2015 WRX with an ETS intake and that thing sounded like it was gulping air. With this installed on my VB, it's not nearly as loud as I expected it to be, but you can still hear it faintly as long as the radio is off and windows are up.
Performance-wise, you can feel the car opened up just a tad more. I do have the JB4 installed on my car so I'm sure that adds more to the pull. I didn't do AP this time as I am not chasing numbers anymore. Just wanted safe, fun car.
Installation was super easy and straight forward. My only gripe is the acrylic cover. The **** holes don't align with the airbox so I was forced to duct tape the bottom portion. I've never had issues with Mishimoto quality before. On my VA, I had their oil cooler, catback, as well as some other parts. So for this small thing to be the only issue, I won't give it a negative review.


Thank you for sharing your experience with the Mishimoto Performance Wrinkle Black Cold Air Intake for your 2022-2023 WRX. It is great to hear that the installation was easy and straightforward and that you have noticed a slight improvement in performance. Enjoy your safe and fun car driving experience!


Andres L.
Air intake

First order from Subimods was interesting, two parts were ordered, same manufacturer but shipped through two different carriers with one delayed. Mishimoto intake installation went smoothly using the video on YouTube. Fitment was not great as the last bolt that secures the clear cover over the intake box did not align requiring me to either shave it, or leave it out. Overall the finish still looks good and since then I have placed another order through Subimods.


Thank you for your honest feedback on your first order with Subimods and the Mishimoto Performance Cold Air Intake for your 2022-2023 WRX. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the two parts being shipped through different carriers and the delayed delivery. However, we are glad to hear that the installation process of the Mishimoto intake went smoothly with the help of the YouTube video. We are sorry to hear about the fitment issue with the last bolt for the clear cover, and we understand that it may have been frustrating to have to choose between shaving it or leaving it out. Despite this, we are pleased that the overall finish still looks good. We appreciate your continued support and placing another order with us, and we are committed to providing you with excellent service and high-quality products. If you encounter any issues or have any questions with your future orders, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for being a valued customer, and we hope you enjoy the benefits of the Mishimoto Cold Air Intake on your WRX!


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